Monday, December 26, 2011

Lokpal..........2nd Round..Disappointed with Bachi Karkaria and Sobha Dey's view....

The question that is arising is Anna and his team are overdoing it?
I was watching to Bachi Karkaria and Shobha Dey , well known journalist, on TimesNow and I was actually disaapointed when I heard them.
Bachi Karkaria and Shobha Dey has same view and that is how Team Anna can claim that they are Civil Soceity and how they can ask for amendment?They say there are many Grs who are doing good things for the society , then how Anna and his team can say they are the only one government should hear?
But again coming back to those discussion, I ask Bachi Karkaria and Shobha Dey, without Anna Hazare would government had put the Lokpal Bill so quick?It was first decided to introduced 40 yrs back and nothing happened.
It is only and only because of Anna Hazare, that govermnet has to come out with the Bill and debate is taking place in parliamenet and that too as quick as in few months.The bill that never went on for 4 decades, is put in parliament within 8 months?Isn't that a MIRACLE?And due to whom that has happened?ANNA HAZARE. And now other civil socitey members are saying why only hear Anna and his team?There are others as well.But if Team Anna has brought good point like including class C&D under lokpal, bring CBI under Lokpal and if they are good points and they are actually good points as we all know that CBI under government and that means under corrupt polticians are good for nothing, then instead of supporting Anna Hazare and his team why making things difficult for INDIA and why help Government.

Now , if those so called civil society people feel that Anna's claim is wrong that only they need to be listened, then I don't think Anna Hazare is saying that.Anna Hazare keeps on saying that he wants STRONG LOKPAL BILL.That's it.............
If the demand of bringing CBI out of government clutches is wrong then come out and speak against team Anna.But why questioning Anna's cause?It is only and only because of Anna Hazare we are almost on the verge of passing the Strong Lokpal Bill and now when Lokpal Bill is almost done, why these learned people wants to argue on such things?Where were they for last 40 yrs when no Lokpal Bill was introduced?The reason is they were not popular enough to take a cause and bring crores of people under one roof and when Anna has done that , you people starts questioning him?
That is the charector I am talking of.That is the mentality I am talking of.We are ready to pull the legs of someone who is doing something good and will pull him/her so long that the entire cause becomes null and void.
No one can deny the fact that only due to Anna, Congress has to bend and bring the Lokpal bill on table in 8 months.The thing which never done for 40 years,  four decades, government has to do it in 8 months! And now some civil society groups are taking loggerheads with Anna and his team?
Actually by doing so, these people are playing in the hand of government knowingly or unknowningly.......Jane anjane ye log government ke hath main khel rahe hai......instead of making Anna hands stronger, they are unfortunately working for government.
If Anna would have not kept the pressure , governmnet would never have acted on bringing the Lokpal Bill this quick or I can say rather it would never had come for another 4 decades untill another Anna Hazare comes out.
What Anna Hazare is doing is keeping the pressure buildup constantly to move ahead with lokpal Bill otherwise just a day off not talking on Lokpal and this corrupt politicians will again derail any such move for Lokpal Bill to get presented in parliament and that is the correct way to do it with corrupt politicians anywhere in world.
Instead of discussing what needs to be done and included in Lokpal Bill, noted journalist like Bachi Karkarkia,Sobha Dey speaks what who is Anna and questions his integrity is really a very disturbing scenario from the most qualified and known to be the most broadminded media people of India.I had great regards for these two woman media person.I felt they really understand the situation and speak accordingly but when I saw both of them speaking on Anna and his team , I really was disappointed.Is this the same Bachi Karkaria who come out to fight against anything wrong?Same Sobha Dey who takes side for any discriminating happening in the society?
What has happened to them?I can understand anyone else speaking against Anna not atleast these two.The reason is I have always put woman on much higher level then men when a talk of corruption or discrimantion in society take place.They always come instantly to take side of anything wrong done then how people like Bachi Karkaria and Sobha Dey argue in such a way?

Had they forget the real CAUSE? CORRUPTION!

