Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cronimet Alloy Ltd.....updates....& SKF Ltd..cmp Rs.520.20

My old call GMR Ferro Alloy(new name Cronimet Alloy Ltd)the call I gave around 37 after going to 50 , and after consolidated between 42 and 46 yesterday made a 52 week high at Rs 59.50 and closed at Rs 57.35 which is a new price it closed at.
I have written heremany times, it will move up after further consolidation and that is what we are seeing.....
I would like to mention some A gr stocks which are evergreen stocks like Seimens,ABB, Areva T&D,Alsthon, Thermax,L&T, Ril Ind, Bharat Forge,BPCL, Oil India , IOC,Engineers India(Excellent buy even now),BEL, BHEL, STC, Torrent Power(going damn cheap), Sesa Goa etc which I have been recomending here....
I would like to mention SKF Ltd, a MNC bearing , is constantly coming out with excellent results and available at 9-10 P/E, which is low looking at other A gr stocks.I like SKF Bearing Ltd as more and more use for bearing will come in play , so I feel this is an oppertune time to invest in this blue chip Co at this moment.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kabra old call declares Bonus 1:1

I gave a call of Kabra Extrusiontechnik around 126.....and it has declared a bonus in the ratio of 1:1 and yesterday it made a all time high of 206....Kabra has still a long way to go and in the same category I would like to mention Rajoo Eng , though it is 1 paid up , I like is in same sector like Kabra Extrusionetchnik....
Lumax Ind is also making newer highs .Some dark horses are KLG Systel, Alpha Geo,KLG Capital, JPT Sec,Emmson Int....these all stocks are underperforming but can outperform the market any time......
There is one penny stock which I have mentioned .viz: IKF Techno ...I still feel this stock can give excellent returns in next 2-3 yrs if held on with patience.Do not look at the price of IKF on daily basis and one can reap rich return from IKF.For that one have to keep reading the annocement at bse site of IKF Techno ....Read the latest annoucement of IKF at bse.....I just read ad in todays ET which says that IKF Techno is hiring for Inbound telecom process and out bound insurance process.
I am pasting the latest annoucement of IKF Techno from bse:

"IKF Technologies Ltd has informed BSE that, in addition to AIRCEL contract achieved for entire eastern region, Company has got a new renewable contract from Metlife India Insurance Company Limited for telecalling activities i.e. BPO and call centre services relating to insurance segment for PAN eastern region initially for a period of 12 Months.

The contract will further enhance the revenue of the company."
If one will try to read past annoucement at bse one will be able to get much more information which will help increase your confidence.
Let me again write, conviction , is not sold in market.One has to develop on his own and that will only happen if you will try to find stocks on your own.Pick up a stock , buy small quantity , and put a projection of price.Means value the stock by your own.Try to project price and  see whether that price gets achieved or not....if that happens , it will increase your confidence.

I would like to again specially mention on Ennore Coke.Buy this stock even now.Ennore Coke is going to be a huge multibagger in years to come.So will be Srei Infra.Buy Srei Infra which is going still CB(Cum Bonus)....hold these both stocks for 4-5 yrs and I think one will get enormous return.
I would like to again repeat, Loyal Tex, Hitech Gear, Lumax Ind, India Glycols, Super Spinning,Thiruarooran Sugar, Shakti Sugar(my 2 picks in sugar sector)are ecllent stock to buy even at this level.

Monday, July 26, 2010

It is very hard to make profit in stock market..It looks hard to believe this sentence but it is true.Making profit for 4-5 months is possible but to sustain for years togather is very hard.That is difernce between Wareen Buffet and a simple investor.Warren Buffet is a great money is very hard to compound money for so many years and that is why Berkshire stock price is quoted so is the good will of Warren Buffet that is gving it a big discounting.
As soon as we have some profit, we start venturing in unchartered teritories, like playing in Futures and Options, day trading etc  and the end result is, we lose all the profit earned through make sure that you do not lose what you have earned so easily.
It is not easy to do away with this.Earning in ST is a very big greed one need to avoid.Human as a nature wants to make money fast without any hard work.
That is why I had always said, sell 50% as soon as the stock doubles and take your money out.To capitalize on your profit is a very very hard thing to do.So don't let any oppertunity go to capitalize on making profit and at the same time holding on to the WINNERS.......and for that remember not to sell the whole holding.Keep some for higher return.Selling everything makes no sense.

