Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Manganese Ore India Ltd...........IPO..Another Navratna on Sale.....

I am not going to write all those that comes on different sites.
One can always read it there.
I would just wite here that after Coal India Ltd(CIL) this is another  GEM coming out from our government and one should go all out for it and apply.............
Nothing more  and nothing less.....


  1. Mr Rajeev,

    Is panic button is triggered. Look like congress is hiding them self behind corrupt bureaucracy. Now it seems like anything can happen i.e they can ask anybody how he can buy his home. How much white how much black. This country really going.

  2. No Shaifali,
    The panic button is not on.Market will bounce back.

  3. From: augest []
    Sent: Friday, November 26, 2010 11:22 AM

    UDAYAN MUKHERJEE is the biggest front runner of the market. He has paid advance tax of Rs 6 crs which clearly suggest that he has deep routes with market cartel and he has minted money through market cartel ling. He is known for accumulating huge property in DUBAI which needs investigation. The advance tax paid is just official, imagine how much is unofficial. If you can earn to Rs 40 crs anchoring TV channel what is the need of service.,….?

    Mere 2 crs is the involvement in the bribe case and CNBC has made this a bigger issued by breaking the story into bits and pieces to create havoc in the market and earn through shorting. This amount is nothing in comparison of the loss of market cap of the entire market and SEBI never investigate the falling markets whereas exchanges never bring restrictions on markets.

    His track record is dubious and he has cut even the interviews of FM for that matter and tried to force his opinions to the viewers which create panic in the market. Today when Mr Sameer Arora tried to shift the onus of market fall on UDAYAN, the interview was abruptly cut which you can understand.

    UDAYAN has close relationship with market cartel which all world knows and now as days he became so arrogant that he has been even playing with GOVT machinery.

    Image removed by sender.

  4. Dear Rajeev Desai ji.

    kindly post your view on LIC HOUSING FINANCE.


    I want to accumulate the psu gem. your comments will boost the confidence sir.

    The following are the reasons why i want enther this counter.


    Promoted by LIC in 1989 .went public in 1994
    The number one company in housing finance is HDFC. Those who have witnessed HDFC's growth in the last twodecades would not deny that it is one of the most rewarding investments that has grown by more than 20 per centcoumpounded rate in th e past nearly 20 years.

    The share of HDFC, though has a great potential for appreciation, many people don't dare to buy it because of its high share value.

    LIC Housing Fiance is No.2 housing finance company and that is also growing equally fast in the last couple of years.

    The share got appreciated significantly in the last 2 years and has crashed nearly 30 % from its high during the recent scam hyped by media unproportionally.

    How ever, the long-term prospective for this issue are still extremely bright and those investors who would dare to pick this share up for keeping it for more than three years would benefit .

    Company is planning to enter into the banking space . Even if it does not enter, its fundamental is very strong.
    (If it enters Banking space .Is it a SBI hovering below Rs 250????????? )
    One can catch this future SBI at budding stage.

    Other thing is that there is very low liquidity in this stock as the Mutual funds and FII,DII are holding huge quantity.

    stock split is going happen by next month end. Will boost liquidity. Will help rise in share price.

    -The stock has reached a value at PE ratio of below 10(expected EPS for this year is Rs 95 to 110).
    -Yearly increase in dividend payment %
    -Probable Bonus candidate.
    -Very healthy reserves (BV rs 357.)
    -Company growing at 30 to 40% CAGR

    Whether it is a value buy for long-term or not?

    The comments will help longer term investors who are holding this stock or going accumulate this probable gem.

    awaiting your valuable view.

    Thanks in advance

  5. sokhi,
    LIC Housing looks excellent pick at this stage and on dips.....

  6. Dear Rajeev Sir,

    Any view on Claris Life Sciences IPO ?? You think its a good idea to apply for it. Do let us know.

  7. Edwin,
    Somehow I don't find Claris Life attractive, based on price and products.
    Well, I still may go wrong.....this is after all market and price moves according to demand and supply......

  8. Dear Rajeev sir,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Understood your view. Will avoid as of now.

    Thanks and appreciate greatly

  9. Dear Rajeev , how is Telecanor Global looking now. Any fresh view on it. Regards.

  10. gurvinder,
    Telecanor , waiting for more annocement.Hemant Gupta is still after it and writing against it.
    But Co has still to performe on earnings front.