Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some new stock that has come to my radar......

I have been going through some stock which I feel looking extremly good.I am listing it here with some comments on that....

1)Investment Precision and CastingLtd...cmp rs 134.....

This is one co which is in Casting sector with a very low eq and am seeing some movement and buying from informed circles......a la Lumax Ind type....of stock...

2)Alfa Laval Ltd..cmp Rs .1243.00

A MNC co which went for a buyback at Rs 1000 this year and promoters has increased the holding by over 10% and now hold almost over 88%.....It is another wonderful co with great fundamentals.Procure an order for BioFuel plant from Vietnam.....at Rs 1250 is going damn cheap...

3) APW President Ltd....cmp Rs 122.00...

This is one co which I am tracking so long but never able to recomend it here but am rectifying my previous error before it runs more .This is another co which can come in Power sector like Thermax......Great results and great management.

4)Patel Airtemps Ltd...cmp Rs...64.00

Promoters has constantly increasing the holding through open market deal.Great future....

SRF Ltd has crossed 200 mark and long way to go still.Tinplate after the right issue came down to below 50 and now at 66.....great co to buy still.....Gayatri Pro ltd recomended at 166 is now at rs 379 and lots of steam still left..there are score of stock which I have recomended which has gone through the roof......I hope readers must be benifitting from them......
My latest pick KPIT Cummins has jumped from 77 to 85....but I am seeing that some of the readers are taking advantage of my call to buy and exit with small profit after it has been recomended here and stock runup immidiately.
I have no problem with that but then they need not come and ask me whether the stock is still good to hold......it is their decision to sell at whatever profit they had and hence there is nothing left to be asked......as I have always written here that my call will give above average return then market.......


  1. Dear Rajeev,

    In bull market everyone is a guru.Irrespective of what you buy it will rise and every person who watches cnbctv 18 or read ET thinks that he is invincible.If you think you are proved right now because the stock prices are gone up you are definately wrong.Your talent was NOT proved now but it was proved LONG BACK when market was making new lows during nov 08 and march 09. I think you are one of the very few analyst who reapeatedly gave buy calls even when promotors were afraid to buy their own stock.This one quality of yours always distinguishes from others.

    As a matter of fact look at kwality dairy.its at 900 from 15 in 7 months.This pick of your is not the stock of the year or stock of the decade but its the stock of the century.To this day there is not even a single report on kwality dairy even when it is making all time high of 900.

    please have a relook at all your ideas and also the new developments that took place and if you feel you have missed something please write here before its too late.


  2. Rajeevji,
    I have started tracking your blogspot for the past 1 month only and am benefited greatly by SRF, Apar Ind. recommendations.

    I am amazed to see your recommendations like APW president , patel airtemp etc.I want to know how to get a list of stocks with low PE ratio, low equity.
    I use moneycontrol.com , but its cumbersome to search for a set of categorical stocks. Please share the method. I also do my own study and invest. I shall be grateful to you for any guidance in this regard.

  3. Dear mk,
    Buy Capital Market magazine.In it read the corporate scoreboard where in they use to give almost everything like Eq,Promoters holding,BV, Sales,FV,div etc etc....

  4. thank you Rajeevji. I am right away subscribing. Will start learning more about fundamental analysis by posting questions to you from time to time.

  5. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks for Singer India's call. I just forgot that its future potential is doubtful. Came across Jolly Boards? I know its CMP is 500/-, but such low PE and so high EPS with 90% promotors holding,No FIIs, I was tempted to ask you this question.
    Can it be a multi-bagger from CMP?

  6. Vikas,
    Jolly Board seems to be a good bet..with so low eq ,operator can jack up the prices anytime....

  7. Dear Shree,
    Thanks for appreciation.
    Regarding Kwality Dairy call which I gave at Rs 15 and has touched Rs.900 I am not surprised at all of this phenominal run.Not because it was my call but because I am a very very optimistic person and always believe that any thing can happen in stock market and price can go to any high...SKY IS THE LIMIT....seems some short sellers has been caught very heavily in Kwality Dairy , must have sold it without delivary in the market.
    That is why I had always written, don't sell everything.Keep even 100 shares.Even 100 shares can make fortune if it turns out like Kwality and we don't know what is going to happen.It is a 60 times return in a very short span of time..Phenominal Return...that is all I can say.....and so the best way to do it is sell 50% as soon as the stock gets double and keep the rest FREE so that we have money to invest in other stocks and still left with some holding in future multibagger...

