Monday, December 31, 2007

Jayaswals Neco is still a buy at CMP of 60

Copy pasting Rajeev message at MMB. Rajeev recommended this around 23 rupees but still its a buy. Plus i also read somewhere that they have huge coal reserves and they might become largest coal washery in India

Regarding Jayaswal Neco, apart from the huge sales figures we see , which is around, 1600 cr and see the Mcap of Jayaswal Neco, seems it is going cheap....but the real trigger from Jayaswal Neco for me apart from Casting and Forging business is they own vast land in outskirst of Nagpur and Nagpur is going to a property and Sez and Malls and Realty and Hotel an Aereodrum is going to be buildup and the land Jayaswal owns dwells in that vicinity..I have not to explain , what new avenues and buildups will come there where Aerodrum will be built..

Friday, December 28, 2007

Friends,Please....This is my request....

I request all my readers that don't go on asking me qeustions which you can solve yourself...
Like I have bought such stock and it is down and should I sell or wait?

I again write that , whatever I give a call or recomend to buy, it is for atleast 6 to 12 months.
If one is not ready to hold that much time then please do not buy..
Stocks going up or down is part and parcel of market way...and If one is not able to digest the volatility then don't come in market.
At Sensex 20k this type of volatility is bound to happen...and if one is not able to take on that then please don't invest your hard earned money in Stock Market.
I give one example..I recomd Rishi Laser at mmb at 70-80 and it never moved.Actually it went down to 52 level in a years time..and see now what is happening to it...
Same happened with my call on RTS Power@80 and IMP Power@70.I remember these 2 stocks use to be there always whenever I give a list of BUYS...They remained there for almost a year and now both are heading for 500 and more....
So it is not necessary that the stock recomended here will run in 6 months or 9 months.It is impossible to time that...One have to just hold it with patience and try to dig in as much as possible and find more facts to be conviced to hold for a longer period.
I am no expert in telling that this stock will run or not within any stipulated time...and I guess no one can say that....
I am always there to help but not such queries.
I again write that if you are not comfortable with any stocks then sell them and get out booking loss...if you have conviction then hold it...the price will come back again.
Never buy for ST gains.Buy for atleast a year.
Never never calculate of things that will happen in market,like I am buying this stock now and when it will reach this much in 2 months I will sell and from the profit I will do that.Never think of such things.Market has a very bad habit to prove you wrong.Stocks prices never moves as per our Whimes...
I hope all will understand what I mean to say.
It is difficult to say whether to Book loss and get out or hold...
Take your own decision.I can't do that for you....I can only share my ideas here and answers queries on stocks but cannot answer when to Book Loss or when to sell in profit...etc...
It entirely depends upon you..when to buy and when to sell...These are decision taken by one self and not by me...

Hope you all will understand my view.....But I will only write one thing and that is don't overleaveraged in will take you to sell some good stocks while going in loss....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Allied Computers International (Asia)...Ltd...Is it a Buy?....It is a strong buy now....

Under this Heading I gave a call on Allied Computers International (Asia)...Ltd;
Apart from Bulk deals more news are coming.Allied Computers International (Asia)...Ltd is going in for acquisition.....Seems Allied Computers International (Asia)...Ltd is a buy at this level....
I give a strong buy call on Allied Computers International (Asia)...Ltd:

MUMBAI: Allied Digital Services, the Mumbai-based mid-cap IT firm, is closer to two small-size acquisitions.
A company insider the announcement about buyouts - one at home and another overseas — would be made in the first week of January.
These acquisitions will be in the range of Rs 60 crore to Rs 80 crore in the BPO and infrastructure management space. They will be funded through the funds raised in the recent IPO, to the tune of Rs 86 crore.
The infrastructure management firm - which has been identified — has an employee strength of about 200 people; it will be complementary to the Network Operation Centre (NOC). The buyout is expected to contribute to Allied’s revenues from the end of fiscal itself, the source added.
Nitin Shah, MD, Allied Digital Services, told DNA Money: “I don’t want to make any comment anything on buyouts as this stage and if company will finalise anything in near short term, it will inform the exchanges.”
It expects Rs 42 crore in net profit on revenues of Rs 270 crore in this fiscal with solutions business contributing 70% and services business 30%-35%.
The company earns 50-55% operating margin in the services segment compared with 15-20% in the solutions segment. It also sees services business driving growth with its revenue share increasing from current 22% to 35% in this fiscal and 50% by 2012.
The total unexecuted order book stands currently at Rs 140 crore comprising Rs 65 crore for solutions and Rs 75 crore for services, executable over the next one year.
Analyst Vinod Hassija with Reliance Money said in recent research report that Allied’s presence in the network infrastructure & managed services will help it move ahead of competition as the small and medium enterprises segment is undergoing huge growth and the SME space are the prime targets for IT services providers, network infrastructure and managed services are the most lucrative opportunities.
The recent set-up of NOC and security operations centre would provide a major boost to services revenues.
From a system and network integrator (solutions business), Allied Digital has been successfully transforming into a managed services and tech support services provider by incubating new offerings like infrastructure management (including remote), network security management and technical BPO services...

