Thursday, September 17, 2009

Petron Eng and Construction Ltd....cmp...169.60.....A Star in making....

I have come out with another virgin stock named Petron Engineering Construction Ltd .
This co is having a Sales turn over of Rs 457 cr and Mcap is just 127 cr.Eps is just around 8 but still it went for 20% upper circuit and ended at 169!
I will not write more on Petron Eng as someone told me I use to write from the website and hence I would say that you all will look at the website and read it........
My job is to bring out stock undiscovered and that I have done........



    i think u should not care for that words. U pls write ur analysis so that we small investors can benefit from u as u have always done for us.

  2. Rajeev Bhai,
    Bought Lesha today - small qty (in Risk Portfolio).
    Please do not heed to words from others. If not for you at least, I would have not heard of this stock. You are doing an excellent service to small investor like us.

  3. Bull vs. Bear: Will this market rally end or continue further?
    in ET.

  4. Dear Rajeev,

    'Barking dog seldom bites'. This is what I have to say about somebody reacts on your excellent piece of work here which you render without expecting any monitory gains. The person who criticize you can never deliver such a great thing here. Don't get upset with all those remarks and your detailed analysis should continue further.....

    God bless you.


  5. Hi Rajeev:

    We all respect your judgement,experience and analysis. Picking stock is an art which is not gifted to everyone by god. We all know you are not god ,sometimes one can go wrong we all are human,but you guidance to small investor is priceless. So please ignore people who try to discourage you.Please continue the selfless service you provide to misguided small investors.


  6. Hi Rajeev,
    I am bullish on security systems sector. but confused which one is best buy
    Micro Tech / Zicom Security / Catvision.

    Can you guide me?

  7. Dear Rajiv ji,

    Every good work will have some commentators, but you take that in a positive way.

    I am invested in almost all stocks of recent times and used 50% of my cash reserve
    Waitng for a dip to enter wih my remaining. As per analysts we can expect 10/15% correction.

    I have reviewing 2 stocks Praj Ind, Punj Loyd. What is your view on them.ARe they strong buy for long term horizon????


  8. Hi Rajeev

    If you have to choose only one stock out of each comparison what will be your choices. Please answer this question as I would be buying accordingly:
    --Aptech Vs NIIT
    --Empee Distiller Vs GM Breweries
    --Hindustan Oil Exploration Vs Gujarat State Petronet
    --Ion Exchange Vs Shanthi Gears
    --Peninsula Land Vs Ansal Properties
    --Zen Tech Vs Tanla Solutions Vs Allied Digital

  9. Dear Debasis,
    Yes,Praj and Punj are great co to buy at anytime....

  10. Dear Vikas,
    That u have to take decision....sorry..

  11. Hi Wallop,
    I think Aptech is definately good as it is RJ's own co with Ramesh Damani also being as a Dir.Though NIIT looks better on paper.
    No view on 2nd option.
    for 3rd both are great co.HOEC is fully priced as of now while GSPL has a government stake hence depends on its policy as well.
    for 4th I think there is no comparision between them as both are in different sector.
    Pennisula looks better and Zen Tech looks very good...

  12. Hi Rajeev,
    I went through the top 200 companies below 1 billion by Forbes.
    Fortunately/ unfortunately I have four of them namely
    Should I add ICSA India also. By my study looks to be a good company. Good continuously increasing 5 yrs of EPS, comparatively less debt, Unique products so partly monopoly. Want your opinion. Wheather it will be a value buy for long term?

  13. Dear Rajeev,

    Please do not heed to the words who comment on, you are doing a good work i am your follower since you were writing in moneycontrol, samll investor like me are benefiting more. Please please do not heed to the words. Continue your work.
    God Bless you.

  14. Dear Rajeev Ji,
    I really appreciate your recomendation.Especially those which went on circuits after circuits like Artson , Lesha , scanpoint. I dont have so much money so i buy risky stock. I had huge losses on jai corp . Now I have added JPT sec ( I think it is of of same group )

  15. Dear Rajeev Ji,
    I think Petron is great buy. I had worked with small engg firm in same field and what i have experienced that this type of company play on huge margins. sometimes more than 100% but orders must be there and this company start's getting orders. Rajeev Ji , what is your opinion on hindustan Dorr or sunil hitech

  16. Dear Thincktank,
    I can only say for Petron Eng is that ,it is like Lumax Ind,Max India type of stock.When the market will be down it will go up.
    Hind Dor and SunilHitech both are looking good.
    Keep a watch on Geometric Ltd....

  17. Hi Rajeev,
    Repeating my query. Whats your call on ICSA India at CMP?
    Do reply.
    Thanks in advance,