Thursday, February 19, 2009

Srei Infra soars on light rail order ............6000 cr project...

I have been writing on this stocks since long.The catch was Srie stake in Quippo which has interest in Oil and Oil Rigs and it self a fundamental co.
Today the price of SREI INFRA has come down so low that it is in state of a throw away price category.
The recent annoucement that I have pasted here for my blog readers is one of a kind , a rare order worth 6,000 cr which is won by Srei consortium cos.
This also shows where Srei Infra has collobarated with the overseas cos to have the necessary expertise.....
One thing I would like to write is ,maybe my picks are not working now but when they will pick up the momentum they gives phenominal returns.They run in circuits.
Like once a reader named Shree wrote that he bought Kwality Dairy on my call at below Rs 20, and when the whole market is down ,Kwality Dairy is touching new highs and has crossed THREE figure mark and is over 100!
I agree my calls and my reading of the market has been wrong since start of last year but remember my words , the stocks which are now available at throw away price are worth investing for a period of 2-3 yrs.
Bad days can't remain forever and the tide willturn one day.
Buy stocks for 2-3 yrs perspective and I am sure one can earn big money.I really mean big as big as 10 times or 20 times.
I just try to give calls on the parametres I have written in past"How to find a multibager" and I always try to look at these parametres to find a multibagger.
The reason for recomending Kwality Dairy then, maybe a couple of yrs back,was the promoters stake which was very high at over 80%.Though the co was not doing any good in NP term but when promoters have confidence in the co as they were holding over 80% stake that was a trigger for me to give a call.Moreover we all eat Kwality Icecream , be it Winter or Summer!
Kwality is a brand product.
And that came out to be TRUE in every sense.I am happy that someone is earning from my call when people are losing in market.
Srei Infra at rs 37 is a buy.It may go down from here but a single order of Rs 6,000 cr is no less.Even L&T can envy for this type of orders.
The only thing is needed now here in this scenario is CONVICTION.......Have conviction....
I wish this type of bear market last longer for atleast Dec 2009 so that I can gather money and buy my favourite stocks at throw away price.So that I can gather money and buy them.Very few have the liberty like Mitzz who can buy stocks at their will.....I envy him......Lol.......just kidding.....I am the happiest person when someone earns in stock market,Though it seems easy to earn in stockmarket but it is not almost all have gone through that....
The only thing I would like to write that keep a watch on all those stocks that I have listed, past and recent ones.They are all capable of giving phenominal returns.


Srei Infra soars on light rail order

Shares of SREI INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE spurted 14.62 per cent to Rs 37.25, after Srei-led consortium won the countrys first light rail transit system. The Rs 6,000 crore project would be developed by a consortium led by Srei with Czech-based Amex International and West Bengal Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation. The project would be executed in two phases. The stock made an intraday high of Rs 46.9 and a low of Rs 31.8 with trading volumes of 46.6 lakh shares (about eight-times higher than its two-week average).

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  1. Hey Rajeev,
    Lol. So pulling a fast one on me eh ??? Nyways nice 2 see a mention of my name in ur post.
    I definately dont have unlimited money to put into the share market. Infact the last few months i have just been juggling between stocks.

    First bought 1k madhucon @ 52 and sold at an average of 80.then bought 1k kernex @ 62 and sold at 85. Bought 10K omm metal @ 6.50 and sold 2k @ 8.80 and now have bought 10k of sujana @ 14.07 amd maducon 850 @ 50.

    If only i had been this lucky since the last 7 yrs that i have been actively involved in stocks, by now i wud have made a huge profit. Unfortunately i am still just breakeven.

    So this time whenever the bull run starts i want to make sure that i have the right stocks and hence i keep asking experts like u and a few more at MMB as to what are the right stocks to buy.

    Its really amazing that we can get such great advice and that too for free. It helps an investor to make an informed decision. THANKS !!!

    BTW i hardly know much bout u except ur name. So Rajeev, if its ok, can we have some details bout u plz ??