Saturday, March 7, 2009

What is success.........

I have gone offtopic today.I am going to try to give different aspects on the defination for a big big word named "SUCCESS".
What is success?Whom you call a successful man?How one would see a success?
I have seen people saying that the success he got is the only way one can get and not any other way.They are not ready to accept the otherway of success of others.
Is Success is related to only Money?Is success is related to achievement? Is success only related to Fame?Is Success related to living in big house and having many cars and many servants?
Is success related on to the what place one possess where he works ?A position like Officer or Manager or Area Sales Manager makes a successful person?Is the position everything that is counted in society?
I have been asked by many of my friends and relatives that Why I use to be a simple Head Cashier in Bank and not an officer or a Manager of any branch?Does it means that if I am a manager or a officer then only I am deemed to be successful?Is succes related to the position in society?If one has no such position is that man worth not taken note of?There can be many reaons why a person may not opt for certain decision.Does it means he is not worth taking note of?
I would like to discuss what are the parametres of being Successful?Having salaries over 1,00,000 in dollar is called success?Or having 40-50-100 people working under ones hand and having high salary as well is called a success?
I have seen people trying to make a point on this type of things that I have more responsibility then yours and you have no big responsibility and that fight use to get serious and there use to get a sense of hotting up the atmosphere.
Now what I think here is even one is having such a post and high salary and still he is not humble then the success has no meaning to me. Success makes man more humble and not arrogant. If success is making a person arrogant and starts thinking that what he does is correct even though what he does is wrong and he starts thinking that he is still correct ,whether it is with his job or other way then to me that has a no value......I would term that person as a ZERO...
I have seen many such people who are never repentive as they think that what they does and act is absolutely right even though it is not so.They never repent.....that is arrogance....and the bad thing is , they are very proud to be so. They proudly says that I don't care of what others thinks of me......
I am trying to bring one more aspect here.

I have seen people thinking this way about not worrying what others think of what they do.That is good but then others can also think the same way they thinks.
e.g. When a person think whatever he has done or thought is correct and he cares a damn what others think about what he has done as he has the right to think like that but the other person may not be thinking that he is right and he has also the same right to think about his way, which he thinks is right.One can't force him to do what he thinks to do.But I have seen that these type of people feels that they have done nothing wrong and expect other to accept that but that can never happen. Means that if one is doing wrong and still feels he is right and that others should accept it, it is not possible.I have seen such type of people in life.They do all wrong and still expect that other should accept that. Why? What he think is right may not be correct for other....simple.... Others have also the same right to care for him the damn.

Well, many people has the notion that what he has achieved is only be termed as success.If one is earning over $1,00,000 or $2,00,000 in a business they say the business can go down and one lose. But they don't understand that Job can also be lost. Someone told me that Motel is a risky business and hence it is not worth a look but what about those who made millions of money in Motel business? Aren't they successful?
I have a friend whose daughter is having a salary of $1,20,000 and she is just 24 years old.Now what can we say about that. The same salary others may have got of say working for over decade and a half and that girl is having a salary almost at the starting of her carrer but the arrogant people will say that is not worth. The success should come the way only mine way otherwise all are futile.
Talking about successful people I somewhere wrote that almost all successful people has admitted that they are lucky to be successful.
I am giving an example which I wrote there that I will not write the names. Here I give you a name. Bill Gates of Microsoft. He himself has written and spoken somewhere which I have read myself that after making Microsoft and listing it on stock Exchange , one day when I got up and saw that MS price has gone up by 50% in one day ,that was sheer luck. There was nothing that changed in 24 hrs that MS price can go up by 50%.
There are score of such exmaples. If Abhisek Bacchan would have not been the son of Amitabh Bacchan then he would not have been able to last this long in film industry. Whatever success he got and chances he got for so many pictures to prove that he is a good actor is only because he is AB's sons. Why that do not happened in the life of other actors who failed and never a film producer gave him another chance?Why Abhisek Bacchan is getting more chances then others?Can Abhisek Bacchan claim to be successful on his own?Never....Success is inter related.One is always standing on someone's shoulder when the last results comes out.But people forgets that and become too selfcentered and boast of having success on his own.

