Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It has been a long time since I have wrote here but I was little bit busy with my job and I thought I have not enough to write .More over , I need the mood to write sometimes.That is very important for everyone.If there is no mood then what ever one do will be a drag and nothing more.
Well,the crisis are not over and still casualties are coming out in droves in USA economy.
It was Citi bank and now it is Bank Of America.They seems like will keep on coming.
Well, coming back to our market the unabated selling of FII still continues and hence I do not see any recovery chance in near future.FII will keep on selling at every rise and hence do not believe any rise a turnaround.
Untill June 09, according to me there can be no respite.Just stay away from the market.
Hearing big big Indian companies are losing the orders and unable to get the money back for what they had already sold.If that is the case then seems it will take lots of time to be at normal.
First and formost thing that should one look is US should be normal but it is not happening.
If that happens then we can see a turnaround as other things has already fall in places like Crude is down to $50, Commodities are down at 3 yrs low and this both will make Inflation and Int rate down......
Let us hope that FII selling gets over but it seems that they wants to sell everything out in India.They are still invested by over $70bn .Let us see what is there in the store for us....


  1. It seems either you are too busy to share your ESTEEMED opinion or couldn't handle the pressure of market gyrations..:)

  2. i have been checking your blog bhai to read your comments not on markets but on soldiers who have sacrificed thier lives. I think you must be really buzy else you would have difinately wrote something about the brave soldiers.

    pls do leave few lines on your blog about the great ppl who sacrificed their lives for all of us.