  8. Dear Rajeev,

    Awaiting your five year target of PSL and Parekh.


  9. Rajeev Ji

    Do you track Micro Technologies. What's the reason that even with such strong fundamentals stock is not getting re rated.



  10. Hi Rajeev,
    One basic question. Approx. how many stocks one should have in his/her portfolio?

  11. Dear Rajeev Ji, I purchased CAT Technology on your advice about two yrs back. Now it is just nonstop northbound.But couldn't get the reason for the fabulous run from internet. Do u know why this run.Also whens the earliest we can see the run on Heidelberg cement.

  12. Vikas,
    Idea is 10 stock in a portfolio.Then it depends upon how much u wants to have........

  13. SM,
    I remembered I recomended Cat Techno at other forum as well as on MMB.The reason I recomended at that time was because the results were coming good at that time.
    Now I am seeing that they are in Gaming Developement etc and the tirgger is Gaming Ind on TV as well as computer is going to flourish.Moreover the promoters has acquired shares from open market and increased the holding in last 1 year when the cheaps were down.
    I am seeing that Promoters have bought shares at the lowest price in last 1 year and that is 2.11....
    Looking good even now,but if you have doubled your money then you need to sell 50% and take your money out and keep the rest for any further appreciation....
    I remember at that time I have a friend who cautioned me that management is CHOR and are not reliable.....but I usually do not put much wieghtage on that as you all know that.... and hence I gave that call......

  14. Amit,
    I think there was some problem with Management.I think they tried to take stake at low price and that market didn't like at that time so didn't run...in last bullrun ....but it may run now.....

  15. Mitiz,
    5 years is a very LT to me in present scenario......when in 3-6 months tide can change why talk of 5 yrs....
    Moreover the stock we use to discuss are B gr stocks and hence there can be no vision....
    If you have assked me about L&T, Areva T&D , Siemens etc I have definately said , buy it and go to sleep but in Cash Gr stock never make that mistake...and remember "NEVER REMAIN IN OVERCONFIDENCE IN STOCK MARKET:"....ONE OR TWO GOOD CALLS DOESN'T MAKE ONE MASTER......

  16. Rajeevji,
    Sujana Towers is on continuous circuits. Thanks for the recommendation.
    I also invested on Sudal recently, just waiting for it to fly too!

  17. Just wanted to add that I bought Sujana Towers almost 2 years ago on your recommendation. Did not have courage to average it when it was low. Now still in good profit.

  18. Hi Rajeev,

    Thanks for ur nice blog its very informative. I also want to share a scrip name with you "Associated Stone Industries (Kotah) Ltd" trading at 82 odd and having Book Value of 200.

  19. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks for suggesting that one should have only 10 stocks in ones portfolio. I confess that i have more than 30. but half of them are your suggested multi-baggers! so difficult for me to shorten it.
    Anyway our friend John has suggested associated stone, which nearly fits into all of your criterias of potential multi-bagger. My only worry is future prospects of company when so much of artificial tiles like marbonite, spartec are flooding in the market.
    I will wait for your call.
    With regards,

  20. Dear Issac,
    I know Associated Stone and BV high etc but sector is not where I would like to bet.....That is the reason why I have not recomended here even when it is quoting below BV...
    and that is why market is not giving good discounting.....Issac, when you look at the sector try to see what market give p/e multiple to that sector and if market is not giving good discounting then try to think whether that sector can be rerated by the market in future.....and take call accordingly....

  21. The journey of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in Economic Times.


  22. Dear Rajeev,

    Thanks for your reply. I do understand that one or two good calls does not mean that all bets wil pay off.

    I specifically asked about PSL because i thought that since pipeline industry will do great in the next decade maybe you could offer your prediction.

    In any case I read your blog literally every day and hope to gain more and more knowledge about various stocks and investing strategies.

    Thanks as always

  23. Dear Rajeev,
    As i was out of station I wish you Happy Diwali and prosperous new year-Samvat 2065 to you and your family.

  24. rajeev bhai,

    what happend to your yahoo messenger.