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An article from Arif Mohammed Khan....former Union Minister....

Pak textbooks build hate culture against India
27 Dec 2008, 0239 hrs IST, ARIF MOHAMMED KHAN (taken from TOI)

The empowerment of terror in Pakistan has not happened overnight. This is the logical culmination of the politics and policies pursued by Pakistan
for years now.

Terrorism in Pakistan has its roots in the culture of hate and the ethos of inequality on the ground of religious faith, leading to their being deeply ingrained in the Pakistani psyche and mindset.

One factor that has played a crucial role in creating this culture of hate is the educational policy of the government of Pakistan pursued since 1977. The officially prescribed textbooks, especially for school students, are full of references that promote hate against India in general, and Hindus in particular.

A cursory glance at Pakistani school textbooks - especially the compulsory subjects like Pakistan studies and social studies - gives an idea of how history has been distorted and a garbled version prescribed to build this mindset and attitude.

The objective of Pakistan's education policy has been defined thus in the preface to a Class 6 book: "Social studies have been given special importance in educational policy so that Pakistan's basic ideology assumes the shape of a way of life, its practical enforcement is assured, the concept of social uniformity adopts a practical form and the whole personality of the individual is developed." This statement leaves no doubt that "social uniformity", not national unity, is a part of Pakistan's basic ideology.

The Class 5 book has this original discovery about Hindu help to bring British rule to India: "The British had the objective to take over India and to achieve this, they made Hindus join them and Hindus were very glad to side with the British. After capturing the subcontinent, the British began on the one hand the loot of all things produced in this area, and on the other, in conjunction with Hindus, to greatly suppress the Muslims."

The Std VIII book says, "Their (Muslim saints) teachings dispelled many superstitions of the Hindus and reformed their bad practices. Thereby Hindu religion of the olden times came to an end."

On Indo-Pak wars, the books give detailed descriptions and openly eulogize ‘jihad' and ‘shahadat' and urge students to become ‘mujahids' and martyrs and leave no room for future friendship and cordial relations with India.

According to a Class 5 book, "In 1965, the Pakistani army conquered several areas of India, and when India was on the point of being defeated, she requested the United Nations to arrange a ceasefire. After 1965, India, with the help of Hindus living in East Pakistan, instigated the people living there against the people of West Pakistan, and finally invaded East Pakistan in December 1971. The conspiracy resulted in the separation of East Pakistan from us. All of us should receive military training and be prepared to fight the enemy."

The book prescribed for higher secondary students makes no mention of the uprising in East Pakistan in 1971 or the surrender by more than 90,000 Pakistani soldiers. Instead, it claims, "In the 1971 India-Pakistan war, the Pakistan armed forces created new records of bravery and the Indian forces were defeated everywhere."

The students of Class 3 are taught that "Muhammad Ali (Jinnah) felt that Hindus wanted to make Muslims their slaves and since he hated slavery, he left the Congress". At another place it says, "The Congress was actually a party of Hindus. Muslims felt that after getting freedom, Hindus would make them their slaves."

And this great historic discovery is taught to Std V students, "Previously, India was part of Pakistan."

Commenting on this literature that spreads hate, leading Pakistani educationist Tariq Rahman wrote, "It is a fact that the textbooks cannot mention Hindus without calling them cunning, scheming, deceptive or something equally insulting. Students are taught and made to believe that Pakistan needs strong and aggressive policies against India or else Pakistan will be annihilated by it."
(The author is a former Union minister)

The feedbacks posted at TOI ,I am pasting only one feedback and that is from a Pakistani citizen:

Khan,Lahore,says:I have read the same Pakistani Textbooks that the author is talking about. Every line he has written is true. And I am a Pakistani and a practicing Sunni Muslim.

This the feedback them......worth going through see how people reacts..

My Comments:

I would not like to say anything on the above article.I leave to understand what is what to my readers.....I know they are matured to see what is true and what is not....


  1. Some strict action should be taken against pakistan to remove all hatred containt from historical book. its really very dangerous for the world if such type of studies is going on in pakistan.
    I working with one group and our task is to spread peace in the whole world. ( Insha allah we will acheave this )
    Let me tel u about my friends many are hindu bhai. And we are leaving like a brother.

    Please read the below message.
    If suppose a small chilled is walking and he is about to fall in a fire what u will do? definitely u will try to rescue him no matter from which religion he is belongs to. why is it so? It is because we all are brother and sister and from same family.
    If look in past history we all people in the world are from the same Father and mother means all people in the world are brothers and sister of each other.

    What i think about the reality? Its something different. If u see near election many MUDDA is created for the election. The reality is that politicians on both sides of the border create a hype against each other, for their selfish interests. The need of the hour is that the educated, liberal people of each country should refuse to blindly follow their self seeking politicians. When ever an armed conflict occurs, the poor, middle class people suffer and die in each country and not the selfisf politicians. We should do something so that we can spread the peace everywhere.

  2. Dear Ahmed,
    I have never posted anything on any hatred on any religion.
    My post are just some thing I paste it here for something knowledegebale....reader can know what is going on.
    I think Pakistan is almost now in the hand of ISI and Militry personal.
    I will not like to write much on anyone but would like to elaborate one of Muslims Religion most learned fellow Mr Zakir Naik.When I was in India I use to sometimes see his speech on TV.
    At that time I was somewhat impressed by his view but when I saw his interview on You Tube I was taken by surprise!
    The host ask him a question:
    "Friends from India and other countries ask you that when Muslims are allowed to bulid a Mosque in their country viz. UK,India ,why Muslim countries do not allow to build a Temple or Church in thier country?"

    And his answer was "We do not let other religion to propagade their religion in our country and hence we do not let them bulid them their temples or Churches in Muslim countries.He says that OURS is the best religion in the WORLD and hence we can preach our religion in other countries but we do not let others.....
    He gave an example that one school wants a Maths teacher and 3 teachers are called for the interview.
    One says,2+2 = 3, other says 2+2= 6 and other says whom you will select.One who said 2+2=4...likewise we know that our religion is the best in the world and hence we only can preach it in the world and other religion are much much inferior to our religion."

    That was his answer.

    Now Ahmed, imagine if all religion starts thinking like what Dr.Zakir Naik is thinking what will happen to Muslim being able to build a Mosque in other countries?
    If says Christians feels that ours is the best religion and hence we will not let Muslims to build their Mosque or Hindu their temple?
    This is one sided thinking.Dr.Zakir arguement holds no water when someone says what other religion starts thinking in the manner you are thinking?
    Here is the LINK:

  3. Dear Rajeev bhai,
    You are absolutly right u have never posted anything on any hatred on any religion. I have read my message again but i didn't find where i have written like that but if unintentionally i have written something inadequate i am really very sorry for that. Actually my vocabulary is very poor so because of lack of word collection sometime i am not able to write properly.
    Please don't mind.
    i have read again still i didn't where i have made a mistake.


  4. Dear Ahmed,
    Well, don't take my last post written to you that you have done anything wrong.
    I just myself clear about what I post.There was nothing wrong in your commnets rest assured.No need to apologize.
    But try to see what Dr.Zakir Naik has to say in that link.
    This will give you how a learned person like Zakir Naik use to think and imagine if a person of this much of qualification is thinking in that way what to say about average Muslim who are not so well learned and who gets sidetracked while heraring them?
    That is where the moderate and matured Muslims comes in picture.They need to speak to the Media or world that what Dr.Zakir Naik is opining is not true and that Muslim religion also believes in other religion and respect them.
    Dr.Zakir Naik says in those interview that only Islam is the best in the whole world.....
    Again I repeat that I have no problem with what you have written and I respect you very much....