Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling left....!

Dear Friends,
I have been writing since long that we should not break 12500.Analyst , chartist all are waiting for a huge correction of 3000 points and over but it is eluding.And that will never come.1000-1500 points is always there for the take but forget 3000-4000 points.
I think people are still dreaming of market tanking in big way and they will be able to buy those stocks which they sold earlier , thinking that they has run up fast and they need to bookprofit.They did that and they lost the delivary and they are cursing themsleves and are giving all kind of reason for market to tank but unsuccessful.
If wishes were horses!But it never is and perticularly with the stock market it never comes true.
It is a simple common sense thinking that market never gives chance to buy stocks at your will.It never happens.One needs to be very lucky to have that.
When market went up from 8000 to 10500 experts said now 10500 is a very big resistance and it will not be able to cross that and many sold stocks thinking that they will again buy at 9000 if not at 8500.But that never happened.Same thing happened when market was facing resistance at 12500.But in one go on Election result day, market went for an upper circuit and touched 14k and uptill now we have not seen 12700 which was known as a major resistance and major trend setter.Experts were gaga that if 12700 will be crossed desicively then the trend has changed.
Then came the resistance of 14500 and that is also surpassed.
And experts are still waiting for a big correction.Market will never let them buy stock at the level they wants to.Operators are not fools to give them stocsk at their price.When market was at 8k and went to 10500, investors were feeling it has gone up too fast and hence sold stocks.Market still went up and up and ultimately we are over 16k.....!
Now Enam sec is saying that perhaps even at 17k it is not overvalued and maybe at 20k they can feel it is overvalued.
Buy stocks and capilatize on it.Hold it after partial profit booking .That is the order of the day.Never sell 100% of any stocks unless you are convinced that some bad news has come and growth will get hindered.
People who sold Kwality after buying at Rs 17 at 60 and 80 are repenting that they missed the biggest oppotunity.It went on to touch 535.There are many stocks like that.Once you sell out 100% , it is gone.So don't get out from it completely.
Market is looking good and will remain good.The heavy correction all are expecting is never going to come.1000-1500 point correction is always there for the taking.


  1. Rajeev,
    YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY TRUE when comes to market prediction. It may tank 1000 points but will not go below 15000. My broker all these times told me to sell and then enter at lower level. Thank God , i didnt listen to him. And I think its never practical to do that. Your point about not selling 100 % is also hit nail on head. I made a mistake when sold all of Tata Steel when it reached 450, which i had bought it for 170! I now regret that.
    Now will follow your advice strictly.

  2. Thank you Rajeev for your response to my query in your previous post.
    I try to analyse stocks with my limited knowledge and finally leave it to feel good factor. Confirmation from experts like you really helps.

    In my portfolio I have few stocks from RJ's kitty like:
    Agro Tech Foods, Aptech, Autoline Ind, Dwarikesh Sugar, Geojit BNP, Geometric, Hind Oil Explor, Indage Vintners, Ion Exchange, JB Chemicals, Nagarjuna Const, Praj Industries, Prime Focus, Punj Lloyd and Zen Tech.

    I have few stocks from your suggestions:
    PSL, SRF and Goldstone Infra.

    Few stocks just like that:
    Aegis Logistics, Empee Distill, GMR Infra, Mah and Mah, Parsvnath and Peninsula Land.

    Now planning to dispose few of these like Empee Distill, Ion Exchange and part of others like Geojit BNP, Geometric, GMR Infra, Hindustan Oil Exp.

    Am I heading in right direction? I know asking this from you is asking for too much but I would really appreciate your suggestion as I have investments of several lakhs of rupees.

    Please guide.

  3. Wallop,
    I think what u r thinking is on right line...

  4. Hi Rajeev,
    Do you track R-POWER? If yes, are there any rough chances of it getting into 4 digits in 5 yrs?
    Also if you track Suzlon, will it be able to ride out of the mess it has created in long term?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Vikas,
    R-Power can touch 4 figure.
    Suzlon is held by Tanti a Gujarati and they did some bad decision and also their blades were retrun back as they got splitted.That was a major blow to them.They have taken over a German co to get the knowhow but was not enough stake to get it transferred.I am not sure whether Suzlon has taken such stake to get the know how.....

  6. Dear rajeev

    I had posted a querry and wrote the name of the scrip wrong.
    It is Goldstone Infra.

    Kindly give me your view on
    Goldstone and Karturi.



  7. Hi Rajeev:

    Just for my knowledge can you please tell us why do you think Rel Power will cross 4digit price. Do you recommend to enter at this level for long term horizon.


  8. rajendra,
    I had already given the answer of ur query where u assked.
    That is on my latest post comments...

  9. Dear nakul-rajeev,

    Thanks, I had named the company wrong [goldstech] and so repeated
    my querry.
    Thanks, Your feedback is important for me. I stay away from Goldstone.

    Have been churning my portfolio.
    More or less completed.
    Have decided to add UTV, a call of yours that's stayed in my mind all along.
    GSPL.. also I bought because of your extensive coverage and pasionate call...the more I have read on it, better I feel for having it in my portfolio... have decided to add GSPL when ever opportuny comes...

    rajeev, my name is not Rajendra.
    I twice created a google account to be able to communicate with you, and each time was able to write once, and then it would keep saying pass word not match... finally gave it up....
    Rajendra is the only other member here who has a google account and if he happens to have logged and left it on... I get to post... today is one more such day...

    Warm regards always

    PS... you have not given me any view on Karturi.. It interests me a lot...



  10. Hi KM,
    I somehow is not getting facinated by Karturi Global.It is not the co but the sector I am not willing to take a bet on.

  11. Dear rajeev.

    Thanks for your input on Karturi.

    Have taken a bite.. by disposing off some small bits of kachra/left overs - of a few shares here and there - in the portfolio in this rally up.
    Have made note of your comment.
    Will think more.

    Deep Industries looks very good.
    Assam Company, already.
    And Selan.
    A lot of Oil companies are gaining visibility.

    Have you made any view on RNRL?
    It too has gotten huge Acerage of Cold Bed Methane [CBM].
    RPower is on my radar.
    I find that of late there is a lot of positive media coverage on RPower.. looks a wee bit orchestearted. Yet it is true that the execution of the projects i fast and before time... and revenues will start by 2011 and be stable by 2012, now not too far away.

    Thans for your excellent picks....