Tuesday, February 7, 2012

India Glycols declares another excellent results..........

India Glycols has remained my favourite stocks.
I have been recomending from day one of my blog started.
It has come out with another excellent results.But one needs to read everything when one see the ressults on bse site.
I know many would have not seen the notes at the end of the results.Make a habit to read what the notes says.
The notes at the end of the results says that as rupee as appreciated by Feb 3rd 2012, the foriegn loss taken into account of  Rs 48 cr can be reversed and that will spike up the bottomline by 17-18 eps in last qr.
I think for 3 qr, the eps has already reached 27 and if we see again an EPS for 8-10 in last qr , that will make 37-40 EPS and if we add 48cr which can be and will be reversed as I see rupee not going back to 54 level then India Glycols can end the year with an EPS of around 55-60.
The negative in India Glycols is a huge debt of 1400 cr and I have faith in the management that they will trim it down as much and as early as possible.

I have mentioned Intec Capital here maybe only one or two times and Intec has also come out with excellent results.I like the sector which it is in and also feel that Sanjeev Goyal is a dynamic CM.

I would like to mention here Jubilant Ind which I have recomended in the list which I gave on the eve of Christmas.
It has also posted excellent results and has gone up from around 170 to 220-222 , but I feel it is still a buy at this level.Jubilant Ind is grossly undervalued in the sense that it is posting excellent results qr to qr and an excellent management at the helm of affairs......

Friends,It now looks like we will not see 3900 now.Maybe we will not see forever.But I can't guarentee you.After all it is market.FII's has invested 10,000 cr in the month of January.
I feel that one should start investing in SIP manner where there is a value.
I have written about looking at B L Kashyap and Cronimet Alloy.I would like to draw the attention ofmy readers towards HBL Syetem Ltd which is at 17 and has consolidated for long at that level and I feel that it should now go up.
B L Kashyap Ltd is an excellent Infra Co which is available at 130 if we take it at 10 paid up where 70% stake is held by promoters.So is HBL System Ltd where again promoters holds more then 70% stake and are increasing the holding if one can have a look at the SHP.


  1. Dear Rajeev

    re debt servicing....very low cash flows / NPM margins even after forex additions would only slowly ease away...but then would limit further capex..

    it sure is a big drain


  2. Dear Harpreet,
    It is upto u to decide what to do......

  3. Dear Rajeev

    i agree its my call , but my question was diff .....i was basically discussing to know if i am missing something in the equation

    In case there are other avenues to them like asset sale etc