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With passing of time and market moving up and up it is becoming very hard to find good funndamentals stocks still going abegging.

Off late Apar Ind has also started moving so I think PSL Ltd is now the only stock that as not moved at all or rather given a negative return.

1) Vishnu Chem Ltd..cmp..Rs 117

2) Srei Infra Ltd...cmp Rs 137

3) Ennore Coke Ltd....cmp Rs.122

These stocks still looks excellent even at this valuation.Let us see where these 3 stocks will go by next Diwali ...along with other stocks.
Sujana Towers and Spanco has moved much higher in a very short period and they both have moved in such a manner that if someone wants to sell high and buy low, they never get a chance to buy it again because the price which they were sold never came back.
So those who tried to trade in it lost the delivery.
Well , one of my friend told me that Shankar Sharma gave recently an interview in which he said that he is bearish on Tata Motors and is short in it.
Yesterday I read RJ's interview as well and he says he is bullish on Tata Motors and he has holdings in Tata Motors .
These two persons has always has a fight whenever they came in TV and seems that the business channel do not want them to come again this time to avoid any hotup scene so we saw Raakesh giving an interview alone and Shankar Sharma giving interview somewhere else.
I love Shankar Sharma as much as I love Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.
Because without Shankar Sharma and other experts , retail participation will never have been so low.They always gave reason , valid reason according to them, to show that market will not make a new high.
I have been writing again and again here that market will make a new high and this can happen in this year as well and that has come true.
I have been critisized for giving such predictions but I still wrote what I was able to foresee and I am glad that my predictions has come true.
Coming back to SS and other expert , they kept on giving cautious advice and kept investors out for the whole year.They themself didn't buy nor let anyone buy anything.These expert needs to understand that when they speak in public , investors hears them and believe them so when they can see that they are proving wrong then they need to accept the defeat and stop giving same view of market is overvalued again and again.
Actually , after getting wrong again and again , they needs to be ashamed to come out and speak on market.Instead they keeps on coming again and again to prove wrong!
Being an expert in the market they need to understand that they are proving wrong again and again ,means they are not able to read the market or macro or micro economics signs and hence proving wrong.......These are the basic understanding one needs to have...It is very simple to understand these.But that simple understanding is not seen with best of experts.
I have seen that education alone is not enough to take correct decision.You needs to be level headed.If one is not level headed it makes no sense what degrees you have acquired.
I have always written here, History never repeats.....because if history repeats then there should be way to stop it before it happens but that is not the case.Everytime market comes out with new reasons.One can see that even all expert were bearish market made a new high and it will go up much further to touch 31k by end 2011 which also I have predicted much much earlier , if someone is reading me from Jan 2009.
Market will go much higher even then 31k.....
Market is headed high and the type of correction expert are expecting will never come.Stock keeps on surprising on upper side.One think that it has runup too much so needs to correct but that may not happen as is seen in the case of Sujana Towers and Spanco Ltd.
Well, let me give you one clue.While reading Rakesh , he said, he will sell his entire stake in Titan Ltd not less then $1 bn ,means at Rs 4400 cr .Investment in a single stock will fetch him Rs 4400 cr! Now if someone can see how much he holds now ,means shares, and try to find out at what price these holding will fetch him Rs 4400 cr or $1 bn then one can come to the price what he is expecting in future for Titan Ltd.
What is the sense of saying market is overvalaued at 10k and at 14k and at 18k and even at 21k?
It means that when they spoke of market is overvalued at 10k, they were wrong as it went to 14k.At 14k they felt market is overheated but market tocuhed 18k, so at 14 k also they went wrong and that means market was not overvalued at 14k and now from 18k market has made all time high at 21k and still they feel that market will come down and they will get a chance to buy?
They keeps on giving lower targets and they keeps on going wrong.I have seen Shankar Sharma always giving bearish call on Ril Ind and L&T.He always spoke that both should come to around 500 as the fundamental is not such to have that price.But L&T is making new highs and I have been recomending this stocks since long that L&T is the stock of the DECADE.
Those who have bought must be sitting on excellent return and it has long way to go.
I have recomended Seimens when analyst were bearish and see where Seimens is now.I have recomended Sesa Goa when expert were bearish and see where it is now.I gave a call on Coal India for applying and some readers told me some experts are not advising to apply and see where Coal India is listed.
Some people says they like Shankar Sharma because he has guts to speak against market view...that is utter rubbish.After going wrong again and again he keeps on speaking same thing is not GUTS but ARROGANCE or STUBORNNESS.... THAT IS NOT GUTS....when I see such view for Shankar Sharma I feel that what thinking that person is having ......that he is calling Arrogance as GUTS! It means they themselves do not know what is arrogance and what is guts....they are not able to differentiate between the meaning of Arrogance and Guts....

