Saturday, February 12, 2011

India fiscal deficit is Rs 1,76,000 cr and

the money estimated for
1) CWG corruption is Rs.40,000 cr
2) 2G scam is Rs.70,000 cr.
3)S-Band scam is Rs.2,00,000 cr
and the total sum of all these 3 is Rs.3,10,000 cr
which is much much higher then the whole fiscal deficit! Wow! That is great!And over and above that we are not counting those money that has been in Swiss Bank and other banks on other countries which is also as big as our fiscal decifit.
I donno, what politicians wants to do with this country.
I know many readers don't like my this writing, but I am helpless. I can't resist myself writing on it.THE BLOOD BOILS.Atleast my blood boils.Whenever I see TimesNow channel I feel what is happening in India!
Just imagine with all these money, we become ZERO deficit country and where we can stand.
That is the basic difference between America and India.Warren Buffet and Bill Gates lives for their country.The are real country lover.They love their country very much.
Imgaine Warren Buffet giving over 90% of his wealth for Philanthropic and Bill Gates doing the same.
I remember couple year back (2008)when Hollywood famous actor Paul Newman the age of 83.He started a food product Co and all the profit was given for Philanthropy.By 2006 the franchisee donated $250 mn.Can anyone do it in India?
The entire profit was given back to the society.Americans live for their country.They want America to stand up tall in comparision to world.They wants to see America helping other countries.
I know everyone likes money.But how much?and for how much lenght of heirs?Son,grandson, grandgrand son, grandgrandgrand son,grandgrandgrandgrand son......that is 5 .....make it 7 grandgrandson....for that how much one need.
I remember one Kabir duha when I read and see news like this!
Agar put(son) kaput to kyon dhan senche, agar put(son) saput to kyon dhan senche........

The meaning is , if son is bad why we need to save money as he is bad he will spend it all in one life and will not keep for his sons and sons and if son is good then he will earn by himself what he is suppose to, then why to save money?
Bottomline is, in both ways, either Son is bad or good there is no need to save money for them.
But what I am trying to tell here is, will there be any limit for making money?Looks like our politician has no limit.Yes, there is NO LIMIT..........100 cr, 1000 cr,5000 cr, 10,000 cr, 40,000 cr, 1,00,000 cr, 2,00,000 cr........these are really a scaring figures.
Sat (7) pedhi ke liye kitna chahiye?If anyone wants to make money for 7 generation , what can be the criteria?How much is needed for a person who wants to gather the money for 7 generation so that after his death , next 7 generation have not to work at all?
700 cr will be eough?Rs 100 cr for each generation?But these above figures is saying something else!I think Rs 100 cr should be enough for anyone not to work for his whole life and still can live luxorious LIFE.........
I think there need to be a revolution like we saw in Egypt.The 30 yrs dictatorship of Prez Hoshni Mubarak came to an end when 10 lacs Egyptian gathered at Tahrir Square at Cairo.
If a small country like Egypt can do it why can't we?
Time for the people of India to pressurize government to eradicate corruption totally from India.....
Will it Happen?If the answer is YES then only India can make it BIG otherwise forget the growth and forget becoming India a force to reckon with.
A golden chance for India to wipe out the entire deficit is getting aborted.If this is how Corruption is going to come up then when will the deficit will get less?
FII 's invest here keeping in mind that while selling the 2G Indian government will get this much of exchequer, from S-Band it will get this much revenue and hence after 5 yrs the fiscal deficit will come down to 50% of what it is now.But instead of getting those revenue in government kitty it is going somewhere else.....


  1. Rajeev Sir, why balance sheet of transgene biotek shows 99 crore as capital work-in-progress for last 5 years. Is this estimated values of patent or something else? 99 crore forms 80% of total asset of company

  2. India against corruption. It will happen for sure. Amen.

  3. well said rajeev ji,

    Best artical sirji. Some revolution is require to remove the corruption from country.
    Imagine if there were no corruption in the past then we now surly be one of the super power in the world india definitely.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. good one rajeev! but...

    i have a question for you. did u vote? and 2 levels up and 2 levels down (whichever applicable) in your family tree?

    if not, all that you have written with the boiling blood is useless and u have no right to seek any action from us.

    i didnt vote for not being there when it was election and when it was, my name was not in the list!!! all crap reason and should not be considered as a rationale... i didnt vote so i dont have any right to ask anyone to change anything...

  5. Amrita SOB,
    Didn't get yr questio at all well.What u mean when u say, 2 level up and 2 level down in your family tree?
    If you are talking of election then I was also not there in India as I migrated to USA in Feb 2008 and am still in USA.
    While your view that if one do not vote he has no right to write or say anything, I disagree totally with it because every citizen of India has right to have clean and efficient government.If someone has not voted that doesn't makes him noncitizen of India.
    I am surprised to see a view like this......that someone who don't vote has no right to speak against govenment, corruption....Is it anywhere written in the constitution that those who do not vote in election can't speak or say a single word?Has someone changed the constitution of India?You?
    There is no need to vote for anyparty if someone do not feel that any party is good enough to be voted.But that doesn't take away his right to speak or go in the gathering where ever he wants to and speak out his concerns....

  6. Dear Rajeev

    I too found those comments from Amrita SOD very surprising and I would like to highlight these people as "irresponsible citizenship". They care only about their life,their family,their relatives, their beloved ones and friends.

    any one can tell thousand things about corrruption which surrounds us But can anyone suggest or try to point his/her finger to expose it or make a strong mind not to pay bribe(I will tell its impossible). I still remember the day I went to Police station for verification, to get my Passport.The officer done all the procedures, but he sends a report saying I am having another passport, only for the reason, I didnt pay him Rs.100/- which is his pay for that duty.(I need to give that money to pass the verification)
    I was only 18 when this thing happened. I dont understand why he did that,I can tell you our country poised by corrupted beurocrates, politicians, judges and all sorts of coverts.Entire system is corrupt.Our constitution is in stand still.

    I strongly believe Revolutions will happen, the untouchables will be slaughtered, a new system will emerge.

    It is the necessity of time

    Vishnu R Nair