XL Tele......

I gave a call of XLTele at mmb @127 in Aug and it is now 523.
Well,more news are coming out.
Read on:
Hyderabad, Dec. 26 XL Telecom through its subsidiary Saptashva Solar Ltd has firmed up a forward integration project to establish grid connected ‘solar farms’ in Spain and Portugal with an investment of Rs 1,000 crore.
Basically a solar panel manufacturer, XL Telecom earlier this year diversified into solar cells and batteries as part of backward integration plan. The company is now looking at forward integration project that would make it a systems integrator and also generator of power, according to Mr Vasudeva Rao, Executive Director of XL Telecom.
This would help the company generate higher revenues through this value addition and also steady income. Mr Rao told Business Line that the Rs 1,000-crore project is designed to set up solar farms in Spain and Portugal as both these countries encourage establishment of these farms and banks and financial institutions and Government extend several subsidies.Funding mode
Of the Rs 1,000 crore, Rs 800 crore is being raised through debt from Spanish banks and the rest would be through XL Telecom equity, he said.
While the first farm of about 3 MW would be ready and operational by March 2008, the company expects to set up 28 MW of generation capacity by December 2008 and is targeting 200 MW in a couple of years.
Asked why Spain for solar farms?
Mr Rao said that this is among a few European countries which has grid connected solar farms and offers a much higher tariff for solar power. In addition, banks lend at attractive 5-6 per cent as against 11 per cent in India.
Typically, most conventional energy power projects have power purchase agreements for about 10-15 years, but these non-conventional energy farms would have PPA for 25 years. In addition, Governments in Spain and Portugal are also offering land at subsidised rates, making it quite attractive, he said.
“However, while we are now focussing on Spain, we would also look at other countries in Europe which are very aggressively promoting establishment of solar farms,” Mr Rao said.
Within a year of setting up plants, these farms could provide a return of about 20 per cent. XL Telecom recently concluded a FCCB issue of $40 million to part fund its 120-MW solar cell unit, and is currently on course to achieving revenues of Rs 650 crore during the fiscal.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sujana Towers......

Keep a tab on this company called Sujana Towers....
Read on:
MUMBAI: Hyderabad-based Sujana Group plans to invest around Rs 250 crore in one year to capture 10% of the total tower manufacturing market in the country and spread its wings beyond south India.
Of this, 20% — Rs 50 crore to Rs 60 crore — will be invested in expanding and strengthening its tower manufacturing business alone.
V S R Murthy, director, Sujana Group of Companies, said: “Our major focus is manufacturing and as a result the company does not have a huge order book.”
He said Sujana Towers has a manufacturing capacity of 1,28,000 per annum of structural steel which would be taken by to 2,28,000 tonnes per annum by June 2008. Sujana Towers Ltd has undertaken expansion of its Chennai facility by another 1,00,000 tonnes per annum. This facility manufactures galvanised and structural steel.“The company is currently working on orders worth Rs 150 crore and number of projects under execution is around five,” said Murthy.
Murthy said booming power sector is going to be the biggest contributor of revenues for the sector with almost 60% of its tower business coming from orders from the power sector. “The trend is likely to continue for the next couple of years with huge investments lined up in the transmission and distribution sector of the country,” he said.
The next revenue churner is the telecom tower business, which contributes 40% to its tower manufacturing revenues. Besides this, the company is quite upbeat about a substantive orders coming from the rural areas.
“Ten per cent to 15% of the telecom business of the company comes from the rural sector,” said Murthy. And with major initiatives of the government in rural electrification, business from the power sector of rural areas will also contribute largely.
Murthy said as per the estimates of the company, the current market demand for structural steel is in the region of 2 million tonnes per annum to 2.5 million tonnes per annum for the power and telecom towers together. Some of which is met through imports as well.
“We are planning a further additional capacity of 100,000 tonnes in the current year. This will also help the company boost its market share from 5-7% currently to 7-10% in a year,” he said.

Kalindi Rail....My Call Vindicated....

