Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Request.....

Dear Friends,
I request all readers that please do not ask personally for any individual multibagger stock.I can't write to everyone which stocks can become multibagger.Anything I write have potential of becoming a multibagger.
I have seen that though scores of stocks which I have recomended has still not run, and one can buy those very easily, readers still ask me which are my top 4-5 picks.They wants me to say again for their satisfaction.I understand that.But there are no top 5 picks.It means that they are not reading what I write properly.I have written many times which stock is going to be a multibagger is not known.Hence one needs to go for what ever they can.But still they ask for my TOP 5 picks.
Please don't do it.
Remember , I am doing this job without any monetary benifit.This is just my part time and whatever I do is my passion.I am trying my level best to write here as and when time permits me.
After all I am also working at my job. I have to first fulfill my that responsibilities .I am trying to just getting adjusted to the new atmosphere in USA.I am still trying to find a decent job here.Whatever I am making is enough just to run my house and that is not sufficient for me if I wants to prosper.....
I hate to write this , but I have no choice.
If anyone can help me in finding a decent job I am always available.My id is written at the top of my blog.One can contact me writing to that id.


  1. Dear rajeevji,

    sOme tim ago u had mentioned one scrip as Dark Horse INDO CASTLE MULTIEDIA LTD but im trying to find info regarding the same but could not. So can u please let me know has the name changed or has it delisted.

  2. Friends,

    I have just searched in web for news about max india (one of Rajeev's recommendation in last month). It is down close to 15% from his recommended price.

    I just want to share the following news items which are looking more positive for the company.

    Max newyork life may come out with an IPO in 2010.

    Max India chairman Analjit Singh has joined hands with PRS Oberoi group flagship EIH to set up a 100-room five-star hotel in Dehradun.

    Max New York Life's annual premium equivalent grew 20 per cent in FY09 versus an average of 6 per cent for private life insurers, reflecting its focus on traditional products, relatively low dependence on ULIPs and a highly productive agency network.

    The healthcare business is ramping up fast and the brokerage forecasts that EBITDA (operating profit) from existing facilities will almost quadruple over the next three years. This is due to a expanding hospital network and increase in number of available beds from the current 770 to 1,240 by FY11.

    Max India's insurance business has been unaffacted as far as future capital inflows are concerned as its JV partner New York Life emerged unscathed from the recent financial crisis and is in a strong position to raise its stake in the fast-growing Indian venture.

  3. Dear K,
    The name has changed form Indo Castle to Indo Bonito..

  4. Hi Rajeev,
    I can definately understand your REQUEST. But believe me I have searched on net a lot for blogs like you, but yours is the best! so thorough analysis but always keeping some part so that the investor himself reads about the company. Thats important. THE ONLY THING WHICH INCREASES ON SHARING IS KNOWLEDGE. You are perfect example of this. I came to know your talent when I had applied for some paid online blogs which were so pathetic (Giving Reliance, larsen and blue-chips for multi-bagger)You are true master. And doing all this as your passion is best part of it without expecting any monetary gains. Thats amazing. Please keep it up. And dont worry about your future. GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE ONLY. and INTEZAAR KA PHAL MEETHA HOTA HAI.

  5. By the way I am a Doctor in INDIA. So cant help personally for your job. Sorry for that. But dont loose hope.

  6. Hi Rajeev.. do you track Shristi Infrastructure ?

  7. Hi Siva,
    I was owing it when it was in 30's and 10 paidup.
    I already am out of this stock. I do not track it now.
    When I was in India, I never missed to read a single issue of Business India magazine.
    One should read it.I recomend to read it.There is no web edition of Business India magazine and I miss it here ass well.

  8. Thanks for the Reply Rajeev,

    Shristi infra has interesting stock holding pattern..

    Promoter holding is 49.27%
    In public holding: Opulent Venture Capital Trust has 45%

    hence only 5% of total floating is available for trading.

    This stock is near to 52wk low.. but price pattern looks odd. rs 30 in 2007 went to 1000 in no time and now corrected to 260.

    Can you take a look and let us know your gut feeling on this stock..

  9. I think your are one of the most genuine bloggers & you are doing a great job, a great service to everyone. You should not get dejected by comments of self centered people.

    Have a nice day!

  10. Rajeev, I have been following your recommedations and invested in Madhucon @125 Rs which has doubled. Feel sorry that I invested 35 qty only. I also saw your reco on KOG USA company which dropped to 1.37 USD and now at 2+ USD. Great. Please send in your profile at and I will send it across to my friends in USA.
    I believe there are good and non-selfish people on earth, and you are the best example. Long live Rajeev.


