Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Excel Crop Care Ltd.........cmp..132......

This is one co which I have recomended at 115 ,2-3 months back.It is a United Phosphorus gr co.
Excel Crop has a Mcap of 145 cr and sales turnover is 713 cr.The eps of last year was 25 and the Forex loss was at the tune of 18 cr.So if we add that amt the eps was as good as almost 40.
According to me this is a steal at this price where one gets into a very well managed gr co and also a very ambitious and responsible gr.
To my view ExcelCorp can give multiple returns from hereon.Even if we go by eps and p/e then it should easily touch 400 and on Mcap it can be 5-6 times from here...These are all forward looking statement and I reserve my right to be wrong.

Excel Crop Care Ltd.........

Excel Industries Limited, our founding company, started off in a Kitchen laboratory in 1941. Today it is ranked among industry leaders with a turnover exceeding Rs. 4000 million. Since its inception, Excel Industries has built a solid history and reputation of developing, manufacturing and exporting chemicals. The company achieved over 100 product nd process breakthroughs that are serving the specific needs of various clients even now. Excel Industries is the first company in Asia and third in the world to make Endosulfan Technical. The first in Asia to make Butene Diol. The second in the world to develop Glyphosate Technical. And the third company in the world to develop Aluminium Phosphide. Excel Industries has received various awards in recognition of their dedication and excellence in the field of chemicals. Excel Crop Care was set up in 2003 and actively promotes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to Indian farmers. We are demonstrating the use of Integrated Crop Management (ICM) techniques to the farmers, using innovative methods. In keeping with the philosophy of our founder, Mr. C. C. Shroff, we at Excel Crop Care also believe that in every interaction with our clients, our individual as well as our corporate character, integrity and professionalism is under scrutiny. As a result, we always keep the virtues of high quality, cost effectiveness, consumer need fulfillment, fair prices and fair trade practices uppermost in our minds.

Excel Crop Care adopts an integrated approach to manufacturing and has built world-scale capacities to make Technical Actives and Formulations. To ensure quality and continuity of supply, we produce key raw material ourselves or source them from our associate companies. Leveraging our capabilities in basic chemistry, we have developed and built-up a range of formulations to cater to special needs arising from peculiar climatic and pest conditions. Excel Crop Care is known for mastering hazardous technologies and manufacturing corrosive compounds that others consider "difficult to make". We are among the world's leading manufacturers of Endosulfan, Glyphosate, Chlorpyriphos, Aluminium Phosphide and Zinc Phosphide, which are made to the highest purity. All our manufacturing plants are the result of in-house research and engineering and have been installed by our own project team. Our main manufacturing plant at Bhavnagar is ISO 9002, ISO 14000 and OSHAS 18000 certified and meets statutory requirements on quality and safety. The more recent plants at Gajod and Silvassa are equipped with state-of-art machinery and are in the process of obtaining the ISO certification. Our quality consciousness is not limited to manufacturing. Each of our manufacturing locations has a well-equipped R&D facility - which is Government of India approved - that's busy exploring newer eco-friendly chemistries for crop care and effective formulations technologies and recipes. This helps us to serve the changing needs of our demanding customers in cost-effective ways.

Excel Crop Care's Technical Actives, bulk and branded formulations are presently registered and marketed in Asia Pacific, South Asia, West Asia, Africa, Europe (West & East including CIS countries) Central & South America and the USA.Our exports presently account for about 25 % of the turnover, but will play a more significant role in the company's business in the coming years. Besides the necessary infrastructure at the plants, we have a subsidiary in Antwerp, Belgium manned by professionals who perfectly understand the requirements and specialties of customers in that part of the world. Herewe also stock key products to reduce transit time and meet urgent customer needs.To become a truly global company, we plan to strengthen our stewardship role in promoting molecules where we have core competencies.Initially, we intend gaining market access in countries that have crops, climatic conditions and size of land holdings similar to India. For this, we are joining hands with companies across the world that offer complementary skills, products and services. Pooling resources and knowledge base will speed up market access and build a firm stronghold in these countries. In return we will offer our marketing and distribution strengths and our knowledge base in India.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IT Sector....