Kalindi Rail....My Call Vindicated....
I gave a list of 21 stocks which were looking good to me and in that Kalindi Rail was also there.
Actuallty I gave a call of Kalindi Rail at mmb wayback at just Rs 40.
Now I am pasting what I read at some other site...
Looking at the contents given below, Kalindi is a multibagger from here on as well.And it fits in my category as well...A multibagger in making...

MUMBAI: Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd, a company that is into laying railway tracks and setting up signalling and communication systems, has hinged bets on the proposed dedicated freight corridor planned by the Centre.
The project entails setting up of an eastern and western freight corridors at an estimated cost of Rs 51,000 crore.
Kalindee expects to garner contracts worth as much as Rs 8,000-10,000 crore in five years, riding project, which would include full track work, signalling, station building, communications and other turnkey projects.
R D Sharma, chairman and managing director, Kalindee, said, “The type of projects available will be known only when the tenders are called, but based on our credentials we are expecting to get a business equivalent to about 15-25% of the total project cost.”
Analysts said the company is well-placed in the segment to take advantage of this opportunity. Kapil Yadav and Gracy Mittal, analysts with Dolat Capital, in a recent report said Kalindee is a niche player with established credentials. They find the company “a scalable beneficiary” of the corridor project.
The Indian Railways’ ambitious plan will connect the Jawaharlal Nehru Port in the outskirts of Mumbai to New Delhi, Ludhiana and Kolkata, a distance of 2,763 kms.
This will comprise two corridors — the western one between Mumbai and Delhi, and the eastern one between Ludhiana and Kolkata. The first-phase cost of setting this up is estimated at Rs 28,200 crore.
The Japan International Cooperation Agency, which undertook a study on the freight corridor, estimated the total cost of the project at around Rs 51,000 crore.

MUMBAI: Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd, a company that is into laying railway tracks and setting up signalling and communication systems, has hinged bets on the proposed dedicated freight corridor planned by the Centre.
The project entails setting up of an eastern and western freight corridors at an estimated cost of Rs 51,000 crore.
Kalindee expects to garner contracts worth as much as Rs 8,000-10,000 crore in five years, riding project, which would include full track work, signalling, station building, communications and other turnkey projects.
R D Sharma, chairman and managing director, Kalindee, said, “The type of projects available will be known only when the tenders are called, but based on our credentials we are expecting to get a business equivalent to about 15-25% of the total project cost.”
Analysts said the company is well-placed in the segment to take advantage of this opportunity. Kapil Yadav and Gracy Mittal, analysts with Dolat Capital, in a recent report said Kalindee is a niche player with established credentials. They find the company “a scalable beneficiary” of the corridor project.
The Indian Railways’ ambitious plan will connect the Jawaharlal Nehru Port in the outskirts of Mumbai to New Delhi, Ludhiana and Kolkata, a distance of 2,763 kms.
This will comprise two corridors — the western one between Mumbai and Delhi, and the eastern one between Ludhiana and Kolkata. The first-phase cost of setting this up is estimated at Rs 28,200 crore.
The Japan International Cooperation Agency, which undertook a study on the freight corridor, estimated the total cost of the project at around Rs 51,000 crore.

When fully operational, the corridor would de-bottleneck the existing rail infrastructure and increase capacity for carrying up to 12,000 tonne cargo on single train at higher speeds, compared with the current average of 4,000 tonne at low speeds.
For the planning and execution of this mega project, the government has formed a special purpose vehicle called the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd.
The SPV will start floating multiple tenders for the project starting in March 2008.
Since these projects are too large to be taken up individually, potential bidders such as Kalindee are looking at setting up consortia with foreign entities. These international joint ventures for domestic projects would also lead to higher margins and KRNL expects it be at least 20%.
Kalindee’s Sharma said global giants such as Mitsubishi from Japan, France’s TSO and companies from the UK, the US and Russia have all sought partnerships.
“Engineering giant Larsen & Toubro has also approached,” said Sharma.
Kalindee will decide on the partner only after the tenders are out.
The key area of alliance will be financial because considering its size of balance sheet, Kalindee is too small compared with the size of the project coming up.
“We require partners only for financing and large volume of civil works that will be needed. We will consider only two or three partners, as needed,” said Sharma.
He is, nevertheless, confident of raising funds.
“Many firms, including broking house SSKI and Motilal Oswal, and banks such as UTI and Yes Bank, have expressed interest in being our exclusive partner to finance the corridor project,” Sharma said.
He said to start work on the project, it would require only funds to the tune of Rs 200 crore, for which, the company may take in just a single partner. Kalindee currently has orderbook of Rs 500 crore. This includes railway projects such as track work, signalling, communications and overhead traction, apart from work for Vedanta Resources, Reliance Energy and OCL.
The company is expecting to top the Rs 300 crore turnover mark in the current financial year compared with Rs 188 crore in the last fiscal.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hello Friends,

