Saturday, November 12, 2011

Excellent Results posted by HBL Power System Ltd....

I am very happy to see that HBL Power has posted excellent Sep qr results with Rs 11.61 cr as NP.
Sales went up by 20% and still the NP has gone up from 2.6 cr to 11.61 cr.This is even after there is an Int outgo of 21.87 cr compare to 11 cr last year.
After a long time Co is coming back ontrack and I was never in a doubt in my mind even once that HBL will not perform.I was confident from the day first time I recomended it.
I still feel HBL is a buy at this rate and on dips.
Here what we need to observe is, HBL made a low of 12 in Aug and from there it came to 18 , means gave 50% return.Market got the wind that HBL result was going to come good and hence already discounted it earlier.So it may happen that on Monday it can move up but not much and then even can come down as market already discounted the good results.
That is why I use to say, understand the market.How the stock is performing and what it is doing........

Another stock that has come out with excellent result is Geometric Ltd , my old call .From a loss in last sep Geometric has come in black while posting a NP of 29.89 cr, which gives and eps of 4.78 for Sep qr 2011.
Geometric is also going cheap at this rate and is a buy now and on dips.

I am awaiting the results of India Glycols on  Monday.

I still feel that Selan Exploration is looking good at this time and on dips.

I would like to revisit my old call Minda Ind which I have recomended in past and is looking excellent at this time wherein here also Minda has posted excellent results and is in manufacturing of  Gas kits for cars.

There is one stock which is showing excellent strength named Kewal Kiran even in down market.After making a low of 430 in Feb 2011 it is on upmove and now at 755.Kewal Kiran owns some excellent branded names in readymades which can be seen while going to its website..

Even Parekh Aluminum has come out with excellent returns and I feel it is looking good too now .

After making a low of around 65 in Aug 2011, GNRL my old call , formally known as Lesha Energy, now GNRL, Gujarat Natural Resources Ltd has come back to 116.This stock has defied the downtrend of the market and has almost doubled from the recent low.

There is one more branded name in glassware named La Opala RG.I like this stock.With standard of living going high I feel La Opala RG stands to benifit from spending on consumer front.....

Friends, patience is thy name of market.If you have no patience then you don't need to be in the market.My calls , almost all times takes time to deliver.The reason is, I identify them very early before market take note of it and hence the delay but when they run , it is seen by everyone here.

I again write here, find stocks which have given great results in this global slow down.If these stocks can give great results now, they are bound to give better results when global turmoils will end......


  1. i am holding hbl since long time just that i had full faith in u and want to keep it for minimum 10 years

  2. One more thing i want to mention here about HBL, when stock was lower level. Promotor was only buyer in this counter. Almost retail investors fed up and exit. I think bright future ahead. Even Igarashi motors also come out with good numbers.Keep eye on it

  3. Hi പായിപ്പാ‍ടന്‍,
    That is a good observation.....

  4. Hi Rajeev,

    Do you track Bilcare?
    Is it good to accumulate at the current levels?


  5. HBL announcement-

    Achievement in Exports.
    November 2011.

    We invite you to visit us at

    We are a proud recipient of "Annual Export award for Export Processing Unit [EOU] and Special Economic Zone [SEZ]" for the outstanding export performance and contribution towards growth & development for successive years 2007-08, 2008-09, and 2009-10.

    HBL received this award on 14 Nov 2011 from the Honorable Chief Minister of our State Andhra Pradesh - Shri Kiran Kumar Reddy.

    We thank our valuable customers, suppliers, team members and supply-chain management.