I remember I once wrote that IT sector can be an out performer in next bull run.That is what we are seeing now.
Infosys is making newer highs.So is many IT stocks.The current first comes in biggies and then it goes down to Midcap and then in Small caps.
Nifty yesterday made a new high, 17 months high and created a record while none was ready to stick out the neck and say that Nifty can touch 5k.
The news that are coming from here, USA, that economy is bottoming out and less room for it go down where it was in last Sep 08, when the Lehman brs news broke, that has bygone.
But the confidence seen in IT sector is due to this news, that USA is bottomning out and that is good news for IT sector.I have posted article which was showing that Germany, France and other euoropian countries are getting over from the reccession.
I also wrote that Finance sector is a dark horse and that we are seeing as well.HDFC and likes are making newer highs.Keep a tab on IFCI and IDBI.
The Clean Energy stock will have a bull run next year due to US Prez Obama emphasizing on it more.Look out for those stocks.Guj Fluoro is a gem in A gr stock.
But my all time favourite in this sector has been Navin Flourine and I recomended again at below 100 here few months back.It is already over 250.Watch out for this counter.Lots of steam is still left in Navin.
Other stocks that comes to my mind and which I have recomended time and again here is Tanfac,Aluminuim Flouride etc.
Seems Apar Ind has started its upward journey.Keep a tab on Max India, Lumax Ind,Polyplex Corp.
I just came through a stock named Atlanta Ltd an Eng co .I remember when it got listed it went on to touch 1400 and it has come down to mere 120 now.Seems to me a very good pick.
UTV is also looking very good still and so is TRF which I recomended at 327 with Bonus and it is again 500 XB.Great co.
TRF was first recomended by me at ISG gr at 153.I remember I also recomended Symonds Marshall when I use to write at mmb.It has come out with great results and looking good now as well.
Well, these are my good calls.I have failed as well in many as well.Like Gujarat Carbon and likes.They faired miserably.Sometimes some stocks are such that they do not run in one bull run but moves fast in another run.In last bull run, cos like Hind Oil Explo(HOEC),Ind Swift Ltd,Ind Swift Lab, Surya Pharma, Jupiter Bio, Aptech Ltd didn't move as much they were supposed to move due to their fundamentals .Maybe this time they can outperform the sensex and the market too.We are already seeing HOEC making newer highs.Let us see what happens to the rest of them.

I take back my call on Atlanta Ltd.I completely overlooked the news on it by SEBI.
Please do not go for Atlanta Ltd.
I thanks Thinck tank for that.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Deep Ind...........cmp Rs 112.95........

Deep Ind is in Gas sector.Actually gas compression company.DEEp Ind is well diversified Oil & Gas Company with business interest in Air and Gas compression, Drilling, Work over and Oil & Gas Exploration and Production.

Deep Industries Limited is a pioneer in the service sector of oil and gas fields, mainly in Gas compression services. We also provide work-over, Drilling Rig and allied services. The Company was formed in the year 1991 primarily for providing valued, dedicated and professional services to the oil & Gas client in India. After 16 years of featured services to the esteemed clients, namely Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGCL), Assam gas, and the Private Operators like Niko-GSPCL, CPCL, GACL, GSPL, HRD, JTI Selan Explorations etc to their utmost satisfaction. Deep Industries Ltd is focusing towards expanding its operation to United States of America (USA), Asian countries and the southern part of India for providing services as an outsourcing service provider to Oil & Gas Industry.
Deep Industries Limited has been awarded one onshore Oil and Natural Gas block by Government of India.DIL has been awarded two Coal bed Methane (CBM) blocks by Government of India in CBM – III round. DIL has also been awarded service contract for the development of three onshore marginal fields at Ghotaru, Bankia and Kharatar in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.
The company is prepared to undertake significant growth and succeed to achieve through focusing on specialized activities and offering a broad spectrum of skills to serve a wide clientele base for Oil and Gas Exploration, Engineering, Servicing, Transportation, Natural Gas Compression, work over and drilling and other allied services furnishing entire range of activities from conceptualization to completion as required by Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries.

Oil and GAS
Deep Industries Limited has been awarded one onshore Oil and Natural Gas block by Government of India in recent New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP)-VII round.