I have been asked to write frequenlty here.They says that only if you will write frequently will your blog will be famous and people will visit.
But I am not here to do that.
I only write when I feel like writing.I did the same thing at mmb as well.I do not write for the sake of writing..and hence almost write no Nonsense.
Well, anyway, Yesterday was a great day.Market rose by 700 points and breaking all breakouts of Chartist like, wait for market to cross 19800, or Nifty 5810 etc etc.
I have no slighest doubt that the Bullish trend can reverse.There is no scope for trend reversal, means Bear Market.
Someone argued with me, saying that properties prices are going through the roof and that it will cool down,Infra sector will cool off ,etc and some even predicted that 2007 will be the last year for Real Estate and Infra sector...this was discussed in Mar/Apr 07 ,and still both the sectors are still running and no sign of cooling off.
I told at that time, that my parametre will be, when even ONE CITY VIZ:MUMBAI,DELHI, CHENNAI,CALCUTAA will be able to get compatred with Shanghai,Singapore or Hongkong,or Tokyo or Newyork,only then I will believe that Infra or Real Eatate sector will cool down.
At this stage where this both sectors looks overheated to many investors, I think it is not.Even at this stage non of our cosmopolitan cities can be compared with any big cities of world.Hence it can be easily derived that we have long way to go up in both this sector and hence overheating of this sectors never seems to be there.
And untill this sector remains in favour the bullish trend will remain.
First make even one centre as good as Shanghai or NY or Singapore and then say yes we have done what?
But we are far far off from that.

Well, FII's sold over $5 bn from 1st Nov 07 to this time.Means some Rs.20,000 cr selling has come within one and a half month and still the market is there where it is.This shows the reseliance of Indian market...The selling of Rs 20,000 cr is digested whithout any major breakdown and this makes me more bullish for our market.
Though the selling has taken place by FII's they have not taken the funds out of India and hence it can be safely assumed that it will come back early next year.
I am bullish for 2008 for our Indianmarket and hence will only suggest readers to just hold your position.
Best Of luck to all for next year....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Indian realty sector attracts deluge of funds

Investment ‘tourists’ turn stakeholder:

Amidst all the worries about a property bubble in the US, the Indian realty sector continues to witness a deluge of funds, not only from private equity investors but also from builders seeking a toehold in this market.

Twenty-one private equity deals worth $1,292 million were struck in the realty sector in the six months between April and September 2007. This is a substantial increase over eight deals worth $282 million inked in the same period last year, according to Real Estate Intelligence – a research and consulting firm.

From investment banking majors Morgan Stanley and Blackstone to UAE-based Khaleej Finance and Investment and Ras Al-Khaimah Investment Authority, Indian realty companies have been attracting a wide range of institutional investors. Institutional investors expect $5 billion to be pumped into Indian real estate over the next three years, says the recent FICCI-Ernst & Young India Real Estate Report 2007.

Direct-stake route

The size and number of such deals apart, the route now being taken by institutional investors to get an exposure to projects also reflects their bullish view on Indian realty. Investments which were initially routed through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are now beginning to come in through the direct portfolio route.

Portfolio level participation is a high-risk high-return proposition as investors take concentrated exposures to a few projects. Prominent private equity names such as ICICI Ventures, HDFC, IL&FS Investment Managers, Kotak, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup had initially invested in real estate projects through SPVs which would, in turn, re-direct funds into 5-6 projects. In recent times, some of these investors have taken direct stakes in specific projects.

“Investors who were initially evaluating this market were using the SPV route. Now, with increased confidence and a more focused approach to the realty market, the portfolio route may be the way to go,” says Mr Anurag Mathur, Deputy Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield India.

DLF recently offloaded a 49 per cent stake in seven of its residential projects across India to global financial major Merrill Lynch. According to Cushman & Wakefield, investments at the portfolio level are now the highest and account for 40 per cent of investments in Indian real estate.

Global builders

In another trend, entity-level partnerships have also emerged, with instances such as Morgan Stanley acquiring a stake in Mantri Developers, a Bangalore-based realty company. But it is not only institutional investors who are flocking to Indian realty, global builders are here too. Alliances announced by UAE-based Nakheel and Emaar, Amsterdam’s Plaza Centers NV and Israel’s Alony Hetz with Indian players indicate that overseas builders perceive a huge opportunity in this market.

