Friday, January 7, 2011

Sterlite Techno...cmp Rs 75.60.......excellent pick....

TRAI draws up Rs 60,000-cr broadband plan to reach every village

Road map
Consumers should get at least 512 kbps from January 1.
Speed to be upgraded to 2Mbps by January 2015.
Our Bureau
New Delhi, Dec. 8

To boost broadband penetration in the country, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has suggested rolling out an optical fibre cable network across the country at a cost of Rs 60,000 crore.

TRAI said that consumers should get a minimum download speed of 512 kbps from January 1, which will be graded up all the way to 2Mbps by January 2015. Current minimum broadband speed is 256 kbps.

According to TRAI, approximately 25.45 lakh km of fresh fibre will have to be laid across the country to meet bandwidth requirements. Telecom operators have rolled out 7.5 lakh km of optical cables but these are limited to Tier-1 cities and inter-State connectivity. There is hardly any coverage at the village level.

The new network, to be rolled out in two phases by 2013, will connect all habitation with population of 500 and above.

TRAI has suggested the creation of a National Optical Fibre Agency (NOFA), an autonomous body under the Central Government. At the State level, a State Optical Fibre Agency would be formed with 51 per cent equity held by NOFA and 49 per cent by the respective State government. The project will be financed by the Universal Service Obligation fund and grants from the Government. TRAI has set a target of 75 million broadband connections by 2012 and 160 million connections by 2014.

My Comments:
After reading the above news I am inclined to give a call for Sterlite Techno which is in Optical cable manufacturing.
Sterlite Techno is a wonderful Co with huge capacity expansion already taken place.I am tracking it since it was 10 paidup and even recomended to couple of friends at that time around 110 ,10 paid up.
I don't think I have to write why I am bullish on Strelite Techno.The answer is already there in the above post.
Friends, buy stocks which have excellent fundamentals, bright future for prodcuts and hence earning going up.
Sterlite Techno is one such stock where one can never go wrong.
I still feel stocks like Seimens , ABB,Alsthom, Areva,Sesa Goa etc are such stocks where one can never go wrong even though if one buy at wrong price still in 4-5 yrs you are back in profit.
I mentioned these names because I forget to write these name in last list.


  1. Rajiv ji
    i think if we hold 3 year this scrip we see multibagger return (300%)in this scrip.
    please also sujjest some good pharma scrip which benifited after april 2011. when so many medicine out from patent.

  2. ashok,
    aisa lagta hai tum meri post dhyan se nahi padh rahe ho.....maine already 2-3 pharma stocks likh diye hai ion my long list that I gave recently....dhyan se dekho us list ko...tumko pharma stocks mil hi jayenge us main....