Coal Bed Methane ( CBM )
Deep Industries Limited (DIL) along with its consortium members has been awarded CBM blocks under the third round of Coalbed Methane Exploration policy. Subsequently DIL signed a production sharing contract with GOI for exploration of Coalbed Methane for a period of 34.5 years.

Marginal Fields:
IL is working on Marginal field Natural Gas projects at Ghotaru, Bankia and Kharatar in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.


Range of Compressors: 100 HP to 4000 HP
Drives: Natural Gas Engine, Diesel Engine & Electric Motor
Long and Short term Rental Contracts
Wet Lease/ Dry Lease
Total Operation and Maintenance Contracts
Supply of Spare Parts & Components

Workover and Drilling:

Range of Rigs: 30 Tons to 100 Tons, 150 HP to 2000 HP
Long and Short term Rental Contracts
Total Operation and Maintenance Contracts
Supply of Spare Parts & Components
Integrated Services.


1)Deep Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has obtained Letter of Award from ONGC, Ahmedabad Asset for hiring the services of compression of natural gas at Ramol GGS for Ahmedabad Asset approx. value of contract aggregating to Rs 77.50 million.1. Location : Ramol GGS- Approx. Contract Value (in Rs.) : 77.50 million

2)Deep Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has obtained Notification of Award from ONGC, Rajahmundry Asset for Charter Hiring one Work Over Rig of 100 Ton capacity aggregating to Contract Value Rs 296.24 Lacs.

3)Deep Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has obtained following Extention of Contract agreement with GACL and Letter of Awards from ONGC of following Compressors for Hiring of services for Natural Gas Compression aggregating to Rs 764.85 Lacs.1. LOA From: GACL, Vadodara- Approx. Contract Value in Rs - 44.35 lacs2. LOA From: ONGC Assam AssetApprox. Contract Value in Rs - 187.60 lacs3. LOA From: ONGC Rajahmundry AssetApprox. Contract Value in Rs - 532.90 lacs.

4)Deep Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has obtained Letter of Award from ONGC, Ankleshwar Asset and Mehsana Asset for deployment of following Compressors for compressing the natural gas at various locations of Ankleshwar Asset and Mehsana Asset approx. value of contract aggregating to Rs 2299.50 Lakhs.1. Location - North Gandhar, AnkleshwarApprox Contract Value - Rs 328.50 Lacs2. Location - Balol, MehsanaApprox Contract Value - Rs 1971.00 Lacs.

5)Deep Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company had bidded for the Blocks under New Exploration Licensing Policy - Seventh Round (NELP - VII). The Company has been successful in getting award of Block No. SR-ONN-2005/I at Satpura - Rewa (Chattisgarh). The area of Block is 789 Square Kilometers. The Company had bidded for this block in consortium with Deep Energy LLC, Kanvel Finance Pvt Ltd and Savla Enterprise Pvt Ltd.Following is the sharing pattern of this block:
Block : Satpura - Rewa (SR-ONN-2005/I)- Deep Industries Ltd : 70%- Deep Energy LLC : 10%- Kanvel Finance Pvt Ltd : 10%- Savla Enterprise Pvt Ltd : 10%.

My Comments:
Deep Ind is an excellent growth company.Ril Ind is finding more and more gas in Kaveri Basin etc and Gas will be produced in abundence and compressing of Gas will be a prime priority.Deep ind is going to get many more contracts in future.That is what I am seeing.
In last bull run it made a high of Rs 271 and it is still available over 50% cheaper.The eps is just around 4 for full year and still price is Rs 112 .Looking at the future growth market is giving huge discounting for this wonderful co.
According to my view Deep Ind is a buy at these level as well.Though it has runup recently I still think this is a buy.Market is knowing something about it and hence it is running now.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling left....!

