Thursday, November 11, 2010

SUNIL HITECH ENGINEERS LTD..cmp Rs174.15...excellent Infrastructure Co...


I am talking today on SUNIL HITECH ENGINEERS LTD.
This is an excellent Infrastructure Co which is lying low due to bad results for one qr.
But I like this Co very very much.I remember I gave call on Mcnally Bharat at 50, Marg Ltd at 50,Gayatri Project at 160,JMC Project at 80 from my mmb days,Man Ind at 55 and many more in contruction sector like Shreeram EPC below 100,Madhucon project below 100 and 10 paid up etc etc....
SUNIL HITECH ENGINEERS LTD. is one of such Co which will give excellent returns in LT.

As of now the Mcap is 213 cr and sales is 728 cr last year and hence we can say that we get a 730 cr odd Co at 213 cr ! It is cheap.Go for it...

The AR report boast as under:

1) 11,245 MW
Through the complex complement of domain software with hardware.
At Sunil Hitech, this is the customer portfolio size we created in over a decade.
2.) 8 percent This percentage represents the proportion of India’s power generation capacity addressed by Sunil Hitech.
3) 21 Percent is the business adderessed by Sunil Hitech as a proportion of India's projected 11th plan wattage.
4) Sunil Hitech have 45 operational sites.
6)10,000 people works there.
7)13 Indian states in which Sunil Hitech enjoys an embedded presence.
8)11,245 Capacity commissioned by Sunil Hitech (megawatts).
9)30 The size of the first EPC-based multi-fuel power plant (in megawatts) that Sunil Hitech constructed for Gangakhed Sugar and Energy Limited (GSEL) in 2009.
10)18 The record time (in months) in which Sunil Hitech commissioned a 6,000-tpd-cane-crushing facility, 60,000 litres per day ethanol unit and a 30-MW power plant for GSEL.( This shows they plan the contract and execute it well in time......I like such Co)
11)487 The first large balance-of-plant (BoP) order (in Rs. cr) Sunil Hitech bagged from Mahagenco,covering 250 MW in March 2010.

Well after looking at the above parametres , I don't think I have to write more on this Co.


  1. Rajeev,

    whats ur view on this???

    I know people have made money in scrips with bad management. But, should we start giving lesser importance to management quality????? This stock might double but ...


  2. Ramesh,
    Hadn't we seen in past that even Wipro office was searched and was accused of dubious record?Hadn't we seen even Ril Ind was not charged?In past Sterlite Ind was also charged.
    These are part and parcel of business in India.If you wants not to BUY u r always FREE to do so.
    My work is to bring an undervalued stock on my blog and rest decision are all yours......if you feel that this is not a good management quality Co,no one will force you here to BUY Sunil Hitech Ltd.I assure you about that.

  3. I never said that ur forcing ppl to buy
    but if u dont like anybody talking negative about ur recom, dont allow anybody to comment.U posted something positive and I posted something negative.

  4. ramesh,
    I would have loved to see ur positive response as well for some of my picks if not all.....

  5. Friends and ramesh,
    What I do not understand is I explained what happened with Ril Ind, Sterlite Ind and even Wipro all blue chip Cos....
    I think everyone feels I do not like negative views.
    Is it so?I would like everyone to give me an opinion here about what they feel.
    All these things like CBI raid,IT raid etc keeps happening in India and in world stock market as well.That is part and parcel of stock market anywhere in the world.
    Sometimes I feel, somereaders feels elated to show that they differ and can give negative views.They wants to show they are neutral and I made a mistake and I need to accept it.
    How many readers come out to accept their mistake when they prove wrong?Will anyone let me know that?
    Who has that guts to come out and speak that I was right and they proved wrong?
    Everyone wants to critisize me but no one is looking to himself.....

  6. Dear Rajeevji,

    I am following ur calls since 2003. No need to say abt ur intelligence and timely calls. I am having each and every stock u had recommended. I remember u had given step to find a stock.Using that parameters I had come up with 2 stocks out which I bot 2day.

    1. SJVN LTD
    2. Nagarjun agrichem ltd

    Request you to look into this and comment on that. Take ur own time.

