Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some A gr stocks...........

I have been asked to write some A gr stocks which can be multibagger.I usually do not write A gr stocks as I feel all A gr stocks are great in fundamentals hence there is no need to look at those.But when the valuations has come so much down and they are going abegging and when one of the reader Harpreet Kuar has asked me I thought let me write it here the list of my choice as many other would also be seeking such type of list.....

Here is my choice:
2) Seimens
4)Areva T&D
5)Alsthom Project
6)Punj Lloyd
7)Bhushan Steel
10)Jubiliant Orga
11)Madras Cement
13)Sesa Goa
14)Torrent Power
15)Guj State Petro
16)Jindal Steel
The list has gone to 16 stocks and I hope that it is OK............
If someone can invest in these then they can earn multibagger returns, atleast 3-4 times in next 3-4 yrs.
I would like to make a special mention on Banking and Finance sector.
Banking stocks like Andhra Bank,Federal Bank, Karur Vysya ,Syndicate Bank,BOB,IDBI, IFCI are stocks worth looking in for......these sector can outperform in a big big way any time.
Let me write one more thing and that is I have discussed Satyam when it was around 20 .
Satyam has doubled from there and my assumption that L&T can takeover also coming true.If Satyam goes to L&T then we can see a price of Rs 150 for Satyam.The reason behind it is L&T has bought Satyam at around Rs 150 before the news broke of scam by Raju and L&T now owns 12% stake in Satyam.

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  1. Thanks Rajeev bhai for this list. I saw this message only now and Madras cement is manetioned in your list of multibaggers. Iam surprised why this post was not thrown at me when I searched the blog for Madras cement.