Dear Friends,
I have been writing since long that we should not break 12500.Analyst , chartist all are waiting for a huge correction of 3000 points and over but it is eluding.And that will never come.1000-1500 points is always there for the take but forget 3000-4000 points.
I think people are still dreaming of market tanking in big way and they will be able to buy those stocks which they sold earlier , thinking that they has run up fast and they need to bookprofit.They did that and they lost the delivary and they are cursing themsleves and are giving all kind of reason for market to tank but unsuccessful.
If wishes were horses!But it never is and perticularly with the stock market it never comes true.
It is a simple common sense thinking that market never gives chance to buy stocks at your will.It never happens.One needs to be very lucky to have that.
When market went up from 8000 to 10500 experts said now 10500 is a very big resistance and it will not be able to cross that and many sold stocks thinking that they will again buy at 9000 if not at 8500.But that never happened.Same thing happened when market was facing resistance at 12500.But in one go on Election result day, market went for an upper circuit and touched 14k and uptill now we have not seen 12700 which was known as a major resistance and major trend setter.Experts were gaga that if 12700 will be crossed desicively then the trend has changed.
Then came the resistance of 14500 and that is also surpassed.
And experts are still waiting for a big correction.Market will never let them buy stock at the level they wants to.Operators are not fools to give them stocsk at their price.When market was at 8k and went to 10500, investors were feeling it has gone up too fast and hence sold stocks.Market still went up and up and ultimately we are over 16k.....!
Now Enam sec is saying that perhaps even at 17k it is not overvalued and maybe at 20k they can feel it is overvalued.
Buy stocks and capilatize on it.Hold it after partial profit booking .That is the order of the day.Never sell 100% of any stocks unless you are convinced that some bad news has come and growth will get hindered.
People who sold Kwality after buying at Rs 17 at 60 and 80 are repenting that they missed the biggest oppotunity.It went on to touch 535.There are many stocks like that.Once you sell out 100% , it is gone.So don't get out from it completely.
Market is looking good and will remain good.The heavy correction all are expecting is never going to come.1000-1500 point correction is always there for the taking.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Petron Eng and Construction Ltd....cmp...169.60.....A Star in making....

I have come out with another virgin stock named Petron Engineering Construction Ltd .
This co is having a Sales turn over of Rs 457 cr and Mcap is just 127 cr.Eps is just around 8 but still it went for 20% upper circuit and ended at 169!
I will not write more on Petron Eng as someone told me I use to write from the website and hence I would say that you all will look at the website and read it........
My job is to bring out stock undiscovered and that I have done........

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Global stocks at new 11-month highREUTERS 16 September 2009, 04:58pm IST

LONDON: World equities rose on Wednesday to new 11-month highs, after upbeat US data boosted faith in an economic recovery, persuading more investors to sell their low-yield dollars to buy growth-oriented stocks and commodities. This week's data showing a jump in US retail sales has been interpreted as another sign the world's biggest economy is indeed on the road to recovery - signals confirmed by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who said on Tuesday the worst US recession since the 1930s was probably over. The optimism saw fresh cash flood to stock markets worldwide and bolstered oil to above $71 a barrel and gold to 18-month highs. The dollar however fell to a one-year low against a currency basket as investors shifted to riskier assets. World stocks rose 0.8 per cent to the highest levels since early October 2008, while emerging stocks surged 1.5 per cent to a new one-year high, trading at levels last touched before the collapse of Lehman Brothers. "When you have comments coming out from Bernanke about a technical recession ending, that's increasing the pressure on the bears, there's a bit of a bear squeeze going on," said Mark Robinson, head of equity research at Unicredit in London. "There is also a stronger fundamental element - the G10 is pulling out of the slump and Asia is clearly in a V-shape (recovery). That's driving risk trade and commodities -- in the last week and a half, and particularly in the last 24 hours, we have seen a commodity stocks trade," Robinson added. The FTSEurofirst index of top European shares rose 0.8 per cent, its eighth rise in nine sessions to the highest since October 2008. The index is up 20 per cent this year. Asian markets set Wednesday's buoyant tone, sweeping to new 2009 highs, with exporters like South Korea and Australia up 1.8 per cent and 2.4 per cent respectively. Japan's benchmark Nikkei added a more modest 0.5 per cent, restrained in part by uncertainty over the policies of new Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama. The Bank of Japan began a two-day meeting but no policy change is anticipated. Investors even managed to overlook a 1 percent fall in Shanghai, virtually the only Asian bourse to ease on Wednesday as investors booked profits after three days of gains. The 2.7 per cent jump in US August retail sales - the fastest growth in 3-1/2 years added to expectations US economic growth would stage a sizeable rebound in the third quarter, as businesses rebuild inventories to meet demand. That augurs well for the currencies of exporting nations, especially the big commodity producers like South Africa, South Korea and Australia, probably at the expense of the dollar which slipped as deep as 76.376 against a basket of currencies - the lowest since last October. The euro powered to new 2009 highs around $1.4690. The greenback has shed 2.5 per cent against the currency basket this month and is down almost 5 per cent since early-July. "As the global recovery continues and risk diversification takes place we could see the US dollar stay under pressure for the next six months," said Amber Rabinov, an economist in foreign exchange and international economics at ANZ in Sydney. The yen gained to a near seven-month high versus the dollar after Japan's incoming finance minister said a strong yen had advantages for the nation's economy. Silver and platinum prices rose in gold's wake while growth optimism boosted copper and other base metals across the board. But despite overall exuberance there is some caution, analysts said, citing warnings by the Fed's Bernanke that recovery will be slow and it will take time to create new jobs. Major indexes seem hesitant to make the jump that would take them past the key one-year anniversary of Lehman Brothers' fall. "Both sides of the Atlantic are saying we are now out of recession but growth is going to be slow and anaemic," said Justin Urquhart Stewart, director at Seven Asset Management. "The market still has an attitude that money is to be invested and it's fair value but the economy is showing there is still going to be weakness,” he added.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Request.....