One more thing I would like to write here. I have seen successful people has charited lots of money for good cause. Like Bills Gates, Warren Buffet....This says that they know that this type of wealth they have accumalated is sheer luck and that is why they know that it should go to society for less fortunate. FORTUNE IS LUCK. When we say” fortunately” we accept the term LUCK. We have been passed through many circumstances where we have said fortunately this happened.
What is that?Like say one is trying to call someone , which is very urgent and he is not on cell.The info is very very important.Now that person meets you as soon as you go out of your house.When ask he says my cell battery was down but he was coming to your house and you will think fortunately he came to my house and I was able to convey this message.This happens with everyone .
What is that.If he would have not come either you or he would have been at great loss.Why this happens?How one will explain this?These are small things which we do not note when happens in our life.Never thought why that happened?
If one boast to be successful then why they are not able to gather the wealth Warren Buffet or Bills Gates or some other rich person is able to achieve?Why he is confined to just that much of income and not able to go above that?Way beyond that?
When your birth is not your choice what to say about other things?Why I was not born in Dhirubhai Amabani's house and why Anil Ambani. Why Anil Ambani born with a golden spoon in the mouth and not me?Why he has not to scramble for money and good living and a common man has to ?Why he got eberything on Silver or gold platter not others?What SIN other did that they even do not get foods enough for 2 times while foods is thrown away outside in rich houses?
Why a person has to take birth in a Slum and why others take birth in riches?What is the SIN of the person that he took birth in a Slum ?Can anyone answer me?Why some one is born in a big house and why one is there in slum?Why children of rich people can go abroad and take degrees in USA which has very less stress for passing the college and still said to have the US degree , even though they are below average in study and why other children has no chance to avail that even thoguh they are more good in study then the rich children?Because his father is not rich , cannot afford?But what SIN that child made that his father is not rich?
And that comes to my point .Success is related to many things many surrounding. Many things and many person has helped you in the way of success. I remember once Bill Gates said that don't avoid person while going up as you never know while coming down whom you will need. These says everything.
And what is Succes? Succes is what Dhirubhai Ambani achieved, what Bills Gates achieved. One is just a matriculate and one is college drop out. Warren Buffet was no great scohlar either. I have seen people saying that good and great academic carrier is a path for success but just try to look at all successful person they are just average people with no great academic carrer.
I define success as what Dhirubhai Ambani or Bills Gates achieved. They charited because they know that whatever they have done is too small then what they have achieved in regards of money,fame etc etc.......and that is why they give back to society.
While writing I believe in LUCK I never said one needs to sit down and the money will drop in your lap. Everyone try to be succesful and many fails and many gets success very soon and many gets success very late. Why one gets so soon and why one gets it so late?Depends upon what one mean by success.Money earning is success?Fame is succes?
One thing I have observed is that those who donot believe in luck they never accept their mistake and always try to find fault with others. Like they think that it is due to others wrong decision and misinformation they have to pass through this turmoils. They never accept that it was their decision which has making all these troube. That is the mindset of people who do not believe in luck as they believe that they planned everything and the life is exactly moving round according how they planned. And hence anything going wrong when they try to put it proper and if not done they will accuse some other person...
This is a general view and one should not put the hat on their head. I have written what I have observed and nothing more but it is a fact that those who do not believe in LUCK they find faults with others and will accuse others for their failure.
Well, if one have observed then one should have seen that someone use to drink alcohol heavily and still he lives a very long life.I have seen that type of numeruous example.Drunkard , drinking a 3rd grade alcohol, lives for many years and another person gets sick and dies in early 40's and 50's.Why that happens?Because the body didn't resist the alcohol in one person while in other person the body was able to resist the intake of over alcohol. Now does that mean that the alcohlic person who lived long developed such great body and hence he lived longer?NO, it is not?He inherited that body from his fore fathers and that is why he is living long. What is good for one can be bad for others. Our body is not ours. We didn't get it by our choice. Our birth is not by our choice.
I know one can argue that our birth and body is not our choice but we can plan it how it will be in future?How one can change the life who is living in a slum?What opportunity one is going to get?With father a drunkard, mother trying to meet both ends .These are talks.Take birth in a Slum area like Dharavi and then one need to think.One needs to go there and see how people live there and what one can do there and become successful.Go there and see how people live in a Slum.Find out how life is there in Dharavi.What type of problem one encounters which starts from early morning for on and so forth....Arguements always looks good.Can anyone EXPLAIN me how he would have acted or planned HIS LIFE if he has taken birth in a SLUM?When there is problem for having food for each day how will one think of going abroad if one is not able to get good marks like Rich Peoples children use to have that type of luxury?
It is easy to say then done........

