Wednesday, May 18, 2011

B L Kashyap Ltd....cmp Rs.21.30........Excellent buy......

This market is giving us an excellent oppertunity to lapup some extraordinary stocks at throw away price and one of them is B L Kashyap Ltd.
After giving 1:1 Bonus and splitting it in 1 paidup the stock has taken a beating and I feel that it is beaten down badly then what it needs to be.
But that is market .When the selling comes , everyone wants to sell and that is the time we gets oppertunity to buy those beaten down stocks at throwaway price.These stocks are fundamentally sound stocks and according to me, anything over 70% stake by promoters becomes a sound fundamental Co.
Ofcourse , the sales,profit needs to be seen but if promoters are holding over 70% stake then one can be very sure that promoters have great faith in their Co and hence they are holding 70% and over stake.
Well, when the stock will run is another matter.That depends upon market sentiment, what Co is doing, how the earnings are discounted etc but my view says that any Co with a reasonable amt of sales and NP, and promo holding 70% and over stake , become a stock to go deeper and have a look.

Coming back to B L Kashyap Ltd, the sales should come around Rs 1400 cr this year( Mar 2011) as the last qr result is still  not declared.The Mcap is around Rs 437 cr and hence the Mcap and sales ratio favours Mcap so it is a buy according to me.
Rest of the digging I leave it for my readers to find and take a call.......


  1. Rajiv - Do you track Jumbo Bags?

  2. Dear Rajeevji,

    I would like to bring to ur notice one stock digjam. I think following u I am able to find few stcoks. this is loss making and will be profit making by this year.

    kind regards,

  3. Hi Shashikant,
    I have already recomended Digjam here....

  4. then fine I will accumulate more

  5. Hi Rajeev,
    Your favorite SREI Infra has come up with excellent results.
    But as you say, it still has a long way to go.

  6. Rajeevji, I have started accumulating the stock

  7. CC Roy,
    Another positive I am seeing in B L Kashyap is it's not in any scam like Unitech etc....clean manegement...

  8. Hi Rajeev,

    I am really a great fan of your blog everyday and I surf id for some good information from you. I really like your fundamental analysis as I stronglly feel that fundamentals will always give good returns in long run.Can u please give me your view for GDL,HGSL,COSMO FILMS,ACCENTIA TECHNOLGIES, NR AGRAWAL, Andhra sugars all the above companies are giving good dividend yield and also available at very low P.E.If possible please track ELECTROTHERM . I will be waiting for your answer. Thanks..................

  9. Hi Kaushal,
    The reason Electrothrem going down is because the results are coming bad.The Mar qr results has also not come good.
    I do not track it so much so no view on it as of now....

  10. Whether we can buy BL kashyap(Rs.15.25) at this stage. Expecting it will hit two or more lower circuits in the following days.

  11. Maries,
    BL Kashyap is fundamentally sound Co with sound management.Don't buy anything now.Let the market settle down.