Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obama Visit fetched $15 bn and 72k new jobs for USA.......

Obama visits to India is over.He has been able to garner $15 bn worth of business and from that 72k new jobs will be created in USA.
Well, I haven't gone through all the views and experts says on his visit but what I was able to gather was some were not satisfied and some were not very much satisfied.
Well, India is trying to pressurize USA to do something on the extremist attack which is taking place from our neighbour.Why USA will tell them?It has different relation with them and that is never going to happen.
Everyone has to fight his own battle.Be it a country or be it individual.Whatever comes across us, we need to fight it out at our own.No one can do nothing.
Sabko apni ladai khud ladni hai.Doosra kya karega?
If India cannot fight it out itself then we need to sit and observe it like a coward.
That's all I will say here nothing more.
Obama was under very tight rope at home and naturally he was here to boost his economy.There is nothing wrong in it.If a person like US president think that way, what is wrong?Don't we think of terrorism and seek help from America?I donno, what we keeps on thinking.Mentality needs to get changed.Attitude needs to get changed.
"Otherwise we will be still there even  after 50 yrs because even if we grow from hereon for 50 yrs, world by that time have moved many times more then what we would have done in next 50 yrs."
Try to understand what I am saying.It is complex to understand what I have written up but once understood , one will be able to understand what I am saying.
We can't afford to remain like what we are doing this pace we will be no where in next 50 yrs.
Can you Imagine what would have happend to Indian Telecom sector  if "Sam Pitroda" would have not been brought by Rajiv Gandhi from USA ?Just imagine.........
Let me first explain things in International arena.What is what and who is who.
We have NSC.Nuclear Security Council (NSC) and the member who are there have the permission to look at other countries nuclear capabilities.
Obama has promised to see that India gets seat in NSC.That is a big thing. Due to the detonating of Atom Bomb , India has been debarred from any use of nulcear capacity and that was an obvious reaction by the world as we have got the knowhow of detonating the Nuclear Bomb which world has seen in 2nd world war in Nagasaki and Heroshima in Japan.
And hence we can't use the dual N-technology for our ISRO and others plants in Karnataka etc.
We don't have Uranium.I am even not sure whether we have the knowhow to enrich the Uranium to be used in Civil Nuclear power?Due to those contrainst no one in the world sell us Uranium for peaceful purpose as we needs more of it to use it in a Power project and we don't have that much wiht us.
The question arises is what we have?What knowhow we have to show to the world?Culture?What can we do from that?We are ZERO except in Information Technology.
I read sometime back that a scientist made a sucide because he was not let do what he wanted to.Some innovation, something new.
That is the mental attitude in India.If someone is doing something new, he will never get the support.Be it an Institution or parents.Every parents wants their children to become a Doctor or Engineer.Students makes sucide.
We should actually thank Prez George Bush to have the nuclear power plant before his tenure ended and he made it sure that it is passed in senate even though we were having sanction on such use.That was the biggest moment and biggest step USA has taken and here in India critics keep on saying that USA is trying to take advantage of India?
Hamare pas hai kya jo America hamare se lelega?koi batao bhai....
What we have?Except for population, growing population and thus growing demand what we have?Had anyone seen China?Shanghai etc?They started just recently a new train whose speed is 550 km /hr.So if I say,considering Mumbai and Gujarat.....between Mumbai and Ahmedabad the entire KM is 550 km and that takes atleast 12 to 13 hr for the train that runs and if the train China has, runs here, it will take just 1 hr!
Can anyone be able to tell me when will this happen in India?China open the doors for USA Co to bulid their Infrastucture and China is reaping the benifit of that.When China does that what is the problem with India?China being a Communist country can open up so much then why can't India?
What I have observed of India is, we think of  what someone is going to get from the business with us.We never see what we are  going to get.How much other will get .We start calculating what profit he will get.We never count what we will have.
That is a knid of a KNOT in mind and that KNOT needs to get dissolved.We will have to dissolve it.We have to make effort for that.No one can do it for us.But here the first rule is, we need to know it that we have a KNOT in our mind and then we need to have that understanding that we need to take it out or unfold it for our good.
Even in our daily life , wee always think what someone will get with our relation.That is a very bad attitude of life.Why we have to think what he will get.Let him make 10 times from our business untill we make what we want and if we feel that the product we are selling is much cheaper then  go to the world and sell yourself.It is that simple.
I read that Ril Power made a contract with GE for something worth Rs 10,000 cr , means $2.5 bn.Why Ril Power has to go to GE?Because we don't have the capacity to produce those equipment in time Ril Power wants it.
Just try to see, all great Cos are in USA.GE, IBM, MS,CaterPillar  and many more.These are Eng Co and they are huge.They can produce in big quantity and that too with quality.The standard remains the same.They can do big projects and completes it in time.
I was in India in July and I has to go byroad to reach my house .The works on highway keeps going on and there diversion keeps on coming and the road that take from diversion is worst.
How we are  going to come up?While coming back to Mumbai Airport , I started from my home at 12.30 pm as my plane was at 12.20 AM and I have to be there at Airport 2.3 hrs before that time, means by 10 pm .
The road were so bad , due to heavy rain , that I just was able to reach the Airport in time .As soon ass I reached Airport I checked in.
Now if I would have started just couple of hrs late what would have happened?I would have missed the plane.
India has to openup the gates for US CO for helping us bulid Infrastructure.That is the need of the hour.Bottlenecks needs to be dealt with.Beurocracy should take back sit.No bribe.
If we do not do that then I am not sure even after 50 yrs or 100 yrs we will be able to match China,leave USA in Infrastruture.
I liked what Shankar sharma spoke in that episode.Tell China to give us their Infrastructure and take our growth.
Untill the growth doesn't reach the poor , the growth makes no sense.Government need to look at it.
American companies are rich with latest technical knowhow.We need those technicality.We needs to join hands with them. up......
India has to open up doors for American Cos.They will have to collobarte with them.Well , they are technical rich and if we wants those things it will come at a price.We will have to embrass the American Co.


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  2. Rajeev Bhai,

    I am silent reader..commenting occasionally. Whatever u said is dam true..each politician is selfish..they always want more money for next election..indian growth is in hands of politician..infra is a major problem..and it will remain problem :). I was shocked to know that you left 12pm to get 12am flight..mind blowing patience u have..great!! rajeev bhai :).

    Under all these -ve vities..we are still moderately growing..lets see where we will be @ 2020 :).


  3. Congrates... Sical one of your picks had a rocket start,,, from 62 to 87 in just 3 trading sessions...