Monday, March 7, 2011


One of the reader named Sukanya wrote a comment on me and that went in spam and I deleted it accidently.But I read that comment and I would like to give answer for that commnet.

She wrote that after reading my reply to ThinkTank she cannot resist to write a comment here.She quoted that my answer regarding USA being powerful can act as wrong fully for the people of America then why I should critisize politicians who are powerful here in India and they act wrongfully for their children or relatives.
She wrote very strongly against me personally that I need to follow ethics and act as a responsible blog owner.
She wrote that I have no right to write against politicians who are also powerful and that I am not following what I am writing.
Well,my reply to Sukanya is that she is still not enough mature to understand the difference between doing for country man and doing for own.
USA do it for their people and here in India politicians do it for individual profit.If politicians act for their countryman and people of India then I have no problem with any politicians but they are doing for personal motives.The MOTIVES ARE DIFFERENT AND THAT IS WHERE SUKNAYA IS NOT ABLE TO DISTINGUISH THINGS.
I am very sad to see that my readers do not understand what I am saying and jump on hasty conclusion to critisize me.It looks like still some readers comes here to find fault of me and show me that I am a BIG hypocrate.
Well,I can't do much for the poor intellectual level of some readers who do not understand the finer prints of my writing and jump on conclusion to critisize me.But the reason I wrote it here is maybe some other readers may also be thinking the same way like Sukanya and even they do not write openly, so for them I had to write here that if any doubts are there in their mind needs to get settled.
I again write here in open,show me some concrete mistake, somewhere I am erring, some of my thoughts where I am wrong .I am always ready to correct it or accept it.

Dear Sukanya, if you still wants to debate this topic I am ready for that.
I donno how many readers thought like Sukanya!My blog is open for any discussion but need to be a worthy discussion otherwise it is all wasting of time.


  1. Yes Rajeev I want to debate on this. Have you ever thought that this Libya episode has taken a toll on the whole world, just that US wants its own profit, it has risked all other countries fuel supply. Everyone knows that the rebels are US sponsored and cannot withstand without their support. This is an era of globalization and one countries profit cannot be allowed at the cost of other country's misery. Tomorrow you will say that what Pakistan is doing in Kashmir is good for their countrymen, will you expect us to keep mum on that. Doing good for one's own countrymen is not a bad thing but do it in an ethical way, it must be a win-win situation and should not be at the cost of other less powered countries. I don't know why you wanted to see individual and the country as two separate things, where country is nothing but a large group of individuals only.

  2. Whatever it is, but I strongly condemn the kind of message you gave to your readers by saying that if you do something for your countrymen, then all unethical things can be overlooked. In this case we should not cry foul on Pakistan, China, or anyone else. US is in the making of another Taliban group in Libya and you are supporting it. Just now I read that US is going to provide arms to the rebels through it Arab allies. How do you want to justify all these by taking shelter of countrymen logic.

  3. Sukanya,
    What politicians are doing here in India?Isn't there are religion appeasment in India?Aren't they doing for their own profit?What is that?It is same everywhere Sukanya.What America doing is in bigger picture on Int level. One can't do anything about it.This is a complex game.
    But Sukanya, you can't compare or justify USA motives with our politicias.
    I agree that ,it maybe USA support group creating instability in Libiya, then fight it out with USA?What Russia did in Afghanistan decades back,Kuwait was invaded by the then Prez of Iraq,Saddam Hussian.
    Hosni Mubarak was US man and still he has to go.You didn't mention that....
    It is not USA who is trying to things wrongly and gain control of situation.Everyone is doing that.Why USA has to come to rescue of Saudi Arabai when Saddam Hussain army invaded Kuwait?Saudi Arabai called for help from USA and that was in 1990-1991.
    Someone is doing on small platform someone is doing on big.That's all.No one is clean....
    But Sukanya,by still saying that if I can't critisize USA , I can't speak agianst politicians is not proper.
    You mean to say what politicians are doing is same as what USA is doing?
    If gas prices has gone up in India so has in US as well.It has gone up from $1.50 to $3.35 and US economy is also getting hurt by that when they are still in shambles from subprime crisis.

  4. I don't want to teach you anything about whom you should criticize and whom you should not. I want you to present things on an even level. Don't instill inferiority complex in your reader's mind by praising the wrongs of USA and overlooking the good about india. What you said that everywhere it is the same is what I wanted to say, so no one should feel guilty and rather try to fight it out. But if one keeps hearing that US is great and we are some inferior breeds then we can never do anything good for our country. The spirit to fight out wrongs must be there and at every cost, no matter if its US, or if its Ambanis/Tatas just becoz they create jobs. Wrong is wrong in any case, there must not be any excuse for it. That spirit is what I was not finding here and the article had only blind praise about US.