Dear Friends,
I request all readers that please do not ask personally for any individual multibagger stock.I can't write to everyone which stocks can become multibagger.Anything I write have potential of becoming a multibagger.
I have seen that though scores of stocks which I have recomended has still not run, and one can buy those very easily, readers still ask me which are my top 4-5 picks.They wants me to say again for their satisfaction.I understand that.But there are no top 5 picks.It means that they are not reading what I write properly.I have written many times which stock is going to be a multibagger is not known.Hence one needs to go for what ever they can.But still they ask for my TOP 5 picks.
Please don't do it.
Remember , I am doing this job without any monetary benifit.This is just my part time and whatever I do is my passion.I am trying my level best to write here as and when time permits me.
After all I am also working at my job. I have to first fulfill my that responsibilities .I am trying to just getting adjusted to the new atmosphere in USA.I am still trying to find a decent job here.Whatever I am making is enough just to run my house and that is not sufficient for me if I wants to prosper.....
I hate to write this , but I have no choice.
If anyone can help me in finding a decent job I am always available.My id is written at the top of my blog.One can contact me writing to that id.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

About Market and some old recomendation.....

Market was exhibiting weakness last week and everyone was sure that the correction has sets in.And actually from there market turned around to cross previous high and making a new 52week high crossing 16k and 4750 which many chartist were not ready to believe.
Untill bears are confident of market going below 4k , it will keep rising.
I have earlier stated in past when market was even was not over 10k that we will see a new high this year , by dec 09 or next year and we should probably see 31k by Dec 2010.I still stick with my view.Ofcourse, I reserve my right to be wrong but what I am seeing is what I am writing.
US economy is slowly stabilizing.Whatever the experts says , US cannot go down.It is a huge country , 3 times bigger then India and it is the largest consumer of Oil and consumer product worldover.
Chinese market will also do good.Don't worry on that front.
Moreover , I suggest all my readers not to go by figures from CMIE, ASSCOM etc.They are good for nothing.Have your own vision.Be rationale.Try to justify yourself asking yorself that the report saying is correct or not.One of the reader wrote me that CMIE has come out with report that Alumnium product will take a beating and in 48 hrs the report was revised the otherway.There was no way , this was going to happen.When India needs so much of Power,how come Aluminium product can see downward spiral?
Read everything but take decision of yourself.That goes with me as well.After all I can also err.Before investing in my picks ask your self as well.Double check from various other source.Then invest.It is afterall your own money.
Market is at 16k and still loads of cash gr stocks are way below their 52 week high.They have to buckup the trend.B gr should outperform A gr from hereon.It doesn't mean that A gr will not move atall but the return will be more in B gr.
I last recomended Lesha Energy and Telecanor Global.Both gave chances to buy them after I gave a call.Now they have started upper circuits.
India is on upper curve of growth and hence market should do well.Money are to be made here and nowhere else.FII's flow will continue.
Market experts says , 2003 to 2008 was a liquidity driven market.But that phenomenon is world over.If liquidity is quezzed then any economy or market can tank.Liquidity brings cash and uplift in economy.Without money no economy can survive.It is another side of the coin.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Apar Ind.........cmp..Rs .141.00.......A Gem in Making....

