Saturday, February 27, 2010


The budget was good.I think market gave a thumbs up by going up by 175 points.The bears worry is global cues but I have already written on that.FM has raised the IT rate and raised the slab of income tax and thereby put money in Middle Class pocket which should come back in system....that is the biggest trigger I am seeing in our economy.
Readers keeps on asking me new picks and asking me stocks have run up so if there is new stock I have picked.
I think this is not the right way to look at my blog.I have written many times that read my replies to others and take the cue from it.I can't go on giving same and same answer to each and everyone.
From now onwards I will not entertain any question where I have to give same answer.Read my replies in commets section.Just a day back I referred Cronimet Alloy Ltd which is GMR Ferro Alloy Ltd.The name willbe changed to Cronimet Alloy Ltd in near future.If India is to grow through Infra and Railways then steel consumption is going to be there and hence Chrome Alloy which is used in making steel is going to have great days.Depends upon which co can bring in cheap Chrome Ore and boost its bottomline.....
That was my new pick.But readers has not read my replies properly and come out asking question of same type.Remember I have very limited time to give replies.Try to help me  not ending up asking me redundant questions.
I am here to give stocks which I find cheap in value.I write stocks which have story.These are calls which can come good or maynot come good.It may happen the stock can go down as much as 50% after I gave a call.When to sell and when to hold is absoluetly in hand of readers.
I am in no way responsible for any loss from my calls as the profit is also all yours.


  1. Dear Rajeev

    This message has been taken from MMB Posted by : moneyman1973

    I have noway of knowing if this Yuvraj Karan(chairman of Hazoor) and the one charged twice for absconding with IPO money are the same but im just posting for your info
    Source watchoutinvestors . com


    Public Notice to Investors of Vanishing Companies
    The Capital Market Boom of 1993-94 and 1994-95 witnessed a large number of companies tapping the capital market through public issues. However, some companies which had raised funds by making public issues, later vanished with the investors’ money.

    With a view to bringing such vanished companies into book, action was initiated against them by the Central Government in coordination with the State Governments. FIRs have been filed under the relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code in addition to prosecutions for violation of various provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 in a number of cases. Action against these companies is also being regularly monitored through a Coordination and Monitoring Committee comprising of the representatives of Ministry of Company Affairs and SEBI.

    No. Name of the company (including its old name incase the company has changed its name)
    Name of Promoters/Directors Date of incorporation Date of Public issue Name & address of Police Station, where FIR is filed FIR No. & Dated
    11. Vipul Securities Limited.
    J S Bhatnagar
    Yuvraj Karan
    Bakthabachalu Bhaskaran
    Nilesh Ganjwala
    Vinod Agarwala
    Prabhat Maheshwari
    Tara Mantri
    B.D. Jain
    Vinod Baid 11.8.94 02. 02.96 EOW/Crime Branch, CID Mumbai/Marine Drive Police Station, Churchgate 245/04
    3. Auriferous Aqua Farms Ltd.
    Yuvraj Karan
    S R Ashok
    J Gopal Reddy
    Keshav Bhupal
    Shravan Kumar
    J Sridhar Reddy
    L V Subba Reddy
    M Sridhar
    M Venugopal Reddy 18.02.93 March,95 Kushaiguda Police Station, Secunderabad 124/

  2. Message From MMB
    Posted by : rvk41
    Hazoor Multi Projects has divested its holding in Hazoor Township Developers (P) by 45.83% to Pane Software.

    With this, Hazoor Township Developers (P) has become Associate of Parle Software from Feb. 9, 2010, while it will continue to be the subsidiary and 54.17% of its capital will be held by the company.

    This strategic divestment by the company will augment the financial resources of the Special Purpose Vehicle, Hazoor Township Developers (P), which will enable to scale up its operations in the field of infrastructure and real estate development.

    This financial tie up by the subsidiary will enhance the shareholders value of its holding company.

    For information,with regards

    Rajeev sir some positive news about company and some negative news about promoters iam
    now totally confused waiting for your clarfication

  3. nirash,
    It is good that u went to messageboard to read members view.But that is others view.
    What we need to do is find our own place to get conviction.We need to decide by ourselves that whether members at mmb has written hass still any substance left or not.We need to verify by ourselves.
    For that we need to go to SHP on BSE site and see whether Yuvraj Karan is there on board or not.Then see the AR or Dir Report and see what is his position.
    I went through all these and found that Yuvraj Karan is now a Non Executive Chairman....more next time...