Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd.....cmp..Rs 5.01..FV 4..

I am giving you all a homework to do.Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd.I have seen some development taking place in this Co.It is a Dark Horse according to me.
Even I have to take a look more judiciouly.I just came through some annoucement at bse and hence has written it in past the promoters were having bad name.But seems the Co has come out from that and I am looking positively from hereon to Hazoor Media Projects Ltd.But utmost due diligence needs to be taken before going for this Co.But I am looking positively at this Co.....but if things settles as I see, then this can be a good earner in future.......
Let us see how many comes out with what!
I am able to diggin some very interesting things here......


  1. Dear mr Rajeev

    This message has been taken from MMB Posted by : moneyman1973

    I have noway of knowing if this Yuvraj Karan(chairman of Hazoor) and the one charged twice for absconding with IPO money are the same but im just posting for your infoSource watchoutinvestors . com


    Public Notice to Investors of Vanishing Companies
    The Capital Market Boom of 1993-94 and 1994-95 witnessed a large number of companies tapping the capital market through public issues. However, some companies which had raised funds by making public issues, later vanished with the investors’ money.

    With a view to bringing such vanished companies into book, action was initiated against them by the Central Government in coordination with the State Governments. FIRs have been filed under the relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code in addition to prosecutions for violation of various provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 in a number of cases. Action against these companies is also being regularly monitored through a Coordination and Monitoring Committee comprising of the representatives of Ministry of Company Affairs and SEBI.

    No. Name of the company (including its old name incase the company has changed its name)
    Name of Promoters/Directors Date of incorporation Date of Public issue Name & address of Police Station, where FIR is filed FIR No. & Dated
    11. Vipul Securities Limited.
    J S Bhatnagar
    Yuvraj Karan
    Bakthabachalu Bhaskaran
    Nilesh Ganjwala
    Vinod Agarwala
    Prabhat Maheshwari
    Tara Mantri
    B.D. Jain
    Vinod Baid 11.8.94 02. 02.96 EOW/Crime Branch, CIDMumbai/Marine Drive Police Station, Churchgate 245/04 7/10/2004
    3. Auriferous Aqua Farms Ltd.
    Yuvraj Karan
    S R Ashok
    J Gopal Reddy
    Keshav Bhupal
    Shravan Kumar
    J Sridhar Reddy
    L V Subba Reddy
    M Sridhar
    M Venugopal Reddy 18.02.93March,95 Kushaiguda Police Station, Secunderabad 124/
    February 28, 2010 10:28

    Message From MMB
    Posted by : rvk41
    Hazoor Multi Projects has divested its holding in Hazoor Township Developers (P) by 45.83% to Pane Software.
    With this, Hazoor Township Developers (P) has become Associate of Parle Software from Feb. 9, 2010, while it will continue to be the subsidiary and 54.17% of its capital will be held by the company.

    This strategic divestment by the company will augment the financial resources of the Special Purpose Vehicle, Hazoor Township Developers (P), which will enable to scale up its operations in the field of infrastructure and real estate development.

    This financial tie up by the subsidiary will enhance the shareholders value of its holding company.

    For information,with regards

    Rajeev sir some positive news about company and some negative news about promoters iam
    now totally confused waiting for your clarfication

  2. nirash,
    Yuvraj Karan is now a non executive Chairman.
    I hope u understand what is meant by non executive chairman.....but still if u don;t understand the meaning write me.I will tell u what it means.....and I think u understand what it means for the Co now...

  3. Hi rajeev. In past promoters have alloted shares@ 20 to themselves. BV is 11. Parle software have bought stake@around 4-5. These are positives I found. Rest waiting to hear from u. Bye Ravi

  4. Parle Software has acquired 45.83% stake in Hazoor Township Developers (P), which is a subsidiary of Hazoor Multi-Projects.Here is Vikas Shukla, Managing Director,Parle Software in an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18.Please watch it.

