Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A public discloser....To whomsoever It May Concern.......

Today I saw 2 comments from Mr.Samiappa which I have pasted it here.I have also given reply on comment section and I am doing it here as well at front page.
I hope Samiappa read it and understand it properly what is going on......

Samiappa Palanivelan said...

Whomsoever u r...Behave urself when posting comments to my blog...i have clearly mentioned the source of mine, not only in this article but all ...and surely this is not your own creation as you have said...

December 15, 2010 6:54 PM

Samiappa Palanivelan said...

and the comment u posted in my site was :Hey vulgar fellow..Wont you get ashamed of copying content from other websites and pretending to be your own content? It was my own content that you have theft. I will file a case regarding this on you. This is my original post. By RASHI on Manager! on 12/14/10

December 15, 2010 7:01 PM

My Reply to Samiappa:

Rajeev Desai said...

Hi Samiappa,

It looks like there is some misunderstanding going on.

As you have correctly written that I have already mentioned that I got an email and I pasted it here so that is not my own article.

But I didn't understand what u r talking about posting a comment at your blog.I never visted your blog nor I have written any comments there nor I have accused you for anything.

It looks one of the reader must have visited and wrote that but ofcourse it is not me, the owner of this blog,Rajeev Desai.

I will never do such things to anyone.....

December 15, 2010 7:26 PM


  1. Hi Rajeev,

    Thanks for the posts and your blog has been providing valuable insights on various aspects. Seeing the language this person has used he appears to me like a stock driven by some circumstancial operator but without any real value.

    Thanking you once again for sharing your views with us through this blog.

  2. Looks to be a real confusion, why would Rajeevji visit his blog and then make all those comments, may be rajeevji someone has gone out there and pasted that comments.... not sure what is going on.....

  3. Hi Rajeev & Fellow-Bloggers,
    Once again on enice interview by Parag Parikh on ET Now.
    Pasting the link below

    With Regards,

  4. Dear Rajeev Bhai,

    You better use plugin which protect copying your content to prevent this type of time wasting discussion.

    This is 2nd time i am seeing this type of ppl.

    ppl simply use Ctrl+A and copy past in their own blog without providing your source. So please use plugins to protect. Its my request :).

    Thank you Bhai.

  5. Mahesh,
    Thanks for the advice.I will try to do that.I am indebted of such readers who take so much of care of me and so much of love for me.....thanks one again...