It is now coming directly from the horses mouth.....that we can cross previous high this year itself....Yes, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has said that on money control to Udayan.....
I have written here many times but I got some advice.....that market is about to tank and we will see repeat of 2008 , then what will I have to say!
One of the readers also wrote me that July is going to be the worst month and then will be the chance to buy stock at bottom price....instead , market made a new HIGH and I hope that reader will have that much of courage to come out and accept that he was wrong in his prediction and that he needs to believe that it makes no sense for timing the thing is, buy when you see a value....don't look at the market......
I can see , many HNI's , experts and big investors and veteran people has missed buying stocks , just only on fear of global economy drifting on with double dip recession.
I heard RJ on CNBC and when he says that atleast he do not see any such recession in next 1 year, I think he has got more access and information then we have........
and let me write here if there is not going to be a big problem in next 1 year then we will see 30k before any bad news comes out .......I reiterate, we can see 30k before we see a good correction.....I may prove wrong on my prediction....
I know there are people who are always sceptic about anything.They always live in a fear atmosphere and they will always come out with that view......and I also know that some readers do not like atall my bullish view.....but I think , I have discussed in length why I am bullish or why there cannot be a double dip recession......but as I said, those who are bearish will always see those reason and also will see that in charts and will bring out patterns that will coinside with their view......

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am enjoying my stay with my parents.
I have been going through some stock market magazine and as I have written many times here so I picked up Business India first to read ......
I found couple of stocks discussed in it which I liked very much and they are:
1)Ganesh Polytex
2)Punjab Chemical
3)C&C Construction
4)Gulf Oil
These are the stocks that was discussed in "Business India" magazine (Last 2 issues)and there were others as well but I liked these and hence I have written it down here....

There is one stock named Nutek India Ltd which is also looking excellent to me....I will still put emphasize on Hitech Gear, Super Spinning,Loyal Tex...etc
I also like 20 Microns Ltd .I remember someone asked about it in past but as I was not tracking at that time I said no to that.......but 20 Microns looks good for LT if Co is able to scale up the sales.....
I would like to mention Ganesh Poly here.The bottomline should go up in big way due to ewaste recycling and hence looks to me an excellent buy at this juncture.
Gulf Oil, a Hinduja Gr co is having huge landbanks in cities like Mumbai,Hydrabad , Banglore etc ...and I remember I did gave a call when Gulf Oil was 10 paid up in last bull run and was around 200.....not sure about the exact price , but I did gave the call at that time.....
Gulf Oil has approximately 1000 acres of land bank which they are going to develop which is huge by any standard.....
There are two different article on Ganesh Poly and Punjab Chem which one can read in Business India magazine.I hope readers wil try to find last 2 issues of Business India magazine and read it.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have reached India, and in my town as well.
I am here to meet my parents, friends and relatives and I  will be here for a month.....Donno when I will be able to write anything on market or reply on queries of readers.....

Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 FORECAST - IMF upgrades India growth to 9.4%..........

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised India's economic growth forecast for 2010 to 9.4%, continuing to surprise the government and other economists with its optimism.

