Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunil Hitech...........Bouncing back........

When I recomended Sunil Hitech there were many questions asked about the credibility of the management.
I recomended at Rs 174 and it has gone down but at this price it is looking excellent for LT.
The Mar qr results are out and has come out excellent as Co has posted profit instead of loss in last year same time.
Last year in Mar the loss was of 4 cr and this year it has turnaround exponentially and made a profit of 14 cr  ending the year with 27 eps against 19 last year.
The Sales and Mcap ratio is still in favour of the Mcap and hence there is a very decent scope of getting excellent retrun from hereon.
I know when I recomends some stocks no one is ready to believe it.Prima facie ,the stock may not look attractive when I recomend it here but ultimately it comes out good.
While talking on Sujana Towers, after it splitted to 1 paidup it was around rs 25 and recently made a high of 46 which on 5 paidup, the original value comes to 230 which is the recent high we saw.
That says that Sujana Towers is at the same price it made recently.
For example if someone bought 1000 shares at say 35 for Rs 35,000 then after splitting it becomes 5000 shares as it gets split in 1 paidup and at todays cmp of 35 , it fetches rs 1,75,000......
and that is 5 times return from my call.....or even I forget exactly what price I gave the call.......
One more update I would like to make and that is I have to postpone my trip to India which I will make probably now around Diwali.....this year.....


  1. sir what is your view on ifb agro ind please give in some detail that how molasses prices will have reaction on it

  2. Aditya,
    I am not a research Analyst in the sense you think.This is neither my full time job.
    I have no access to any of the prices rise coming up and getting effect on certian stocks.
    For that I need to have 5-6 people under me who tracks all these and report me.
    I am a very very simple analyser who sees sales, NP etc and come on conclusion.So better , I think you need to find someone else who is expert on these.
    Please spare me out of this type of questions.....

  3. Hi Rajeev,
    Any views on HBL Power. It seems even though the promoters are buying, they are buying in small quantities. Do you think this buy back is to support the share price or there is really good times ahead for the company.

  4. Sajith,
    I read recently in CM that the input cost went up and orders were not flowing hence the loss and underperformace in HBL.It will take one more year to make a come back.
    Sajith, HBL is a MNC and taking over CG Igarishi is going to be good for the Co.Hold on HBL...and add on any declines that is my view.
    If the Co is not going to perform in future there is no reason promoters should increase the stake....have patience....

  5. Hi Rajeev,
    I was reading the posts on this thread and you said that equity research is not your full time job.
    I was wondering, why you have taken some other job as full-time. You seem to be such a good long term analyst, and with such experience you must have got many multibaggers.
    Just an opinion. Please dont take it otherwise.

  6. Hi Bluehorizen,
    The reason is obvious.No one gives me a job as Eq reserach I have no degree like MBA in Finance or even a commerce degree.
    I am actually a science PG(M.SC).
    I am in USA on permanent Green Card and am trying hard by putting my resume in insti like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Scahs, etc but no result....
    I would like to have a better job then what I am doing now, but not successful untill now and looks like nothing will come up.....

  7. Hi Rajeev,
    I really don't think you need any other institution like Morgan/Goldman/BlackRock.

    Analysts there are no better then fools.
    In hindi - "Andhon mein Kana Raja" types, who only misguide poor new/inexperienced investors.

    In my opinion, you should start your own company. I can write it down on paper that you will be hugely successful.
    Even I dream of the same 7-8 yrs from now.

    As I know, anyone who has investing as his passion dreams of the same. Financial independence and then get to do what one wants to do - Investing.

    Just sharing my thoughts. Please dont take it otherwise RajeevJi.

  8. Hi Bluehorizen,
    I am always ready to do new things.I am ready for any new venture in USA or in India or anywhere in the world.
    But for that I need some more people who get togather and put things in place just like Narayan Murthy did with Infosys.
    Starting a Co is not easy.I need platform for all the neccessary licences etc from SEBI etc...
    If anyone comes out and offer me to join a Co or start a new Co I am ready for that and will put everything whatever experiance I have with me.
    You are or anyone is always welcome to shares thoughs like that......actually I am looking for a bigger break where I can exploit my expertise of Indian Market...

  9. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks a lot for replying for the query on HBL power.

  10. hello rajeevji,
    kindly have a look at josts engg. marketcap 36cr.
    equity .7 cr
    high div yield
    eps growth almost 100% for last 2 yrs.

  11. Dear Rajeev Ji, Not sure why APW president is going down continuously. Can you help in decoding the mystery.

  12. hi rajeev

    any idea whats happening to your old reco. man ind.. its flying .. i dont know why.. fortunately i bought few when you recommended and i didnt buy psl in same cateogery.

    also i hold marg for long term.. crisil has ascribed fair value of 320 but its presently around 94.i dont know why its coming down.


  13. Jatin,
    Jost is excellent Co.It should outperform the market....

  14. Saurabh,
    Markets are unpredictable....and so are stocks and

  15. Agreed Rajeev Ji, But still whats the reason behind such a sharp downtrend when there is an open offer@190+.i am holding 50@180.

  16. Saurabh,
    That is what I am saying.Actually APW made an excellent turnaround and still stock is going down.....alike woman, we do everything right for them and still everything goes wrong with ...mysterious market...mysterious woman....we can never judge what is coming up become clueless.....

  17. Hi mates,
    I have less knowledge on shares. If we buy this share at 174 Rs, how long we need to leave that share with us to increase the price of the share.