I have written that SRF Ltd is a multibagger in making.I have read somewhere that one of the stock market gr has come out with a buy report on SRF Ltd.
  • I have no doubt in my mind that SRF Ltd is a multibagger in making along with some other calls like Lumax Ind,Kalyani Forge,Tin Plate which I have mentioned here , not to mention TRF which I wrote here that it is a buy even at Rs 337 and it is XB now and the price is Rs 450.Hence even if someone sells now the original holding he still remains in profit and still have Bonus FREE...

Well, I am today here for writing on Apar Ind.I have mentioned this stock many times here as a BUY.I do not know anyone was convinced about this co and gohead and bought it.When I started recomending it here it was around 70.It has already doubled.
I know many readers just waits for more I write on certain stocks and only then they will buy.But that is not possible for me ,to write in detail on every stock.

Here is some snap shot of Apar Ind.

Read on:

Apar Industries Limited, founded by Late Mr. Dharmsinh D. Desai in the year 1958 is one among the best established companies in India operating in the diverse fields of electrical, metallurgical and chemical engineering. Over the ensuing years it has evolved to be a 500 million US Dollar diversified company offering value added products and services in Power Transmission Conductors and Petroleum Specialities.
A technology – driven and customer – focused vendor to some of the most brand-enhancing power companies in India and abroad, Apar has strengthened the business of its customers through proactive product development, timely product delivery and superior product attributes by reinforcing product innovation, cost leadership and premium quality and living its vision ‘Tomorrow’s Progress Today’ resulting in Reliability, Respect, Reputation and Repeat business across manufacture of Speciality Oils and Power Conductors.

Apar Industries Ltd. headquartered in Mumbai, India with production facilities spread across Rabale (Maharashtra), Silvassa (Union Territory of Dadra Nahar Haveli) and Nalagarth (Himachal Pradesh).
Apar’s Conductor Division started in 1958 with the technical know–how from Alcan (Canada) and Properzi (Italy) is the largest producers of POWERLINE Aluminium and Alloy Conductors, in Asia, with strategic partnership and supply relationships with the top EPC Contractors in the World. The aluminium conductor division manufactures all types of bare overhead aluminium conductors and GS earth wires.
Apar’s Speciality Oil business established in 1969 with the technical know-how from Sun Oil Company (USA) is a pioneer and largest producers of POWEROIL Transformer Oils in Southeast Asia. The division has five diversified product lines – Transformer Oils, White Oils & Liquid Paraffins, Industrial & Automotive Oils and lubricants, Rubber Process Oils and Ink Oils.
In the year 2007-08 Apar established a strong foundation for Automotive Lubricants under a license agreement with ENI of Italy to manufacture and market high-end automotive and speciality industrial lubricants under the AGIP brand in India.
Recently, Apar acquired a strategic stake in
Uniflex Cables Ltd. a manufacturer of wide range of power and telecom cables, listed on BSE.
Over the last few years, Apar graduated to the hub-and-spoke model setting up storage distribution and processing facilities in Sydney (Australia), Gebze (Turkey) and Durban (South Africa), significantly improving our proximity to consuming global markets.
All of Apar's manufacturing facilities are accredited with ISO 9001 - 2000 & ISO 14001 - 2004 Quality Management Systems.
Apar Industries Ltd., a dynamic proxy of the Indian power sector’s growing potential deriving around 75 % of its revenues from this industry through key building blocks, aims to graduate from being a participant in India’s infrastructure growth to an infrastructure driver in the world’s second fastest growing economy.