When Anna Hazare started his fast first time in last April somewhere around and told goverment to work on strong Lokpal Bill and gave them time, I was also not sure whether it will happen or not.The tempo needs to remain and that Anna Hazare and his team has done successfully.In all those months Bachi Karkaria and Sobha Dey or for that matter any party of civil gr could have talked with Anna Hazare team member and joined them.But these civil society people were also not sure whether Anna Hazare will be able to create that much pressure lateron on government to force them introducing Lokpal bill but Anna Hazare and his team did it and now they aree talking all rubbish like Anna Hazare should not dictate things, who is Anna Hazare , Anna Hazare is blackmailing parliament, what Anna is doing is not democratic ..etc etc........
Anna's team consist of very wellknown people and very well educated people who knows the constitution and things like that and these are the poeple who has drafted the bill and instead of joing with Team Anna and making the movement stronger what these celebrties like Sobha Dey , Bachi Karkaria , Vinod Mehta of Out look are doing?
Join  the crusade..........THE WAY ANNA AND HIS TEAM ARE DOING THINGS OR KEEPING PRESSURE UP ON GOVERNMENT IS THE ONLY WAY TO DO IT.......Once there is a division, government will have reason to say to people that we have to listen all civil groups and the take decision.Don't make Anna Hazare hand weak....join with Anna Hazare, only he can do it.....NOONE  WAS  ABLE  TO DO  IT FOR 40 YEARS says that only Anna Hazare was/is able to do it........bringing in strong Lokpal Bill.
This is not the way to do things, this is a democratic country , parliament is not say these words.The days are gone for such thinking........
Instead of fighting for the CAUSE,  the well-learned and pseudo journalist and human righterian has started debating what is wrong and what is right way to do?
For last 40 years , with same sense of thinking, like whether this is the right way to do or not?, Lokpal Bill never get introduced and when Anna Hazare and his team are trying to do things which will open a new milestone in the HISTORY OF INDIA , punishing corrupt politicians and beuracreates , why not join them instead of arguging whether the way Anna is doing is the RIGHTY WAY or WRONG WAY  to do it?
Just imagine a party like congress who has ruled most part of the independence, while keep saying , Who is Anna, or this is not the democratic way etc etc......they have to introduce the bill , that says that Anna's way is democratic otherwise can one imagine what the governmnet can do to Anna and his team?We all kow what congress did to Arvind Kejrewa and Kiran Bedi etc....
According to me, the way ANNA is doing , pressuring government is the RIGHT WAY TO DO THINGS  otherwise let me tell you, this movement can and will end in a BIG FIASCO.......
I have heard, Digvijay singh, Manish Tiwari, Kapil Sibal, Pranab Roy, Lalu Yadav saying , who is Anna?Decisions are not taken on streets or at Jantar Mantar.
Ok...fine.... then why are you bringing the Lokpal Bill so quickly?Why are you  listening Anna Hazare and his team?Is it so that after Apr 2011, Congress the ruling party decided to bring the Lokpal Bill on their own?Was that a selfconscious decision for  GOOD OR BETTERMENT OF PEOPLE OF INDIA?SUDDENLY THE GOVERNMENT STARTED TO THINK ON LOKPAL?
It is a fact that due and only due to Anna Hazare, the Lokpal Bill has been introduced and the pressure he and his team has kept is creating jitters in camp of government.
These media people and other Civil society gr are talking of arrogance of Anna Hazare and we also agree with them.Don't we?
Let me ask one question to you all.
We the people of India never QUESTIONED  a police arrogance when he shows us all rules and regulations , have you seen his face?He looks ominous but as soon as you show him a note of Rs 50 or Rs 100 he will laugh and let you go.
I have seen a  police comstable beating a poor little girl just recently on TV ,who stoled Rs 280 like anything.Who gave them the permission to beat a poor girl who stole Rs 280?So is it so, that politicinas who makes thousands of crores go scot free and a poor girl who stole something worth Rs 280 is taken to task?Is this the system we are talking?
Taking bribe or making scam is lesser evil then stealing food or something like that worth Rs 300?
I ask this question to everyone here.Doesn't your blood boil for that?See how our mind has become.We take these thing normal and has taken for granted what our ploiticians are doing.It is like we have already given permission to all politicians to do whatever they like but if someone else do something then we come out with big Questionarie...........
And now we are talking of Anna Hazare arrogance?Can't we able to see Congress arrogance?Can't we see all polticinas arrogance?Can't we see beurocrates arrogance?Can't we see Havaldar's, PI or PSI  arrogance ?
What we are talking? .......I feel laughing or taking pity of how our mind has become.......

Welldone Anna Hazare.....I am with you.....


  1. well said rajiv... Its true CBI should be Independent and it should have the power to take action on its own. Else what happens..see here...
    I think most of them knew YS Jagan Mohan reddy son of YS Rajasekhar Reddy's [ EX CM of Andhra] has looted the state like any thing. now he is out of congress and has started a new party and started campaigning against congress & Sonia Gandhi.
    Immediately CBI started investigating his assets & his role in OMC mining etc etc.
    After this CBI raids YS Jagan relaised and he is silent and he said that if required our party will support
    Congress in central...and then CBI has slowdown its activities [ infact nothing will happen in future].
    This is how the Central Congress uses the CBI.

    Thats why CBI should be independent and it should have the power to take Sumoto actions.


  2. Dear Raju Bhai

    Lets do something,Your article is so good that i want it to be read by each and everybody,who is true indian,i hope you write a good piece of article mentioning the above points,being........ APOLITICAL, it will help the cause,that is CORRUPTION and sending to your freinds via email SO that it gets forwarded and forwarded,you WRITE EXCELLENTLY,IT TOUCHES THE SOUL WHEN ONE READS IT,you ought to do it.

  3. Hi fundaspeak,
    If someone wants to put my posting at somewhere else , one can do it.I don't mind it untill it shows the source.
    I personally have no time to do it but I don't mind if someone do it.