    Kind regards,

  7. Hi Shashikant,
    SJVN Ltd and Nagarjun Agri both are an excellent LT stock....

  8. Dear rajeev,

    I am a regular follower of your recommendation. actually i have learned to analyse a stock fundamentally from your blog after you have posted jhunjhunwalas post. I have improved a lot in studying the company fundamentally.So we know as majorty would accept your future vision. you identify the stocks much earlier than others. At the time when you identify the said stocks appears to be small etc., but as the time goes buy these companies only become big and every body follows it and try to catch it when the juice is already gone.
    what matters is whether you have made money in the market or not.

    So my request is to ignore such comments and continue posting your recommendations.

    M.Sri Mahidar
    Trend is friend.


  10. Hi Rajeev

    I have taken some position in Srei Infra at 135 and can further invest in the stock since it is correction. My only request is Can you guide me on its 1-2 years target.

    Many Thanks



  11. sekar,
    you wrote the otherway round.
    Vishnu Chem old name was Keystone Ind and Ennore Coke old name was Khatoo Syn.

    The new name of Vishnu Chem and Ennore Coke are still same....

  12. Yash,
    Don't worry about fluctuation.Buy more Srei on dips....

  13. Hi Rajeev,

    I would love to know your view on Photoquip India.


  14. Hello Rajeevji, am here...:-), remember me... Sical is going great guns but unfortunately didn't purchase it at 60 levels, also I think it is a great time to buy jyothi ltd and jamna auto at these levels..hope am not wrong in saying that..

  15. Hi reshma,
    Sical is stil a buy.Journey has just started.
    Jyoti Ltd and Jamna Auto are still a buy.
    Jamna Auto was up even in down market....

  16. Thanks for your reply rajeevji,also Arihant superstructures was on upper limit for the entire week and today broke out, saw your article on that earlier as well, they have a board meeting tomorrow hope things goes on well ,the stock was trading at around 70 levels today moved till 90 odd, hope it continues the upward journey :-) , one more stock in your big big success list... take care.

  17. Rajiv Bhai,

    On your Sunil Hi tech Call. It seems that promoters are more interested in Sugar Can & Crashing Business that is the reason investors are disappointed.

    Again the amount investment in Sister concern Gangakhed Sugar & Energy Limited all that needs to be seen before investing

  18. mahesh,
    In your query I am pasting this which is as under:
    "Hitech bags order worth Rs 173.55 crore
    PM NEWS BUREAU Monday, July 26, 2010, 12:40 Hrs [IST]

    Sunil Hi Tech Engineers Ltd. has forayed into the airport infrastructure sector by bagging an order from the Maharashtra Airport Development Corporation for the construction of pre-engineered building and allied works for warehousing at Mihan. The project worth Rs 51 crores will be jointly executed with Phenix Building Solutions Pvt Ltd and the company.

    Besides the airport project, the company has bagged several new projects worth Rs 173.55 crores in the first quarter of the current financial year. With this, the company’s order book stands strong at Rs 1890 crores which is to be executed within next 2-3 years.

    Other projects include civil work for ash bund for MAHAGENCO, structural works for REL, RINL & Adani Power; erection of boiler, its auxiliaries & ESP and critical piping for BHEL and REL among others. The company holds robust order book position worth Rs 1890 crore which is to be executed within a period of 24 to 36 months."

    And this shows they are foraying in Airport
    Did you read that in annoucement at bse?
    Does this news makes any difference to your view now?
    Write me what you think of it.....

  19. Hi reshma,
    Arihant is still a buy.Keep a watch on Patel Airtemp and Arrow Textile Ltd.
    Digjam Ltd also looks good.

  20. Hi Rajeev,

    Any view on Kohinoor Broadcast Corp Ltd?

  21. Well, i took position in Sunil hitech today @ 159....I am sure it will give great rreturns in times to come. Thx Rajeev ji.

  22. Hi Rajeev,

    Its a great work you are doing with your blog, which is absolutely free for all. Whether some people understand or not I can understand the pain of selecting a stock hidden from many. So, I wish you all the best and keep up the good work.

    I was apprehensive initially but now I feel Sunil is a good prospect with long-term view.

    Also, I have posted my own stock selection SPML INFRA on my blog. Just check and let me know of your views on it too.

    Long live blogging.