This is IMF's third consecu- tive quarterly upward revision since October 2009. The growth projection for calendar year 2010 has been revised up- wards by three percentage points since then. One basis point is one-hundredth of a percentage point.
“I notice that the IMF has re- cently challenged our predic- tion,“ finance minister Pranab Mukherjee had said on 22 June, referring to the April 8.8% growth forecast. “For once, however, I am not going to argue with the IMF.“
The government's own eco- nomic growth projection for the year to March 2011 is 8.5%.
According to IMF, India's growth is likely to be driven by corporate investment on ac- count of strong profitability and the easier availability of credit. The international body didn't give further details on the reasons for its optimism in the report, part of the World Economic Outlook. IMF's India economist could not be reached for comment.
The finance minister's senti- ments were echoed by another government official after the latest number was announced.
“It comes as a bit of sur- prise,“ Pronab Sen, principal adviser to the Planning Com- mission, told Mint. “To me, it looks as a bit of overestima- tion,“ added Sen, who was the government's chief statistician till last month.
India's Central Statistical Organisation had said in May said that growth in the January-March quarter was 8.6%.
According to Sen, the sec- ond and third quarters of cal- endar year 2010 will register higher growth partly on ac- count of lacklustre perfor- mance in the corresponding periods of the previous year.
Subsequently, the growth rate could decelerate as the advan- tage of a low base would disap- pear.
Another economist associat- ed with the government, who did not want to be named, said a possible reason for IMF's current optimism was because the agency had begun to “back-pedal“ from an earlier assumption.
IMF had estimated previous- ly that the credit squeeze in Western finan- cial markets would have a far greater im- pact on the In- dian industry, the economist said. Once it became appar- ent that the agency's initial assumption was incorrect, there have been sharp upward revisions, he added.
Between April and July, IMF has raised its forecast for In- dia's economic growth by 60 basis points.
Along with India's growth forecast, IMF has also revised China's estimate upwards, helping nudge up the global estimate.
It has forecast that the global economy will expand at 4.6% in 2010, against the 4.2% estimat- ed in April. While advanced economies are expected to reg- ister a growth rate of 2.6%, emerging and developing economies are projected to grow at 6.8%. China's economy is expected to grow at 10.5%, an estimate that has been raised by 50 basis points since April.
IMF, which retained India's 2011 growth forecast at 8.4%, has hedged its current esti- mates by pointing out that there remain sharp downside risks on account of weaknesses in developed economies.
It cautioned that further spikes in global risk aversion, especially in the euro zone, could precipi- tate capital outflows from the Asian re- gion and weaken equity valuations.
That could, in turn, under- mine favoura- ble financing conditions and domestic de- mand.
A delay in the European re- covery may also impact Asia through both trade and finan- cial channels, it said.
Still, the impact of euro zone volatility would be muted, IMF said.
“Asia has only limited direct financial linkages to the most vulnerable euro area econo- mies, but a stall in the Europe- an recovery that spilled over to global growth would affect Asia through both trade and fi- nancial channels,“ it said.
My Comments:
Now IMF is putting higher growth for India and that too above 9%.........
India is going to be a GAS surplus country and due to that the import bill of Oil is going to come down drastically which is going to help India in a huge huge way..........
And hence I feel even at current market price(cmp)Gail Ltd ,BPCL, HPCL are extremly excellent for LT holding......
Other stocks having stake in Gas field and gas sector also will have good days ahead,Viz:IOC, IOL,Ril Ind,Gujarat Gas, Cairns India etc and Gas compressor stock like Deep Ind , my old call, will also have its time.
Stocks like DHP India Ltd , Gas cylinder and gas kit making Cos like Minda Ind, again my old call around 130 will be star performer in future......
Keep or buy these above stocks for LT.......Except Cairns India I have time and again recomended all the above stocks....way way ahead of market can identify........or understand what is coming up....
I again repeat, don't get afraid if prices goes down after you buy.That happens with everyone including me......Hold them with conviction and you will get excellent return.
These are my views and I can prove my analysis.....take your own call.....

One of the reader pointed me out I missed Essar Oil and yes, that comes in same category......I missed to write Essar Oil Ltd.....
I can add here  GSPL  as well ......and ofcourse HOEC, the RJ counter....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poddar Pigment and SNL Bearing.......making new HIGHS....

