Saturday, January 3, 2009

I think the time has come to buy stocks in staggered manner.I am seeing almost all the stock prices in Cash gr has come to almost 90% and hence chances of going down from there is maybe 10-15%.
Well, I am seeing the market breadth is becoming positive and that shows that some buying is coming from HNI's etc.Market breadth positive means stocks moving up are more then going down and I am marking since many days that this is happening.That is a sign of market bottoming out.Though it is early to say whether we will see the bottom of 7500 again or not because USA economy is still bleeding and what comes out there no one can say.
But I thought it is time for bargain hunting and one should buy whatever one thinks like buying.There an ocean of stocks with great fundamentals and available at throw away price and many we have discussed here.They are just available at 1/10 of high...what else one want....!
I am sure in next 2-4 months people will say that this share was available at 20 and I didn't buy and I lost the chance or this was a great co and I was knowing that this is going to run and was available at 50 and I missed it.
Friends,I have written many times here that buy even 100 shares of anystock.No one knows which one is going to give multibagger returns.So if a multibagger return is going to come then even 100 shares will do wonders.
I have often said that keep Capital Market Magazine handy.Look at the BV,EPS,sales, Macp and buy.
These are golden chances that comes in a life time.Stocks like Sujana Towers has come down from 200 to 20 with co still making an eps of over 20,Gremach Infra down from 550 to 28 which is 5% of the high and earning etc etc.....
The list is long. will write it next time but I think this is time to buy.
Try to look at stocks refering Capital Market Magazine.I have been able to find multibagger stocks from reading the scoreboard of CM and hence suggest all of you to do the same.
I may be wrong in my analysis once again and hence due prudence is neccessary to buy anything....


  1. So Rajeev, finally a Buy call. Good to see that the positive views are now being heard from all quarters.

    Have bought a great deal of shares in the last two months.
    Infact i got 2000 shares of madhucon Projects @ 52 and today it is at 96. considering a high of 860 it still has a long way to go.

    The way the RBI has reduced interest rates and govt announced fiscal steps. The economy should start to see the positive effects in the next six months.

    Therefore i feel the equity markets should now start slowly inching up before the major upmove which might come post election results.

  2. Thnx rajeev,
    good to see ur todays mail actually i like to read ur views. Its always going to give good information and learning.


  3. Mit,
    You have got it absolutely right.After election we can see a very good upmove.Even before that we can see good runup as the valuations has become very very attractive.
    I will soon be writing a list where one can invest for couple of years for big return.
    As I have been repeatedly writing that market use to discount news as early as 6 months and hence what we are seeing in prices is the slow down of June qr as well.
    So if one is thinking that from Sep 09 we can see some good recovery in World economy then this prices will not be seen more then 2-3 months.
    That is why I wrote that one should start buying.....

  4. Dear Rajeev,
    Thanks for ur reply. It would indeed be very wonderful to receive ur list of stocks that can outperform in the next two years. Shall eagerly look forward to it.

    Stocks which i feel will outperform are as under :

    1) HCC
    2) Madhucon Projects
    3) Sujana Towers
    4) Core Projects
    5) Bhagawati Gas
    6) Gremach Infra
    7) Kernex Micro
    8) Sika Interplant
    9) Valecha Engineering
    10)Indiabulls Securities
    14)Genus Power etc

    I have vested interest in most of the stocks that i have mentioned above.

    Thanks and regards,

    Meetesh Kuhad