Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lifetime Chance for Congress(Sonia Gandhi) to show that they are for the Country......

..Swiss govt ready to return money, UPA not responding : Kumar

PTI – Fri, Jan 21 8:34 PM IST

..Dharamsala, Jan 21 (PTI) BJP vice president Shanta Kumar today claimed that Switzerland government is ready to return black money stashed away in Swiss banks to India and accused the UPA of lacking the willingness to act on the issue.

Quoting Swiss representative to UN General Assembly to support his claim, Kumar said the official had stated this in October last year during a debate which he had also attended as a member of the Indian contingent.
"Swiss representative to UN General Assembly Session Mithayas Batchman had said during a debate on corruption and black money in foreign banks that Switzerland government is ready to give back the money stashed away in Swiss banks but the return of money depends entirely on the will of the concerned country," the BJP leader said.
The Swiss government has already started paying back the black money to some of the countries, he said quoting Batchman.
Claiming that the Swiss government has also conveyed to the Indian government its readiness to send back such money, the BJP vice-president accused the UPA government of not moving forward to fulfil the required formalities in this regard.
"It shows that our government is not willing to act on the issue," Kumar said.
Charging Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with "misleading" the people by saying that it was a matter of tax evasion of Rs 40,000 crore only, he said around Rs 70 lack crore of black money is stashed away in Swiss banks alone.
He said that around 2000 lack crore of money was looted from India to be deposited in banks abroad since 1947.
He said if the government doesn''t act fast in this regard the Indian account holders shall re-circulate the same.
Himachal Chief Minister P K Dhumal added that this black money is much more than the total amount of all the budgets of the country since independence.
He said if this money is taken back, India will not only become free from the burden of debts but also emerge as a super power.
Claiming that the USA sued Switzerland on this issue and got 800 million dollars as fine and its money back in an out of court settlement, Dhumal questioned what was preventing Indian government from doing so.

My Comments:
It is very clear that PM is trying to save top honcos of congress from the Swiss unaccountable money.Otherwise when Supreme Court ask PM why India should not declare the name of people who have black money, why Manmohan singh has to say that he cannot?
When Supreme Court is asking for the name who has money in SWISS bank that means that declaring the name is not illigal and in National Interest.......
What is stopping PM to come out with the names?Is he giving time to people to transfer their money to somewhere else?
What national interest PM is talking while saying that these are things which government can't put in public?Dear PM,SC itself is asking for the names.........
Somewhere in the above text Dr.Manmohan singh says that the amt is just Rs 40,000 cr for tax evading......Well, what does it mean?Those who put the money outside earned that much ?I don't believe it.It is all bribe money and if we find it out whose money are they then we will be able to see that mostly it should be of politicians and looking at the salary of politicians I don't feel that any politician could have saved that much money and as they didn't want to pay tax so transferred to SWISS bank and in that case these BRIBE money should come back 100% in the exchequer of Indian Government and bythen to the poor people of India.That is peoples money as Supreme Court has rightly said.....these are not earned money ...these are BRIBED MONEY......I have no doubt that 80-90% money should be in the name of Politicians or their relatives.....
I think that no way one can prove that Rs.40,000 cr are earned money and only Tax needs to apply for that!And it is actually not Rs40,000 cr is much much bigger......but even if we believe Dr.Manmohan Singh, Rs 40,000 cr , all bribed money will straight come in the kitty of government and that will do whole load of good to the economy....these are not earned money.....if Income Tax office try to find and ask about the sources , I don't think any person can give the account of Rs.40,000 cr ........

And I got this from one of my friend:

The only place in India where food is cheap.....

Tea Rs.1.00

Soup Rs.5.50

Dal Rs.1.50

Meals Rs.2.00

Chappathi Rs.1.00

Chicken Rs.24.50

Dosa Rs.4.00

Veg Briyani Rs.8.00

Fish Rs.13.00

This is actual price list. These items are meant for "POOR PEOPLE" & is available at Indian Parliament Canteen. The salary of those poor people is Rs.80000 per Month!! PLUS HEFTY BONUS IN SCAMS....
So the most poorest Indians are politicians..........and not the one who is earning rs 40-50 /day.....

Politicians ne sab majak bana diya hai.....pure India KO.....

and last ,someone wrote me that I am good in financial so I don't need to write on politics....I deleted the message......but look like someone didn't like it.........very close friend of Congress?
I am just trying a little bit writing on my blog to bring awareness to the readers and that also I am advised not to do!......Re India....Poor India.....


  1. Top Lawyer Ram Jethmalani confirmed on Times Now - That Rajiv Gandhi has a 2.2 Billion USD Account in Swiss as it came up in the list of 14 world powerful leaders list way back in 1990 in a leading newspaper

    If Congress has got any shame then it should give the Supreme Court of India and the People of this country has every right to know - who all have looted this country

    After Md Gajini & Md Gowri who plundered India and Indian Wealth way back in history

    In new era its the Politicians/Big time Industry leaders & Criminals who have looted in the name of Governance & Clean Image

    Its a SHAME on Govt of India - If Black Money is brought back on a single day - Deficit Budget of Govt will be addressed & So many steps can be taken

    Stock Markets will hit Upper Circuit with the clean image of Govt of India and it would work in a great manner by bringing the money and fraudsters to book

  2. Mr. Rajeev, what you are saying is all true. But we, the people of India are a very selfish lot. We just think about overselves. The day we start thinking about this country, its people, no ***ing bastard can loot us and make fun of us.

  3. good thinking I support ur views whole heartedly MR RAJEEV.

  4. Krishna,
    Looks like u understood me better then anyone else here of what I was trying to say in this post....

  5. Its true sir. The below link shows the Times of India Article on actual prices of food items at Parliament.