These were the 2 stocks I gave simultaneously on same day, the 29th of Nov 2009.....
and in 7 months SNL has given 7 times return means 700% return from 11 to 70 and Poddar Pigment has started its journey upwards as I saw today that it made a new high of 54......which I gave a call at 36 and I feel that Poddar Pigments is still looking excellent buy.....When I gave the call, the earning was not good but one can see that earning is coming good.......
One ten bagger and other average return will always be a great combination.It is never going to happen that all the stocks in our PF will be 10 bagger.Out of 10, 3-4 will underperform, couple will give average return, couple will give above average return and 1-2 will give multiple return.
Don't expect multibagger return for each and evey stock.That can never happen.If one is getting above average return that is great.If you are getting more then what market is giving return then you are beating the street.
I put here stocks undiscovered with potential to become a multibagger but that doesn't mean they will become multibagger.Always keep that in mind.Ultimately it will be the market which will decide what will happen in future.
Now if we talk on our market, it is sea-saw movement.Bulls and Bears have come opposite each other and no one is letting any chance go abegging.
As soon as some bad news comes on international horizen,Bears breaks the market by couple of hundreds points and as soon as the news get old, Bulls pulls up the market by almost that much points.
I am seeing all these sitting in USA and  actually interests me how the fight is going on.Reading and hearing from somewhere that wellknown bear is trying to break the market again below 5000 by selling Nifty futures and on other hands Bulls are buying Nifty and making long position ,so that sentiments becomes bad and he can break it much more, but on the otherside Bulls has their own ideas and they are not letting in an inch to bears.
I am also hearing that an old player is bullish on banking stocks and is taking position in frontline banking stocks but one should always remember that these are talks and it may happen and may not.

As written in recent past and many times here ,we are seeing stock specific movement in perticular stocks.I am again writing , this year will be the year of Small/Mid/Penny stocks.We are already seeing that and one will see more and more stock participating in coming months.......Which stock will run, we do not know,but it will happen that one will feel that stock has runup much much more then the fundamentals and one will sell and still it will keep on going up.
As I wrote in my last post, USA will not let itself to lose that oppertunity of strengthing the dollar so according to me, chances are more that Dow should go higher then what it is then going down and making new lows below what....6k?
I have been mailed by one of my readers who says that market will have a big drubbing in this month of July and we will get a chance to buy cheap by end July.Previously also I got some mails saying that market will tank in next 3 months and targets were also given to me at that time in that mail but they never came.......
I would like to see, how much market will go down in July and investors get a chance to move in at cheaper rate?1000 point correction will be called a correction and not a drubbing and in that many small/midcap/penny will keep on making new highs......
But I have written whenever I got the chance about writing on sector that Finance sector will be the biggest benificiary as with so many projects for Ports,Roads, Power,Nuclear Power etc coming on, Banks will have field day for that....I have been writing how much investment will be needed and my readers are no new for that.
But the battle is on between the Bulls and the Bears and we will see who wins ! Today Dow was up by over 270 points and bulls will make bears run pillar to post in today morning with this news in favour of them.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is doube Dip recession really exist on horizen?

Sunny side up, but stocks may correct ..........Taken from todays's ET

The chances of double-dip recession are remote, but we may be entering a phase of a healthy stock market correction that is likely to play out till September this year, says Sunil Kewalramani

AGREAT aphorist, the 19th century clergyman Sydney Smith, defined heaven as eating pâté de foie gras to the sound of trumpets. The fans of the local Bloemfontein Celtics side are wellknown for singing as well as for blowing their vuvuzelas the controversial plastic trumpet favoured by South African supporters unrestrained at every football match, from pre-game kickabout to injury time.

During the Second World War, governments realised that unrestrained talk could cost lives. Now they are realising it can cost them money too.

Kolbászból lesz a kerítés?(Will the fences be made of sausage?) is the question Hungarians are asking. The new ruling party Fidesz had made campaign promises incompatible with Hungarys $25-billion IMF and EU-led stabilisation programme. When Fidesz vice-president conjectured that Hungary would be lucky to avoid a Greek-style crisis, it led to fears Hungary would join the market goulash. Hungary which has its own currency, the forint is better off than Greece in terms of indebtedness (only 79% of output).

France, meanwhile, is suffering from unwise words of Francois Baroin, budget minister who said it would be a stretch to keep the countrys AAA credit rating.

We also had Japans new Prime Minister Naoto Kan pledging a fiscal policy overhaul to reduce the countrys massive public debt, warning of a Greecestyle meltdown.

Economists too are enjoying a bit of a renaissance. If Greece is the new Lehman Brothers, Lehman Brothers itself was the new Argentina (2001), and Argentina was the new CreditAnstalt (1931), and CreditAnstalt was the new previous Argentina (1890), and the previous Argentina was the new South Sea Co (1720), which was the new Philip II of Spain, who through his multiple defaults (1557, 1560, 1575 and 1596) managed repeatedly to be the new himself.