Aluminium Conductors

Located at Silvassa ( D.N.H ) and Nalagarh ( Himachal Pradesh ), APAR is the second largest producer of Aluminium Conductors in India with 23 % market share and among the top five in the world. Leadership reflected in capacity expansion of aluminum conductors including alloy rods from 54,820 TPA in 2004-05 to 82,840 TPA in 2007 – 08 to emerge as the world’s fifth largest in this line of business.
APAR’s competence is derived from five decades of experience and insight into the product industry, manifested in an ability to presage product developments, evolution of customer needs, insights into technologies, global shift in supply, consumption of customer growth plans, forming a significant body of intellectual capital and a formidable competitive barrier.
Aluminium alloy rod and conductors were developed first in India by Apar through its own R&D initiatives. Factors that enabled Apar to emerge as the lowest – cost producer of aluminium conductors in the world include increase in the installed capacity, strategic location of manufacturing facilities in favorable geographies, tax jurisdictions, backward integration and increased productivity. Apar’s backward integration enables it to make complete range of aluminium conductors by altering chemical properties at the alloying stage and tailoring products to match customer needs.
Apar manufactures a full range of POWERLINE brand:
• EC Grade Aluminum Wire Rods,• Aluminum Alloy Wire Rods (6201 Alloy Rod in T-4 & M temper - online solutionied)• AAC (All Aluminium Conductors), • ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced), • ACSR/AW (Aluminium Conductor Aluminium Clad Steel Reinforced), • AACSR (Aluminium Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced), • AACSR/AW (Aluminium Alloy Conductor Clad Steel Reinforced)• AAAC (All Aluminium Alloy Conductors), • High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) TACSR Conductors,• High Conductivity Alloy conductors AL-59 etc.• ACAR (Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced)• Guy Wire / Stay Wire / Galvanized Steel Earth Wire (GSW)• Mechanical Grade Alloy Wire Bundles (T – 81 temper)
Over the years Apar has strengthened its product mix through a shift from AAC and ACSR to value added alloy based conductors. These high temperature conductors are capable of carrying up to 50 % additional power load compared with the other varieties which can substitute creation of parallel transmission lines in land- starved pockets, saving sizable capital investments.
Being the largest exporter of aluminium conductors from India, Apar has earned superior brand recognition and approval status among customers and utilities in India and other developing economies. It is recognized as a registered export house by the Indian Ministry of Commerce, exporting directly to power utilities in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the US, along with reputed international turnkey contractors.
Apar enjoys the reputation of being a reliable long-term supplier in a market marked by fluctuating raw material availability and cost spikes. It supplies to all the top 25 turnkey operators in the world and also to all the leading utilities in Asia and Africa.
Admitted as a member of the standardizing committee formed by the Bureau of Indian Standards, Government of India for preparing National Standards ( ISI ) for the transmission & distribution conductors up to 800 KVA and the standardizing committee formed by the Rural Electrification Company Ltd., Government of India. Nominated twice ( consecutively ) to represent India as a national delegate in the Technical Committee of IEC in New Delhi and Kyoto.Conducted independent type tests successfully at internationally approved testing laboratories in NETFA -South Africa, CESI - Italy, EDF - France, ERDA - Vadodara, India, NSIC - Kolkatta, India, CPRI -Bangaluru, India and Tag Corporation - Chennai, India for conductors of 500 kV HVDC & 800 kV AC transmission system and also for distribution conductors of Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Bangkok.

My Comments:

Apar Ind has a turnover of Rs 2500 cr ,means $500 millions.The Mcap of Apar Ind is 450 cr and hence we can say that a 2500 cr co is available at just 1/5 price. A co which is a dominant player in Speciality Oils, Transformers, Cables,Aluminium Conductors is going abegging.One can buy this company doling out Rs.450 cr and he becomes the owner of 2500 cr turnover co.....Isn't that is great buy....?

It is definately a great buy even at this level as almost 64% of the stake is held by promoters and 27% is held by private corporate bodies.Means total 91% stake is with promoters and big institution.So what is left with Public?Only 9%......and I think I have not to write what one needs to do now with Apar Ind.It is a Screaming BUY.........Promoters has increased the stake in last few qr.

The June qr results has come fentestic with an qr eps of 7....