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  7. Diversified shareholding to help get bank licence By :Rajendra M Palande & Manju A B
    Feb 28 2010 From Financial Chronical

    Srei Infrastructure Finance were the first ones to say they would seek banking licences

    Companies with diversified shareholding stand a good chance of getting licences to start banks. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) plans to start a fresh round of licensing, following the budget announcement of allowing new banks in the private sector.
    In a radical shift in its policy stance, RBI is now open to allowing a company or a corporate group to hold the majority stake in new banks to be licensed. It is drawing up a new set of guidelines that will, among other things, take into account how diversified the shareholding in the promoter company is.
    Usha Thorat, RBI de-­puty governor, has said the central bank would entertain applications from companies but permission to them to hold stakes much higher than the current threshold of 10 per cent would depend on how widely distributed their shareholding was.
    “To give additional licences to corporate houses will be a challenge for RBI,” said Abizer Diwanji, financial services head at KPMG. Though RBI had said companies with diversified shareholding would be preferred, to allow 100 per cent shareholding to a single corporate entity would be a tough call, he said.
    Present guidelines on ownership and governance in private sector banks state: “In the interest of diversified ownership of banks, the objective will be to ensure that no single entity or group of related entities has shareholding or control, directly or indirectly, in any (private) bank in excess of 10 per cent of its paid- up capital.”
    Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group’s Reliance Capital, Aditya Birla group and Srei Infrastructure Finance were the first ones to say they would seek banking licences. The Tata group and Larsen & Toubro, which too have ambitions of owning banks, are also expected to apply for licences once the RBI makes the new guidelines public.
    The India head of a consulting firm, who did not want to be named, said, “There is a significant shift in RBI’s stance on ownership of private sector banks. It might even allow a new bank owned 100 per cent by a company or a group. If one were to go by what the deputy governor has said, only a couple of corporate groups would quality.”

    Groups with very diversified ownership included Tata Sons and L&T, he said, suggesting that they could be preferred to others in the issue of licences.
    Present guidelines also allow large industrial houses to acquire, by way of strategic investment, shares not exceeding 10 per cent of the paid- up capital of a bank, subject to RBI’s prior approval. Moreover, the cap could apply also to important shareholders with other commercial affiliations. This provision is set to undergo a change as RBI prepares a new set of guidelines, which will incorporate norms to ensure that the shareholders are “fit and proper” to own a bank.
    The ‘fit and proper’ criterion underlines the need for the applicant’s integrity, reputation and track record in financial matters and compliance with tax laws. It also takes in to account whether the applicant has been the subject of any proceedings of a serious disciplinary or criminal nature, or has been notified of any such impending proceedings or any investigation which may lead to such proceedings. The criterion will continue to apply for new banks, RBI’s Thorat had told reporters after the budget on Friday.

  8. Dear Mr Rajeev

    I want to khow what is the role of Non executive chairman , Whether he can preside over board meeting and also posed voting right etc, expecting valuable input in this regard

  9. PAE Limited (PAE) has entered into an agreement with Schneider Electric India for distribution of their Xantrex range of products in India.
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    Executive Director & CEO, PAE Limited

  10. nina,
    That was excellent diggin.MD of Parle Project was not able to give answer from where they will be able to generate 125 cr.
    I am surprised to see how a MD of a Co cannot give proper answer from where they are going to bring the cash they wants to invest in the project.
    But what I am seeing is that Hazoor pro is having land already with them and they will go for QIP or pref allotment.But after hearing the MD of Parle I am hesitant for taking big stake in it.
    Just buy a token quantity in Hazoor Multi as if the money is gone and take a chance....that's all I will say....

  11. nirash,
    According to me, Non Executive Chairman has absoluetly no anything..he is just a rubberstamp....sign what comes to him..that's all....

  12. Rajeev,Promoters Eaugu Udyog Ltd holds 46.7% in hazoor and 60.65% in Parle software.

  13. yes nina,
    But we don't know the new promoters well.....I know the management has changed in Hazoor Media and Parle Soft....but unless they come out with something concrete vision we can't bet big on it.I saw the report u gave the well...looks good.If what they write is correct ,land the possess then Hazoor would be a good bet...keeping the fingure crossed...

  14. Hi Rajeev

    Wishing you a very happy Holi. I wanted to know your views on Bajaj Holdings Limited.