Forecasts say gross general US government debt will hit 100% of GDP next year. But $4.5 trillion (47%) of that is categorised as intragovernmental holdings.

US paid nearly double todays interest levels (2.2 % of GDP) from 1984 through 1996, and that was during two mega bull markets.

Theres $1.84 trillion of cash on the balance-sheets of US corporations up a record 26% year-over-year. If cash were a nations GDP, US would rank 11th in the world. While high cash balances arent of themselves bullish, they typically lead business spending and investment.

Over the past four quarters, non-farm productivity in the US had its sixth-biggest jump since records began in the 1940s. US unit labour costs are dropping at their fastest pace in 40 years. The 1.5% increase in the average workweek that we have seen over the last seven months has only occurred two other times in history. Those occurrences came in the first half of 1982 and the first half of 1996 both at the start of major bull markets.

Simultaneously, Chinese labour cost is rising. But labour costs can be a small fraction (7%) even for labour-intensive industries like Foxconn. China is responsible only for about a quarter of the value of manufacturing a computer.

The ECRI weekly leading index (WLI) composed of stock, money supply and housing starts has suddenly dropped to 5.7%. A significant decline in the WLI has been a leading indicator for six of the seven recessions since 1965. It lagged one recession (1981-82) by nine weeks. The WLI did turn negative 17 times when no recession followed, but 14 of those were only slightly negative (0.1 to 2.4) and most of them reversed after brief declines.

THREE of the false negatives were deeper declines. The Crash of 1987 took the Index negative for 68 weeks with a trough of 6.8. The Financial Crisis of 1998 took the Index negative for 23 weeks with a trough of 4.5.

The third significant false negative came near the bottom of the bear market of 2000-02, about nine months after the brief recession of 2001. At the time, WLI seemed to be signalling a double-dip recession, but the economy and market accelerated in the spring of 2003, and a recession was averted.

Double-dips are rare, occurring just twice in the past 100 years: once in 1920 and again in 1981. When inflation-adjusted GDP has come out of a decline and posted three or four quarters of gains, it has historically never immediately begun to fall again at least not since quarterly numbers began to be issued in 1947. We have had a year of improving global GDP.

The S&P 500 and the MSCI World Index have averaged declines of 0.37% and 4.34% respectively in the three months following the Soccer World Cup.

Investors are fretting slower-than-expected growth in Chinese Purchasing Managers Index. Slower exports to Europe, disruptions caused by higher minimum wages and restrictions on secondary property market all weighed. But the index was expansionary 16th month in a row. Just a few months ago, many fretted superfast Chinese growth would lead to overheating.

Historically, unemployment is a lagging indicator and shouldnt be used to gauge improving economic conditions.

Since March 2009 low, Shanghai, S&P 500 and Sensex are up 12.5%, 51% and 114% respectively.

Death crosses transfixed market chartgazers round the world last week. They appeared over the London FTSE, Eurofirst 300 Nikkei 225 and nearly the S&P 500. A cross forms when an indexs 50-day moving average, measuring its recent trend, dips below its 200-day moving average. It happens rarely only four times in the past decade for the S&P 500 and many believe it signals a bear market. But dark crosses have signalled four of the past two US bear markets, and five of the past two Japanese bear markets.

Whether done by rhetoric, as with BPs dividend, or new laws, as with the UK bonus tax and the Australian mining tax, new levies are on the cards.

Unrestrained talk and unbridled legislation could trigger a healthy stock market correction between July and September 2010.

(The author is a Wharton Business School

MBA and CEO of Global Money Investor)