Bottomline is "Anything which one gets more then the effort made ,is LUCK..."


  1. Dear rajubhai

    its a fact i also do think the same way like you,and hence i relate to whatever you say.

    My observation is that luck favours who has a positive outlook,good work deeds done by our parents and forefathers,most people telling in front and back that you are a good person,especially who hasnt benefitted from you in any way,and believe me THE PERSON WITH LEAST EGO is liked the most.

    so be nonegoist, do good,and be happy when something happens good for others and improve ones character is the mantra,for good luck.

    one of my uncle,is the most nonegoist person i have seen,no house of his own,no much money but among all i have met in life,i found him to be contended and real happy,absolutely absolutely no grumbling.


  2. I had sold my entire portfolio two month back(12-jan-09).:)

    Market is another 20% down in last two month.
    If u remeber in jan i have told that Market may test lower level 8300-7700-6200.

    now I am expecting 7700 to be reach. on 7700 one can buy small quantity for short term pullback rally.

    Please take ur own call. i may be wrong horribly


    By the way, Ahmed, learn to comment about the "post" you are responding to. Don't always keep referring to your portfolio.

  4. Two Questions? What do you think of yourself?

    1. Are you lucky or unlucky?
    2. Are you successful or unsuccessful?

  5. Irrelevant questions...
    Lucky or unlucky.....Succesful or unsuccessful....

    That people had to decide who knows me as a person, my friends , my relatives, by near one and dear ones.One has to meet such people and ask them what they feel about me.....Lol....

    If I say I am good or better or best...that is patting on once back.....Lol...which people do all their life....I am so good , I am humble...I am successful..I earned money...I am helpful,I am caring...etc etc which never is the case...but when one has to say that.. I do this ,it means he cares for none and hence he needs to constanly tell people that I LOVE ....and I care and blah blah blah ......Those who are really caring and humble or honest in deeds they never boast of anything....they have not to people knows that....

  6. I donno why, but some people are interested in my Off Topic writing more then on Stock market!
    They seems to visit my blog only for reading my OFF Topic post more then Global economy.
    I donno whether they know anything what is happening in the world financial they never discuss that with me.....rather discussing about the world economy and its implications on developed countries and underdeveloped countries....they makes comments more on other Topics and are eager to read more that......
    Surprising and astonishing too!
    But my main motto is to write on Economies and stock market and hence I may delete or not reply those comments which I will not feel like giving answers to...or directly pointed to me and trying to belittle me in any such way....
    They are not knowing that by doing such things they are closing all doors for any respite....they thinks smarter of themselves but it is going against them....
    and when I write it is going against them it is not the smartness of what I am talking, what I mean is it is not their smartness but asking some personal questions and trying to make satire like "pravachan"...on accountibility and responsibility...
    I have to write this otherwise these people will understand that they are smart and that is going against them....but it is not that...they are at all not smart but they are trying to belittle me while asking for MORE PRAVACHAN....