  11. Rajeev, I have been following your recommedations and invested in Madhucon @125 Rs which has doubled. Feel sorry that I invested 35 qty only. I also saw your reco on KOG USA company which dropped to 1.37 USD and now @ 2+ USD. Great. Please send in your profile at and I will send it across to my friends in USA.
    I believe there are good and non-selfish people on earth, and you are the best example. Long live Rajeev.


  12. Thanks Sunil for kind words.I appreciate it....Glad to hear someone is understanding me and know what is going on....

  13. Hi Rajeev Ji,

    I would like to bring to the notice of everyone one script recommended by you CCAP Ltd in 2006/2007 and u called it dark horse when is was around 30-35 INR levels. Now it is 61.

    I bought 100 of it at 35 went down to 20/22 levels and i was holding it for 2 years and when it touched 35 again ..I made an exit. I feel sorry abt making an exit now.

    But now I see that it at 61. So there are many such great examples of your work which everyone knows of.

    Though I am younger to you in age, I would also want to say please dont feel dejected.

    You would sooner or later definitely have good job.

    I personally with you GOOD LUCK.


  14. Hi rajeev, after going through your Recommended list, I am planning to buy the following stocks as they are near book value, relatively monopoly in industry,continuous 5 yrs of increasing EPS, Debt less than 5 times of Net profit( i follow the principles given in New Buffettology Book by Mary Buffett $ David Clark)
    CATAVISION & MICRO-TECHNO ( Huge potential in security systems in future)
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    I also have few of my researched stocks. I want your opinion on them
    Cosmo films
    Navneet Publications
    Graphite India
    Hawkins cooker.

    I also love CRISIL and Nestle, but in my opinion they are overpriced.What you think.

    Do reply.

  15. Dear Vikas,
    Navneet is looking good.
    Graphite looks good but it is 2 paidup.
    Keep a watch on Federal Moghul.
    A MNC co going very cheap.
    Keep a watch on Rico Auto.Though 1 paidup the price is cheap.
    Can't say anything on rest.
    Keep a watch on Finolex Cable.Good management and good gr....A gr stock going cheap....

  16. Rajeevji any Penny Stocks which can make it big to buy & forget

  17. Thanks a lot Rajeev for your suggestions. Also i like to read investment books. Do you suggest any good ones? I have read
    Intelligent Investor
    New Buffettology
    Peter Lynch's 2 books
    Phil Fischer's Common stock and uncommon profits.

    But please suggest long term investment books as i dont have time for day trading.

  18. Vikas,
    I have never read a book in my life on stock market.If I am quoting WB or PL ,I use to read on internet.
    So I will be unable to give u any names.
    Never , never try for day trading....

  19. K,
    I think it is difficult to find any penny stock to BUY and forget.Penny stocks are after all penny stocks......
    If it is worth forgetting , why it is penny?

  20. Hi Rajeev,
    I have one query becuase of which i has missed out fully utilising the potential of the stocks.
    Its generally said that you should buy only 25 to 50% of the stocks at first time and buy the rest later, as the chances of the price going down is higher. but suppose the stock goes up, then at what % up, one should buy rest of the stocks.
    Do guide me as i have missed taking full advantage for few of gems (Like had 50 NMDC at 197, 50 TATA STEEL at 170, but didint take the rest of 50 stocks as the price went up up and up)

  21. dear raju bhai

    i know when you first started,this blog you had conveyed me that you are on the look out for a job in USA,really from the heart feeling very very very sad that you havent landed one yet,am sure for a good person like you, unselfish, hard working god has planned something great for you.

    though of late i do not receive your mails, i understand due to lack of time its ok as i do continue with my part of the freindship.

    pray god for you to land in an excellent job very very very soon,i am sure by this comming october, december take it form me you are landing into a good job.

    Thats a frank wish

    respectful regards to bhabhi and nakul


  22. hi Rajeev came across this company on Moneycontrol messageboard.
    Vikas WSP.
    The company looks good.Dont know if it has any monopoly in its business.
    But is it worth for long term? or only for day traders

  23. Dear Vikas,
    Vikas WSP is a dubious co.The promoters has played all gimmicks in past.They delisted the co, then buy back offer , again listed in splitted form.What not gimmicks they have not played?Whatever be the results and whatever the growtha and product, I would not like to suggest to buy such stocks...
    I would advice to keep away from such type of stocks.
    After Austral Coke and XL Tele episode I am now more sceptic on gicing views on co like this.

  24. Rajeev,
    Thanks a lot. you saved me. i was quiet convinced about the company but didnt know the details you told me.
    Thanks. I will also be more cautious in future in this regard.