My Comments:
I have been hearing and reading many articles about double dip recession.Everybody are gearing for that.Experts are already selling to remain in CASH.Some have started selling.
To them double dip recession is imminent.World can't aver it.They are sure about it.
But I have been writing about positives only.I have been criticized about the manner in which I remian optimistic.I have been advice that I am again going to go wrong as the massacre is about to start and then what I will say to my readers.
Well, I remained bullish throughout 2008 and still I am here.Actually, the fall was britle from 21k to 8k .It came down very quick.Just in 9 months?Can anyone imagine a market can lose 70% in 9 months?Never ever one hass saw such a downfall in our history of stock market....and I did wrote about it when that was happening.I was giving calls to buy at 8000 level as well as I gave call to buy at 16k level as well.
I have been telling here since long,the world has become very big and hence we can't compare the charts of 1929 recession with 2008-2010.
Sunil Kewalramani is saying exactly what I am telling here since long.All the debacle of financial crisis we are seeing now are replica of 1929 or even 1879! So what we need to compare?
Another thing I would like to write here is that, USA has just come out of a very big recession.The situation which were compared to with 1929 recession.Now,do you think USA will let it again happen with Greece or Hungary or Ice land going broke?When their Dollar will be gaining strength , do one think USA let go that opportunity?
Under no circumstances will USA give in .....when a situation arised that Dollar can be replaced by Yuan can take front sit, will US let go this chance to make dollar stronger?
Major deals in commodities and Oils futures are done in dollars.There was a time when Euro or Yuan may replace dollar but with PIIGS countries debacle, dollar has again got the lost glory back.
Note of Caution:
I may prove wrong in my analysis.So readers are suggested to take a call on their own research....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mahabharat and Ramayana...........

