Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I wrote last time that I would be giving a list which can fetch great returns in couple of years.
I am writing it now because I feel if I willbe late in writing then it can be late.
Here is the list which almost includes stocks which I have discussed earlier.Some stocks may not be included but then I may not remember all and it may be like it becomes so long.....I am trying to make as much exhaustive as possible....
Name CMP
1)XL Tele - 58
2)Gremach Infra - 30
3)Sujana Towers -24
4)India Glycols -72
5)Vishnu Chem -26
6)Nagpur Power -24
7)Genus Overseas -124
8)Kirlos Ferro -16
9)Jayaswal Neco -13
10)Jyoti Ltd -37
11)SKS Logistic -15
12)Emmson Int -74
13)Transgene Bio -24
14)Twilitika Pharma -38
15)PSL Ltd -92
16)Madhucon Pro -100
17)Patel Eng -190
18)Ahluwalia Const -34
19)Aptech Ltd -101
20)MRO Tek -33
21)Navin Flourine -138
22)KLG Systel -109
23)JaiHind Project -45
24)Sarda Energy -75
25)Goldstone Infra -20
26)Selan Explo -146
27)Sahyadri Ind -26
28)Ramsarup Ind -35
29)Satvahan Ispat -24
30)Dolphin Offshore-176

The list is long I told you and still go longer as the valuations have come down so much that everything seems to be a value buy.
I may prove wrong in my view and stocks selections and hence I urge all readers to do due diligence and then invest.But remember what I wrote last time.Have a Capital Market magazine with you and try to see these stocks in Score board....it's BV,EPS,Sales,Promoters stake etc etc...this will give you confidence....
Our market ended 300 points up and closed above 10k.The earning seasons starts now and need to see how it pans out.Most probably the results are going to be disappointment and that is the general market consesus and just a better then expected result in any individual stocks, can act as a catalyst to that perticular stock.Hence be on alert.Keep opening the bse site everyday and keep seeing the results.Read ET and BS and see how the results are coming.
As I have written most probably after June qr the results will start showing good signs and hence this maybe the last quater that we may see valuation so down.


  1. Yes, there are so many companies that offer value. But, the key here is the integrity of the management. Do you really know them and trust them to grow the business. This key question should narrow the list considerably. Rajeev, what are the 3 most favorites in the list?

  2. Rajeev, can you put some comments on Balasore Alloy?

  3. I would like to comment on Kumar. Before Lehman Brothers went burst nobody doubted their management's integrity with history of 159 years. Stock Market is all about risk appetite.Look at Reliance Power IPO biggest grosser in the history of Indian Stock market just on the brand name of Reliance, look at the outcome.

  4. Dear Kumar,
    I donno whether you are regular reader of my blog or a new comer.
    But I have stated many times that I donot put much emphasis on management.
    In 1990's no one was ever knowing Narayan Murthy and hence those who went on looking the management didn't invest in Infy and look where is Infy is now...It is the biggest wealth creator.
    I don't say one should not look at the management but it should not become a barrier while picking stocks.
    If one has to invest looking at management integrity then one should not think outside A gr.
    Cash gr stocks are full of Risks which Hiren rightly pointed out.
    There are no favourite of mine.All are favourites......one can pick which ever they feels comfortable with.

  5. Love your list Rajeevbhai.....Also, have always honored your idea of getting 100 shares in all of the small caps and then holding tight.

    There are many many examples of buying 100 shares of Walmart, InfoSys, Wipro, McDonalds, Google, Apple, Tata-Steel etc (worldwide) to know that all one needs is ONE stock (100 shares) at the right low-low-price to make it in life as an HNI.

    Is there a 'top 10 or 20 favorite' based on current trends and sectors that you would give us as a filtered list from this huge list? You are such an avid reader that only you would be able to go through the list and give us that 'preferred list of buys'.



  6. Hi Kenny,
    Well,I think I cannot write that.Actually the list can be much longer then this.
    Why I can't write?Because I don't know which one is going to click and turn out to be a big big multibagger.
    Each stocks listed here is itself has a great potential to become a ten bagger at any given time and hence if I write TOP 3 like Kumar asked for or 10-20 list which you asked for , then it may happen that the one which I do not include may turn out to be a big big multibagger.
    I am sorry to write but I don't think I can do that..Maybe not even any can give 10 baggers return but I wrote what I think have potential rest I leave it to the Lady LUCK......One needs to be LUCKY TOO!

  7. I bought kwality dairy based on rajeev bhais advice. I have been holding them since 1 year. My purchase price was 35 and it went all the way to 50 last year but i didnot book profit.2 months back i was in heavy loss as it went all the way to 15. I just held on to the stock and now the price is 62 in a month. Every day it is in upper circut with more than 1 lakh buy orders. I sold part of the shares and got my investment amount out.

    I had similar experience with jayaswal neco and madhucon projects.

    Hopefully i will be able to cover my loss soon,


  8. Shree,
    Patience is needed.I always remember what RJ said.
    "Your patience will be tested and your conviction will be rewarded."
    That needs to be what all should have.
    I remember Mcdowell went from 40 to 400 and came back to 40 again and then it went to over 1000! or even more.....

  9. dear rajeev,i hav 200 abc india at70.what r its future prospects.it is currently at 25
    thanx n regds rashmi

  10. Rajeev, please comment on Satyam, as the chairman of Satyam has resigned and the future of the scrip.regards.bhargav.

  11. Hey Rajeev,
    We had the biggest corporate mis governance ever. Satyam has destroyed all the positives that were slowly coming back to our economy.
    Now it will take some more time for things to get better.

    However if one has to see the silver lining in this dark cloud, the bears have given us one more chance to buy great stocks at rock bottom prices.

    Just let this drama play out for this week and keep picking up blue chip shares for your long term portflio.

    What u think Rajeev ??

  12. Dear Rashmi,
    ABC India is a good stock but try to switch over to some other stocks like Sujana Towers or Gremach Infra where the valuation has come down so drastically.
    This is my view and maybe I prove wrong.....