“Their entry would help in improving quality and meeting timelines (on projects). Thanks to the deep pockets of the international players, the scale of projects will also increase,” predicts Mr Ramesh Nair, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj. As he puts it, “2005 was the year of the real estate investment tourists to India. 2006 was the year when they sought partners who have access to land. 2007 has been the year of searching for partners with good execution skills.”

My comments:
Looking at this news , seems Real Estate sector has a long way to go.
Players to watch here are, Pratibha Ind, Omaxe Ltd,BL Kashyap,Parshavnath Infra,Era Const,JMC project,Marg Const...etc

Some new stocks and maybe some repeated...worth looking at...

Here is the list:
1)Kirloskar Ferrous
2)Kalindi Rail
3)Stone India
4)JMC Project
5)Sahyadri Ind
6)Vadilal Ind
7)Flex Foods
8)Spice Jet
9)Taneja Aearo
10)Epic Energy
11)Khaitan Elec
12)ANG Auto
13)Assam Co
14)Frontier Spring
15)Avantal Soft
16)Tera Soft
17)Patel Logistic
18)Khandwala Sec
19)ABC India
20)Cybele Ind(Old Q Flex cable)

I have written a list here.
I can discuss any stock here if I will be asked the list is long I will not be able to write on them individually...
But if one will look at these stock , if he is in market for couple of years he will be able to understand that stocks that I have recomended are in sectors which are going to grow in a big way...
Freinds,at Sensex 20k,stocks available at Rs.50/- or 100/- is as good as it is available at rs. 5 or 10.People ask me of penny stocks , below Rs 10/- but they are risky preposition and hence can't write it here....But as usual , the above picks will definately give you atleast double from here in a years time....
I hope all will do due diligence and then buy it...

Fibonacci Numbers......? ............Are they dependable.....!

This is another bad NEWS for those who are LOVERS of Fibo Numbers!As I have written many times it is again proved that this Technical Analysis is not even 50% good!Actually I put it at just 10%.....good....
I read an article at Business Standard in Monday Edition of Smart Investors, year and a half back,in which I read this article regarding Fibonacci Nos.
It is worth a look as it will make clear all doubts and will enlighten you all whether to follow this theory or not.
Here it is:

"Fibonacci numbers

Fibonacci sequences, where each number equals the sum of the two that precede it (for example 1,1,2,3,5,8...) are much beloved by technical market analysts. Such sequences have proved to have many applications since the 12th century Italian mathematician Fibonacci first used them while studying the breeding of rabbits. Beyond the stock and currency markets, they are held to occur frequently in nature, architecture and aesthetics, and even in US baseball results.

The belief that markets move in waves or "retrenchments", which typically factor in some way the Fibonacci "golden ratio" of 0.618, has been around for roughly a century. put simply, wl1en a market hits a peak,it will then "retrench" until it has reached some "resistance level". When it recovers, it might meet a, similar point of resistance on the way up.
Applyjng Fibonacci, "resistance" might come when the market has suffered a fall equal to 0.618 times its previous fall, for example. Nobody has ever explained why this should, be the case, but many people obviously believe it. This column's recent e-mail correspondence from brokerage houses and banks includes references to "Fibonacci support levels," "Fibonacci retracement objectives", "Fibonacci resistance" and "Fibonacci targets".
Sadly, a recent research paper from the City University's Cass Business School in ' London shows that all of this research is a complete waste of time. Looking at the peaks and the troughs in the Dow Jones ,Industrial Average from January 1915 to June 2003, City University's researchers found that the number of times the ratios between those peaks and troughs was anywhere close to a Fibonacci ratio was actually less than would have been predicted if the pattern were random.
The case that Fibonacci sequences do not, after all, have any relevance to the stock market appears to be overwhelming. Rationally, everyone participating in the market should now shelve their attempts to apply such magic numbers. But people are not rational. We all instead look for arbitrary ways in which to anchor our decisions. As the City researchers say: "It is' simply human nature for: traders to take the technical support and resistance levels as starting points for thinking about price targets, regardless of their logic". So maybe, a trading strategy based on exploiting others' mistaken belief in Fibonacci magic numbers could make money. "

My view:

Here we can see how this Fibonacci Numbers is shown of no use.I have never believed in this nos game,be it Fibonacci Numbers, or Elliot nos,or Neo Waves nos, or anything.JOHN AUTHERS has systametically anihilated this Fibo puzzle and made it redundent according to me.As one can see that chartist depends more on this numbers,these whole mathematics has been demistified and is shown that it has no legs...becaused Fibo nos are not dependable then the whole chart theory goes haywire..I ahve never believed in charts...Mine calls will always be on fundamentals.But the Masters of chartist says that first charts makes a pattern and then price follows it..means if the price is going to fall then,surely it will come on Chart and some bad news will come and price will fall...
I leave this decision on readers what to believe!