I have been reading stories of Mahabharat and Ramayana since my childhood.....
Read about Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and others like Laxman, Arjun, Yuthistir, Bhima, Sahdev , Nakul etc...
Let me disclose this to you that I am fully impressed by Shree Krishna.......
Let us talk on Ramayana and Mahabharat.....
There have been many orators who speak , we call it Katha, on Ramayana and Mahabharat.There are many great saints who has spoken on Ramayana and Mahabharat.
Gita is out Holy granth.We call it holy Gita.We gets advice to follow it.
But if someone has read Mahabharat, then he knows it well, that Gita was told to Arjuna by Krishna in between the midst of the battlefiled of the two Sena....Pandavs and Kauravas....
Arjun when saw that Bhisma Pita , his mentor Druan Guru are others beloved relatives are in the opposite side ,he told Krishna who took him to the battlefield that he can't fight against all these respected relatives and he put his Gandiv aside and sat that time Krishna narreted Gita to him where he said that it is his duty to kill all these people who are fighting against him and in the end Krishna was able to convince him and Arjun got ready to fight with Bishma Pita , Druan guru and all.....and then the battle starts....
So the bottomline here is , we need to fight with everyone who tries to take away our pride......
I donno why the people who do kathas always gives example of Rama, as Maryada Purshottam?This should be done and this shouldn't be done.You have to go to Vanvas for 14 years to keep promise given by your father...etc..
Why someone is not talking of what Rama did when Ravana took Sita away?What a person need to do when someone tries to disturb ones owns?Our society , our experts advices us to ignore it?
It is a simple lesson we get from Ramayana that if someone do something to our beloved how we need to retaliate.Ravana took Sita away and Rama killed him......I again repeat, Ravana was killed by Rama because he kidnapped  Sita against her wish......
So, Ramayana says , you have to fight for the defence for your wife.But what are they preaching?Opposite?
What Gita says?She says , if someone is trying to take away something from you , you need to fight for that.Whoever is that, be it father, brother or friend.Then why we are shying away from that?
I feel , the preacher are sending wrong message to people.Why we need to forget and forgive?Had Krishna said that in Gita?Actually ,Gita tells us to fight for your being.That is the message it sends.
Where is that message send from the preachers?
On the contarary they are making us more disabled.Don't do this.You can't do that.This is not proper.That is a sin.This is against rituals.
I can't able to understand what they are doing.For centuries these people has make us all disabled.We have lost all venom to fight.Our blood never boils when we see something wrong.We are told to ignore it.
These people has make us impotent.We have become a laughing stock for others.We never retaliate.We have lost the fighting spirit.
Have you seen Austrailian Cricket team?Even after winning a 5 match series, by winning first 3 matches, they will try to win all 5.That is the spirit.They don't  wants to lose a single match.And let me tell you they will not like to lose even an exhibition match......they don't wants to lose in any form of game.....and that speaks of the character.
We have read in our history books that many Kings forgave the enemy and freed him and he came back and atlast he conquered that Kingdom...what is the use of such forgiveness which is going to become your downfall?Enemy is an enemy......he needs to be  grinded to dust....
You have to crush your oppenent.You have to make him weak so that it never comes back to bite, to fight.
Australia will try to win all 5 games.But where is that spirit in Indian team?It is missing......
If we come back to Mahabharat, the battle happened only and only because of Krishna.Arjun put aside all weapons but Krishna inspired him to fight against the EVIL.That is what HE(Krishna) says in Gita that fighting against EVIL is your religion.And in doing that , if you have to fight against your father, brother or relatives,still you need to fight it out.
So we can say that No Krishna, No Gita and No Gita then No Mahabharat.But the people who speaks on Gita only speaks about Karma.They never speaks about the fight.....while doing that these writers on Gita, speakers of Gita, Preacher of Gita is doing great sin of not talking of what exactly Gita says..!The whole Mahabharat took place because of Gita.Only after Krishna spoke all these to Arjun, Mahabharat started and after that that narration or thoughtful verses spoken by His Majesty, was considered as a Holy Granth for Hindus.
A narration that was spoken by a person , to make his friend fight the battle is now our Holy book and if someone needs to be near to HIM he needs to follow it then why we are not prospering?Why we lacks certain character?Because wee are not understanding it properly.......there is something our scholars are missing to understand this Holy is time scholars takes a RELOOK AT GITA AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND ACTUALLY WHAT IT IS SAYING.....
I remember, Krishna told to Shishupals parents that he will wait untill 100 msitakes of Shishupal and then on his 101st mistake he will kill Shishupal.Now what that tells you.You can go on forgiving someone for 2 times, 3 times, 100 times but not forever..........he has to bear the brunt for the msitakes he makes.For the bad he speaks for you , for the bad he does to you.But we are taught to leave it to GOD.God will punish him........
..who are we to punish him?These are all talks.While learning or teaching such type of things,we have lost our fighting spirit.We have lost to win.We have lost to be at the TOP.
I haven't read Gita as a whole,I have been trying to read it as a whole but never got that leisure but I remember there is one sentence Shri Krishna speaks for the reader " Aham Brahmasmi" You are GOD.I AM YOU .Krishna has put human as good as GOD..."Aham Brahmasmi" I am in you,I am in him,I am everywhere,then why we have to leave it to GOD?
I donno, why I wrote this today and what made me write this.I sometimes become crazy and starts writing something.But I feel that all these Kathas of Ramayana and Mahabharat should end if they are going to make people of our country impotent.If these Kathas are going to teach you not to fight , if it is going to make you more disabled , then there is no need to hear it.Stop this Kathas......There should a ban on Kathas.What is the need for Kathas in India?According to surveys , India has the youngest population.So why they need to hear this Kathas..of Ramayana and Mahabharata?Kathas are usually for Older people who are retired and wants to be with young age the younger one needs to learn how to become an enterpruner and how to do business.....Ye katha sunke kya milega?If it is narreted in proper way which will teach something that will inspire young ones it is of any importance, but if it going to teach to be a coward and going to makes younger ones to be satisfied then it makes no sense hearing it.
The fire under the belly is gone.Kuch kar dikha ne ka zasba chala gaya hai......We people of India needs to reincarnate it.We will have to make special efforts.
Gita never says that leave it to God.You have to do your Karma and that is everything.From working for your lively hood to fighting for your right......
I doono, I have big influence of Lord Krishna on myself.I like him.I love him.He is versatile.He is called Yogeshwar.Means HE is a great Yogi.Means he is the master of all Yogic exercise in all form.I love Krishna from his childhood to untill his end.Kirshna has always amazed me.He has always inspired me.I know there are some people , some religion who worship Krishna in his childhood only.They only worship the younger Krishna..the bal gopal as they fondly call him....the reason they don't worship after that is , he gave the battle of Mahabharat.....that was bad according to them so they worship only bal gopal.....but I love him as a every way of life...His younger period of Vrundavan then Mathura and then with Pandavas and all........From his going to gurus house -Rishi Sandipani where he meets his beloved friend Sudama to taking care of his friend Arjun......we gives examples that friendship needs to be like Sudama and Krishna and not of Krishna and Arjun, and that means that there is special meaning for that why we do not compare Krishna -Arjun friendship as the best and Krishna -Sudaman as for an example....if someone has not read that episode then one needs to go through it.........that is called is worth a read....and I repeat , that whole story is no easy to will take digest what it says....
These are my views and I maybe wrong in view of others and there is no binding for anyone to believe it .But I would like to have comments on this.....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Spanco, lowest bidder for service centres in Punjab .................

