Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some stocks.........still looking good

I am listing here some stocks which still looks good.
1)LT Foods
2)Indsil Hydro and Manganese Ltd
3)JBF Ind
4)Sahyadri Ind(My Old call)
5)Laffans Petro( My old call)
6)Supreme Petro
7)Cochin Mineral
8)Kilburn Chemical
9)Frontier Spring(Old call)
10)EPC Irrigation(Old call)
11)RS Software
12) Genesys Int
14)Sudal Ind
15)TeleCanor Global
16)Sujana Towers

These are some stocks which looks still good to me ,maybe I have missed some.But these are all projections.They may perform or may not perform.
Now it will be difficult to give detail information on all of these stocks.Try to find information yourself and get convinced.......
These are all Cash Gr stock and hence they are risky.........take your own call.....
There are experts who use to say, that in Bull Run everything RUNS..........I have no arguements for them..........


  1. Hi Rajeev,
    its just amazing how you can extract such gems when market is so called over-valued. Nearly all stocks of yours are below or near book value but with good financials. And its evident from the fact that most of your suggested stocks are locked in UC.
    But as a WB, i feel hesitant to buy a stock when its having UC ( WB- Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy)But I think thats my problem.
    Anyway HATS OFF TO YOU for such excellent stock suggestions.
    With Regards,

  2. Dr,
    When everyone is Greedy one needs to be fearful but that is a general quote from WB.
    That quote is good when the whole market becomes euphoric and is not correct for individual stock....
    Doc, u need to understand in what context WB is saying such things....that is very important....if one fail to understand what he is saying , then one can fail in buying a future multibagger.....
    Market has in no way become euphoric in any sense.....we have still a very long way to go up from here, maybe more then double or even more from here.
    Maybe we can touch 41k.....

  3. Hi, Rajeev,
    Thanks for clearing my mis-conceptions. Now will seriously go through your suggested list and consider some serious buying.
    And if you say, SENSEX TOUCHING 41K, then - Tumhare munh main ghee shakkar!

  4. Hi Rajeev,
    RPG cable has come out of BIFR. Do you have any comments?

  5. Sanjay,
    I am not tracking RPG Cables.
    I like Torrent Cable in that sector which I have already gave a call here.
    See Torrent Power which was recomended by me at below 100 in last March is now over 300....

  6. Rajeev,
    Thanks. I will look into Torrent Cables. Also, another company from Torrent family, Torrent Pharma seems to be good.

    I have a small exposure to XL Tele. I think you has mentioned earlier to switch from this stock. Please comment.

    Telecanor is in continous upper circuit and Lesha Energy is consolidating around 78-80. I have taken small exposure to there counters.

    Sujana Towers seems to be consolidating around 38.