I think that interview came in NDTV Profit along with Ramdeo Agarwal, Sanju Verma and Jayaram.See , if anyone can give me the link......I would like to see it.....


  1. Dear Rajeev Sir,
    Wishing you happy & prosperous new year.
    Prashanth Rajput.

  2. Rajeev, Wish you a happy diwali..

    This is one of best blog post.

  3. Thanks for your views boss. You are phenomenal! Your views have helped many a people to earn a lot. Wish the same success for future calls too!
    If you have time, please throw some light on the effect of issue of share warrants by companies and the effect of their conversion to shares. Further I want to learn about the effect of equity dilution by a co. I am bit confused regarding it's effect. I feel that if a co. saves on interest cost and expands the business using the equity capital, why then it should be detrimental to shareholders interest. Please help, as it will be of immense help.
    Also, can you throw some light on Ramsarup Industries, Zicom securities, Micro Tech, Southern Ispat and Energy limited and K sera sera? Hope you will not mind my putting extra burden on you. Wish you happy and meaningful Deepawali!
    and yes, your help will enable us to put money earned on social works.

  4. One more question, can I go for PSL now? Sorry to bother you.

  5. Hi GG,
    Ur query on convertible warrants, debt and expansion of eq are lengthy to answer.I can't anwser it here.It takes too much time....
    When I have already given 3 stocks recently why you wants to go for PSL Ltd?

  6. RJ saying will sell only if i get 1 Billion USD = 4,400 crores

    he holds 3,826,061 shares of titan, If Titan touches 12,500 bucks he would make 1 Billion USD profit

  7. Hi Rajeev,
    What are the stocks do you see to gain healthily from now to about 3 years time frame?

  8. Ramki,
    do u think I have to write about it after reading my post here where u asked the query?



  10. Dhiman,
    Many Many thanks.I am seeing it and after that I will come out with my view in it....good discussion taking place....

  11. Dear Rajeevji,

    How are you ? I hope you enjoyed Divali.

    Recently found one stock which is under my scanner. Visaka Industries Ltd with Cmp: Rs 146.
    A manufacturing company having good track record of growth and is continuously reducing its debits and paying decent dividents.Mcap of 233cr & sales of 601cr(2009-2010) equity of 15.88cr.EPS of 36.03(2009-2010).Anual report 2009-2010 is given below

    After Going through the anual report, I got the impression that management is very much serious about the business and the future growth. Rajeevji please have a look at this company and advice whether this is a good pick or not

    Regards and thanks

    Vishnu R Nair

  12. Rajeev,

    This sentence from your post impressed me


    This is truly a Global Thinking, an Un-Selfish thinking that cares about everyone.

    Many Many Deepavali wishes from me.


  13. Hi Rajeev,
    I searched for the particular interview you mentioned, but found only part of it. The link is as follows

    Also came across latest (4th Nov.) interview of SS which link is posted below.

    I would love your comments on them.

    With Regards,

  14. thanks vikas,
    Dhiman gave the link for full version....

  15. Hi Rajiv
    can you please give your input on HB portfolio Ltd?

    At current price of around Rs. 42 market cap of HB Portfolio Ltd. is around 50 crores. As per annual report 2010 company has Cash & Bank Balances more that 14 crores(Precisely Rs 140643338) on consolidated balance sheet . You can access annual report from company's website . So, effective market cap after reducing cash is 36 cr. Company does not have any debt .Can you imaging how much stocks and mutual fund unit this company hold ? As on 31st march 2010 value of stock portfolio is 185 cr (Rs 185,13,13,967) and mutual fund units of 10 crores (Rs 9,98,89,044) . Company is also having unquoted investment worth 39.29 crores (Rs 392897303) in associates companies at book value. For more details refer blog

  16. Mahendra,
    I saw your blog and u have written everything and explained nicely.
    HB Portfolio looks good and so is HB Estate.
    Now when market gives thumbs up to both of them need to see.....
    Only thing they need to do is they needs to be consistant in bottomline....
    Means, if you looks at the Np of HB Port, then June 2010 Np is less then June 2009! That is not good.When the stocks have runup how the Np can be less then last year?
    That is the reason market is not giving good discounting and that is why I have not recomended here at my blog though I track them...
    The bottomline needs to keep going up....if there is no growth then how market will give big discounting?

  17. Hai Rajeev,

    Wish you happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year.

    Belated wishes, as I was out of town and not accessible to net.

    Wish you happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year.
    Bhargav M


  19. Sekar,
    Pondy Oxide is a buy and more buy on any dips...