New Delhi, July 2
The Mumbai-based company Spanco has emerged as the lowest bidder for setting-up nearly 520 Common Services Centres (CSCs) across three zones in Punjab – Ludhiana, Ferozpur and Sangrur, according to a senior company official.
A strategic cornerstone of National e-Governance Plan, CSCs are the primary physical front-end for delivery of government and private services to citizens. The CSCs are being designed as ICT-enabled kiosks having a computer along with basic support equipment such as printer, scanner, UPS, with backbone connectivity and additional equipment for edutainment, telemedicine, projection systems, wherever required.
The G2C services could include issuance of birth and death certificates, land records, affidavits amongst others, while market driven services which will be stacked with the Government services could encompass banking and insurance, tele-medicine, education, telecom, entertainment, bus/ rail/ air inquiry and ticketing.
“Spanco has quoted the minimum revenue support in the three zones and we expect to sign the MSA with Punjab Government shortly,” the Chief Executive Officer of e-governance Spanco, Mr Rajiv Aggarwal, said.
Typically, in projects like these, the bid is based on the revenue support required for setting-up and running the centres. In all, Punjab is in the process of awarding CSC contracts across 10 zones.
“From an e-governance perspective, this year we are aiming to achieve an order book of Rs 500 crore. We are going to participate in various tenders such as Aadhaar project, e-district, e-municipality and PDS System amongst others,” he added. Spanco had earlier bagged a contract to implement nearly 3,700 CSCs in Maharashtra.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

UP 166 POINTS - Sensex advances 1%, completes best quarterly run in 30 years ...........

 B Y R AJHKUMAR K S HAAWThe Bombay Stock Ex- change's Sensitive Index, or Sensex, gained 166.81, or 1%, to 17,700.90. The gauge climbed for a sixth quarter, its longest winning streak since at least September 1979, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The S&P CNX Nifty Index on the National Stock Exchange rose 1.07% to 5,312.50. The BSE 200 Index increased 0.83% to 2,248.06.
The Sensex is trading at 17 times estimated profit, the high- est in Asia excluding Japan and the most expensive among the Bric (Brazil, Russia, India and China) markets. The measure extended gains after a European Central Bank (ECB) tender sig- nalled funding pressure for lenders was easing.

My Comments:
I today read this head lines in Livemint and thought I need to write it down here for readers to read......
what one should understand from this? Without reading below my analysis first try to think yourself, what inference you will draw and then read my view.....and if you have something more intersting to write then write it here in comments.....

"Sensex completes best quaterly run in 30 years....."
It means that Sensex has rosed for 6 quaters consecutively and that has happened for the first time since Sep 1979.....Wow!....what one have to derive from it?
First thing I will do is , I will ask all technicals analyst what they have to say on this?Because I think, this is a unique situation where the chart patterns should give....and I repeat , should give a new pattern, as this unique position has occured after 30 years....and if my learned chartist friends wants to ignore this new unique pattern that has occured , then I will only say view is vindicated....that charts are no good and not good to rely upon.....because even after this winning streak of 6 qrs sensex closing on psoitive, if chartist are not ready to believe it and wnats to IGNORE IT  and wants to play the same TUNE of Bearish view.....then well, I have nothing to write to them........
I would like to see someone , any one chartist, any one technical analyst,who comes frequently on TV channels and gives views , should come forward to say what they feel about this 6 qr winning streak.......
Another thing I would like to write is, when the market has gone up for 6 consecutive quaters and as written in above article, we are at the highest p/e in Asia, and still we keeps on going up , that means that people from overseas are still ready to buy even at high p/e....and when that happens?When these shrewd people from overseas senses that they will be rewarded....and that can only happen if the earnings are going to go up and p/e will become lower .......