Almost all chartist and TA use this FIBO nos and that is a big big blow to them.I do not understand this charts reading...I have seen almost all STOP LOSS are eaten and as soon as the SL is eaten, the stock takes U turn from there just to frustarate you why you put a SL for that perticular stock?
There are so many complication....some times I feel , Doctors must also not be having so much complication while doing a biggger operation, while this chartist show us....
Like,many leg then second leg, then 3rd leg,and in that 1 st wave, 2nd wave, then 3rd wave....and that also of Bull wave, bearwave, then comes Support levels,then breakout levels,then come Morning Star, Evening star, morning star for Mandi,evening star for Teji,then comes Doji, then inverted Head and shoulder....Oh....has one to read and learn so much,..seems it is harder then even taking on examination of IIT or IIM...
Friends,and the anamoly is that after all these , if we sit 4-5 chartist in a different ROOM and ask to do work on same field, they will all have different views...
I have written more then enough though can write more on this....
I rest my pen here...!


I suggest to all readers to also read the comments of each post.
Somewhere while replying to the commnets, I may even have discussed some stock which I may not have highlighted here on front post to buy...
The best thing is to open each post's comment and see if there is any new comment there or not...other way is to remember the nos of comments on each post and if see the nos going up, can open and see what new is there.
This I am writing, because I have seen at mmb that many boaders use to ask me, to give some picks to buy as they hold some money and wants to invest.
To them I have always written that read my replies to others post and you will get enough stock to invest, but the problem was that, everyone feel that I should write to them individually and give some stock list, but that was not possible...
I have a bad or good habit whatever one call,to write some of my picks while discussing it with others or while replying their query...
Hence ,I have come out with this post to just apprise you all about what can happen at this blog.Readers may just see what is new on front page, and if find nothing new may close the blog, but may I have written something in replying to commnets....
I hope you all will take that much pain to read the COMMENTS and see the well....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Artson is still a buy..........even at Rs 91.40/-...

I have been recommending Artson Eng at mmb and at some other Forum and Yahoo Gr..from Rs 22-23…
The takeover of the management of Artson Eng by Tata Project was there since long and it was already announced at bse site since long….I was tracking this co since then and was bullish from there onwards and hence gave a buy call at mmb and other places very very early…..People used to ask me that promoters stake is less around 16% and that is a negative but I was banking on Tata's takeover…more over Artson Eng was run by technocrats who has working experinace with L&T in their early years after completing educations and that was another bullish factor I noted in Artson Eng..
Well, today I read an article in DNAindia and after reading that I am of the opinion that Artson Eng is still a buy at this level of Rs 91…. Tata Project a sister concern of Tata Power having already orders worth Rs 900 cr in hand and bidding for $2 bn,means Rs 8000 cr contract , where Artson Eng will be also a partner , seems that Artson Eng is still a buy at this level…Artson Eng is now on a high growth path...
It seems to me that local MF's will take stake at over Rs 200 and FII's will take stake at over Rs 300 which I have already written somewhere else…..
Artson Eng
Now I am pasting here what I read at dnaindia:
MUMBAI: In the midst of making a couple of billion order bids for global businesses, this acquisition may seem puny but strategic in comparison for the Tata group.
Tata Projects, a closely held company from the Tata group, is acquiring a majority stake in Artson Engineering, a company which is coming out of the BIFR fold.
The investment in Artson will enable Tata Projects to make its presence felt in the hyper segment of engineering, procurement and construction activity within the greenfield power, petroleum, petrochemicals and fertilisers space.
“We are yet to receive the BIFR order. The moment it comes, we’ll inform the stock exchanges,” an Artson official said declining to give more details on the Tata Projects investment. The order is expected in a fortnight, a source said.
“It’s a win-win situation,” the source added. Artson has two veteran project managers at the helm.
N K Jagasia, chairman and managing director and P S Chopde, director, who have promoted Artson.
Between the two, Jagasia and Chopde have over 30 years’ experience in the field. They had resigned from Hindustan Petroleum to promote Artson. One of the conditions in the agreement between Tata Projects and Artson, sources said, is that the two would continue to lead the company.
Further lending credence to the impending strategic-tie-up, Artson and Tata Projects are said to be already working together in Fujairah, UAE, for ENOC, a leading oil company in the Emirates.
The Tatas are themselves in the midst of developing several big-ticket projects in the power and steel sectors. However, they have given their subsidiaries a free hand in scouting for new projects, to make them globally competitive.
Artson has experience in the oil & gas, power, fertilisers and food processing sectors. At the time of the establishment in 1978, the refineries were using Bombay High Crude, which gave a waxy product called Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (LSHS) as residual fuel oil.
LSHS had very high pour point. Artson did pioneering work and developed systems to convert the existing fuel firing systems of industry to make it suitable to use LSHS.
Artson has successfully commissioned, on a turnkey basis, more than hundred such fuel systems in the country. This led to AEL being one of the foremost companies in the country, specialising in petroleum storage and handling systems. This expertise was then expanded and AEL executed overseas projects.
Artson went on developing its capabilities in multi disciplinary construction for the Hydrocarbon Process Industry and is one of the leading design, engineering, procurement and construction companies with a sound manufacturing base.
Tata Projects is also an EPC company with operations in power generation, transmission and distribution, industrial infrastructure, oil, gas and hydrocarbons, and quality services.

