Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy to see.......Stride Arcolab is making 52 week high...320....

that my stocks like Rasandik Eng, Spanco, Genesys Int,laffans Petro , Lesha Energy , Supreme Petro, Vishnu Chem, Simmond Marshall etc   are making new highs or moving up when market is down.......
This gives immense pleasure to  me that when other investors are losing in their stock my followers are atleast not losing much......even when some stock are losing ground due to recent meltdown.There is some respite for them.....


Stride Arcolab , I recomended at 235 went to 299 and came down to 275.I am seeing today a price of 320 which is 52 week high......
So all doubts are laid to rest with Stride making 52 weeks high......
I again write here, this is not the place for  ST calls.....or F&O......so don't visit this place for ST or daily trade.......


  1. hi rajeev
    there again is a buy call on rishi laser, an old pick of yours.what do u think.how is man ind some buying happening in the script.
    have bought some spnco n srei recently.can i add more on current levels also

  2. Dear Rajeevji,

    Thanks for your recommendations. I have bought Poddar Pigments in my portfolioand it has also not tumbled drastically in this meltdown.


  3. Raima,
    Man Ind is looking extremly good.Go ahead and buy it....multibagger in making.
    They already have 2500 cr order book and MD expect to make it 5000 cr.Man Ind recently clinched a single order of Rs 1350 cr and that speak about the capacity of Man Ind and that order from overseas is to be completed in a year....Great buy at this rate...

  4. mech,
    There should be movement in Poddar Pigments from next week or from tommorow.
    The reason is Poddar Pig has closed buying back of shares from open market.They were buying from the open market and that is why the price was suprresed and was not going up but now as they have finished buyback from open market, it should shootup.....

  5. sir, i am holding west coast paper mills at 70 levels and piramal glass at 60 levels. Request if you can pls provide ur comments on the same.

  6. Dear Rajeevji ,

    Do you track INSILCO or can you provide some comments on this company from long term perspective.
    Regards ,


  7. Hi Rajeev,
    I bot Stride arco at 299 then it went to 270 levels, and today i seen 310..
    what is the impact of below news ?
    "Strides Arcolab Ltd has informed BSE regarding a Press Release dated February 09, 2010 titled "Strides Arcolab Announces USFDA approval for Labetalol Hydrochloride Injection, USP - Total Approvals in Sterile Space at 18". "

  8. Om, it made a 52 week high today....do you think I have to write what was the impact?
    That was the impact you saw today....

  9. Thank you Sir ji..
    I read your Happy to See .. blog..
    Can you please suggest if there is any link or place where all your reco stocks are maintained? since I am following ur blog from 2-3 months, and investing whtever small amount in every reco.. but still when you write such columns, i come across very new names which were not said in last 3 months.. hence get confused if These Rasandik Eng, Genesys Int,laffans Petro , Lesha Energy , Supreme Petro, Vishnu Chem, Simmond Marshall are STILL BUY or not??

  10. Hi Rajeev Desai,
    I wrote a few postings by the name "pennywize" in Money Control long time back. I wrote to your email address also a few times. In one of my mails to you, if you remember, I mentioned about "Marg Constructions" when it was quoting below its face value, being traded in physical form.

    Have you had a look at Concurrent Infrastructure (I) Ltd recently? Kushagra Software was merged into this company. Have a look at their web site www.concurrentindia.com. The interesting part is, promoters have increased their stake from 13% to more than 50% in one year. I think Money Control's thread on this stock also has some information on this scrip. Just quoting around its face value. A high-risk, high-profit case I think. I request your views.

  11. Hi Krishna,
    I track Concurrent Infra and I know what u wrote...
    Looking good as high risk high gain stock.....if u wnat to talk further mail me....

  12. Rajeevji,

    Do you track Roman tarmat, how is this company lokking you for long term?


  13. Dear Rajiv,
    Request for your expert comments on Kilburn Engg ltd. It has recently completed its buy back. has a pe of 1, the promoters holding is also high and it has respectable clients.Presently trading at 54 only, though it is the 52 week high but it is slowly moving up.
    Regards, Sandeep

  14. hi rajeev spanco is in upmode.yash raj contaner in continuous upper circuit since a few days.way to go. u really can pick gems.what r ur views on todays fall.

  15. Dear Rajeev,

    Spanco on Fire i think market found out the valuation it should trade minimum around 300 which would be a P/E of 15 on EPS of 20 FY2010 so till then i think SPANCO would be on fire

  16. Hi,
    Do you track BLS Infotech? Just saw in BSE India and their results are amazing. Any idea?

  17. Prem,
    Write me what u find amazing in results?

  18. Utkarsh,
    I do not track Roman Termat....

  19. Sandeep,
    Kilburn is looking good...

  20. Dear Mr Rajeev

    There is great news about Surya Roshni which appears on Financial chroncial today

    LIGHTING major Surya Roshni on Wednesday said it will invest Rs 20,000 crore in the next few years for setting up steel manufacturing and power plants, through an associate company.

    "We are planning huge expansions for the Surya group. We are planning to set up a 1,000 mw power plant and a steel plant with a capacity of 5 million tonnes (mt) per annum, both in Karnataka," chairman and managing director of the company JP Agarwal said.

    He said the total investment in these two projects would be around Rs 20,000 crore, which the company will raise through a mix of debt and equity.

    "We will also bring an initial public offering (IPO) for these projects which will be operated through a different company called Surya Vijaynagar Power and Steel and we will also rope in foreign investors for the purpose," Agarwal said.

    However, he declined to give further details saying that the specifics are yet to be worked out.

    Surya Roshni also announced the launch of energy efficient T5 and T8 tubelights, which it claims can save up to 85 per cent power. Speaking about the company's other plans, he said Surya is also setting up two steel pipe manufacturing plants in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh with a total investment around Rs 550 crore.

    Surya Roshni reported a revenue of Rs 1,750 crore in the previous financial year and is expecting a turnover of Rs 2,000 crore in FY10.

    As the two new pipe plants would start production in the next financial year, the company is aiming for a turnover of more than Rs 5,000 crore by 2011-12.

  21. Rasandik doing very well, Sujana Consolidating more and more. Spanco would be on non stop upper circuits there is a an update that its close to winning a deal from Power Grid on IT Support to Power Grid Network Order might be worth several 100's of crores. If this deal matures its journey would be even faster

  22. nirash,
    I have always tried to give calls that are fundamentally sound.
    Surya Roshni was one of them.I was seeing the capital there were putting and were intending to put.
    I was able to visulaize the growth and hence I recomended at around 35 at that time giving all reasons.
    It is just a matter of time when that fruits of expansion shows up in bottomline.It can take a year or even 2 but that was going to happen.
    That is why I always write, my calls are not for ST.Those who wnats quick return should find some other place to look at....

  23. Dear Mr Rajeev

    I have purchased 500 shares @Rs 40 per shares after seeing your recommendation, Normally i tend to sell 50% of my holding after achieving the 100%, but this share
    i want to put under exceptional category.
    I recently added following stock
    1) Ennore coke
    2) Man Industries
    3) Shri Infra
    4) Poddar Pigments

    Iam also benefited by investing at spanco at Rs 70

    Thanks for recommendations

    ever grateful

  24. Hi rajeev ji, if Kilburn Engg ..is going cheap ..why it still not moved ? is that market knows something which we dont? is that it has high debt levels ?
    Also thanks for ur spanco call..i addeded many of ur picks recently..pls suggest if i can enter kilburn & yashraj cont at this level ?