Monday Massecre.....don't panic.........

Yesterday was a bad day .It was only due to selling of FII's of 2000 cr the fall came…
It is obvious that if some one comes to sell anything , even if it is a house or a car or stocks, we will bid the lowest price as it is seller who wants to sell as he wants to getout of that thing and hence buyer will pay his own price which will be always less then the market price….and actually that happened yesterday….FII"s wanted to sell and hence this fall….when a selling of this magnitude comes market only reacts in the way which it reacted yesterday..
There was no change in fundamentals of Indian market and hence nothing to worry. Market will be again positive within a week, maximum….maybe it can end in green by days end..
I again write here, don’t sell in panic….it is the last thing to be done….Book profit where one is in good profit but never sell in PANIC…
I am confident about India's growth story and it will continue to show good growth of 8-9 GDP for 4-5 yrs atleast….
The only destination for FII's , who have lost billions of dollars in US Sub Prime Mortgage , India is the only place they can make up the loss….According to me those FII's who are selling are erring…maybe they are selling in Futures and buying in cash…..yet to see the figures …what and where they sold…
With Sensex at P/E 20 , I am still bullish…..only if we touch P/E in 40's,mid 40's or mid 50's like where Shanghai(P/E..55) is hovering , we can expect a trend reversal…..untill then it is all correction….
People try to guess, how is the trend…whether it is euphoric, optimist,pessimist or what…..but after all market is the best judge.One can't judge all these and take decision…..those who have tried to do that have misetrably failed.I have seen them failing and the anamoly is that they still think that way…..Pity!
Euphoric type situation has been observed in our matket many times in last 3-4 yrs where our market has run from 3000 to 20000 ..and those who tried to time the market has missed the bull run….
The only way to get the max profit , according to me is to stay invested and bookprofit as and when it is necessary…I have always written at mmb and again writing here , sell 50% as soon as stock double from where you have purchased….and make the rest FREE of cost…then let it go where it wants to..
The real profit can be seen only if one is able to forsee the market trend…Our new Bull, known as Lord Of The Rings, Mr Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, was able to see the sustained Bull run and hence he went on holding his stocks and made a Fortune ……
If one is sceptic about the bull run, obviously he will sell his stocks which are fundamentally good…hence it is not only necessary to buy stocks cheap, but also one should be able to see where market is heading for…and for that one has to define his own rules…like I have defined…Sensex at P/E 20 …no Euphoria…..Indain markets has seen the trend reversal(Bear Market) only after P/E has gone over 40….
That is the benchmark for me I have made…to look at whether we are on verge of reversal…
So all said and done…as I have written, don’t panic and sell…that is the last thing investor must do…but panic is only created if one has over levearaged….and hence always remember not to remain overexposed….


Friday, December 14, 2007

Allied Computers International (Asia)...Ltd...Is it a Buy?....

Allied Computers International (Asia)Ltd..
I have no magic stick to see that stock will move.When I recomend a stock,I just read things at different outlets, like BS,ET , FE, etc....analyse it and put in front of you...
Now what I will be posting here is nothing but a copy of what I have read today:

Allied Computers to build first e-waste plant in Gujarat

a)BS Reporter / Ahmedabad December 14, 2007
Even as e-waste concerns grow across the country, Allied Computers International (Asia), a Mumbai-based company which makes laptops, is set to convert the problem into a business opportunity.

Hirji Kanji Patel, a missile scientist from the UK and chairman of the company, is planning to set up the country’s first chip-level laptop motherboards and parts recycling plant at Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

Under the proposed venture, Patel plans to import electronic waste such as motherboards from the UK and recycle them at the plant at Gandhinagar.

“To begin with, we might be able to recycle 150 motherboards a month, but once we install our machinery in six months time, we plan to ramp it up to 5,000 motherboards per month,” said Patel.

While the new facility will cost Rs 5 crore, the company plans to raise around Rs 100 crore through foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs). Initial formalities were underway, said Patel.

The funds will be utilised by the company’s for setting up 100 laptop service centres, constructing a plant for laptop, motherboards, parts and screen repairs at Vasai and for extending its presence to other cities.

This is the second round of funding planned by the company after it was listed in November 2007 and raised Rs 6 crore from its initial public offer.

The company is planning to start production of laptops at Gandhinagar by the first quarter of next year. Laptops from this plant will be exported.

For domestic consumption, the company will use the existing Vasai plant, which currently manufactures 2,000 laptops a month. The facility will be ramped up to produce 25,000 units per month by next year.

The company recorded a turnover of Rs 35 crore for the financial year 2006-07. This was expected to jump to Rs 70-75 crore on the back of low-priced laptops in the range of Rs 20,000-30,000, added Patel.

B)Laptops for Rs 5,000 in 2 years
Ahmedabad, Dec. 13

An Indian company, with the motto of “Developing a laptop nation”, plans to make available laptops for just Rs 5,000 in the next couple of years, its promoter said here today. The Mumbai-based Allied Computers International (Asia) Ltd, which introduced here a seven-inch-screen mini-laptop worth Rs 15,000, would also come out with three other products soon, its Chairman, Mr Hirji Kanji Patel, an NRI and ex-missile scientist from the UK, told reporters here. The company which raised Rs six crore through an IPO in October 2007, becoming the first laptop specialist firm to be listed on the BSE on November 23, markets its products under ACi brands, mainly in Mumbai. He said the world’s first sub-Rs 15,000 “real” laptop was equipped with over 1 GHz CPU, 80 GB HDD, 512 MB RAM, with a built-in web-cam and wireless LAN and Bluetooth. The company’s first sub-Rs 20,000 wireless, Core 2 Duo laptop, which currently accounts for 60 per cent exports, would be provided to the rural schools of India soon.

These are the two news I read today and fortunately both were of same stocks...
We are lucky....
Well, looking at the above article, seems that Allied Computers International (Asia)...Ltd...can be a dark horse in making....
Seems that Allied Computers International (Asia)...Ltd... is a high risk high gain type of stock..The good part is I read today in BS that there was a Bulk Deal happened and the buyer was promoter...and when promoters buy from market then we can also safely buy it....that is my calculation.....I may prove wrong...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Buy Call on SKS Logistic.............

I have given a call at rs 60 somehere else...but as still a buy I am writing it here as well...

SKS Logistics ship repairing and dry dock project at Alibaug on 35 acres near Mumbai would be ready for commissioning soon.
According to the management, in order to supplement the drydock/ship repairing facility at Mumbai to some extent, the company is setting up this facility on 1.27 lakh sq metre area adjoining Dharmatar creek at the mouth of river Amba in Maharashtra.
According to market sources, the conservative market price now for such land, in the vicinity of the proposed ‘Mahamumbai’ economic zone, initiated by Mukesh Ambani group, is Rs 150 crore. If the recent market valuation of Mundra Port & SEZ is any indication then SKS Logistic seems to be going cheap at Rs 60/-.
The coastal logistics service company, which has 37 vessels in its fleet and set to add two more for international charter shortly, has recently converted a dumb barge into an offshore accommodation vessel along with a helipad, crane and housing 500 personnel to carry out offshore support services.
The company has cargo fleet capability both for liquid and dry bulk. It is also setting up a joint venture with Inland Waterways Authority of India for operating vessels and barges on National Waterway No. 1 and 2 (Kolkata to Mongla in Bangladesh and Kolkata to Pandu in Assam, respectively..
Moreover...60% stake is held by promoters and 17% stake is held by private corporate bodies..hence onlt 23% is left with public.....With Ship building ind going for better times and as seen above they have convert a barge into an Offshore accomodation vessel with a helipad seems is looking extremly great buy..
Looking at the above facts seems SKS logistic is a steal...and an immidiate buy......

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Small Intro....

I have been in Indian Stock Market since 1985 and am starting this blog just to help small investors...I write as 'nakul'at mmb(money control message board....)
I hope viewers will be beniffited from it...