  5. Sukanya,
    How the corruption is going to be eradicate in India?I see no ending here.
    Hasan Ali case , there is a question of 1,00,000 cr!and then CWG,2G
    The spirit is not there.Where is the spirit?China is trying to takeover Arunachal,Pakistan is trying to take Kashmir.
    If USA is in place of us, what they would have done in case of Tak Hotel and Mumbai massacre which was managed from Pakistan soil?We have to take nod of International community and perticularly of USA and if USA says hold on we have to.Why so?
    Common.....Sukanya....we are not in state to dictate term at Internatioal level.That is the point.
    Our projects getting delayed and hence the cost escalation.Can India afford that?How we are going to fight with it?Tell me?
    I am not sending wrong message nor letting infuse inferiority complex.
    No one become inferior on someone else saying.We need to have our own confidence.

  6. Sukanya,
    You know the biggest negative in USA is in Medical space!A bypass surgeory takes no less then $1 lac! I use to talk here with some people, go to india for bypass heart surgeory.It will take just $10,000-12000 and world best doctors will operate you.
    Getting sick in USA is a crime becuase it is so costly that unless one have health Insurance one can't afford it.
    But it is also true that once you call ambulance and you go to hospital, they will not let you die,even they know that you do not have health insurance.They will first give treatment and make you fine and send the bills and if you are in no position to pay, you never pay still you come out good from hospital.
    But Medical treatment is very very costly here.And even after you have got health Insurance still for some type of test etc you have to dole out money from your pocket.That makes no sense.I use to discuss all such things with people in USA.
    For a simple abscess, a collection of pus on any part of the body and you have to go to emergency ward and the bill will be minimum $2000.
    I tell people, in India that you get the pus off with just $10.
    Simple haircutting cost $11 and then the TIP of $1 makes it $12 and in India we spend just 50 cent to cut hair.
    Medical space is the biggest negative in USA.
    But then there are positive as well , like I said that they will treat you no matter you have health insurance or not.
    Coming back to India, is it possible that a simple poor man who has not got Rs 2 lacs or Rs 4lacs can go through the bypass surgeory?They will first demand for deposit and if you do not fulfill that they will not even look at you.
    As if we are not human........

  7. OK the debate started from somewhere else and has come to somewhere else. Well as far as dictating terms is concerned, I think we have made up our mind that we are not in that position, whereas the truth is something else. Do you remember AB vajpayee's nuclear test. US imposed many types of sanctions on india and what Vajpayee told. Just try to remember that. He told US is highly dependent on its companies and cannot afford to block its company's business for long and one day they will be compelled to withdraw all the sanctions, and like he said, US did so without vajpayee bowing in front of them. Someone at that time said one very good point, he said that what vajpayee wanted to say was that US does not have any entity called government there, what you see there as government is just a representation of business lobby. They act only on behalf of that lobby and cannot resist their pressure to withdraw the sanctions, even at the cost of US interest. And it happened the same. Well if we keep discussing, the debate will not end, but what I said about the fighting spirit is this. We need someone like vajpayee who can stand against all odds, India is not as weak as it is projected by some people, what is lacking is a visionary leader like vajpayee who can find its strength. This is what is called as fighting spirit. I don't want to bore other readers so I am ending this debate, but I neither wanted to hurt you nor wanted to downgrade US, I just wanted to project the potential of india that people are under-estimating.

  8. Hello Sukanya,
    enough..agreed that Indians have potential and all stuff from you... Like a typical politician..but how does it matter unless something real actions not taken...
    In the real life actions counts.. not the mere words of puppet and dummy PM like Manmohan whom you are supporting.. Change your roll model, stop supporting corrupt Indian politicians.

  9. Rajeev,

    I appreciate your openess for the debate.

  10. Snehal,
    I agree that India has potential but with the corruption and scams like this, which I think is at the peak,where India is losing lacs of crores of revenue loss and tax loss, how India is going to compete with the world I don't understand.
    I know many people don't like America.Actually whole world don't like this country but still USA is the major driving force for world trade as its comsumption is as high as 33% of world GDP.
    If USA tanks the whole world economy tanks.Agreed with Sukanya that it is the American Co that is running the show in USA but what is wrong in that?If Co prosper , people gets job and economy becomes good.
    What I am trying to emphasize is, learn from someone else.
    Delay of projects and bribe is a major letdown for India and with this going on , India can never come in league of USA, China,Japan etc.
    We have to open doors for overseas Co to help bulit Infrastructure of India and the reason behind it is , our Co except some like L&T etc are not competant to complete projects in time and even if it is completed the work is not good and the pool may fall or the buliding may fall which we use to read in pinkpaper and newspapaer like happened in Delhi sometime back where Gammon Infra was invovled.
    How Gammon Infra can get more orders , I am never able to understand.
    The care taken for qualtiy in westren countries is worth to learn.
    Snehal, I feel there is a basic flaw in our charector.We all wants to make money without doing anything and hence the easiest way to make it either be a corrupt and take bribe or make inferior work where less money is used and take away the big profit.
    If Gammon Infra is working in America or any westren countries, I don't think they can have a contract for atleast 5 or more years.
    They will be debarred for participating in any tender.
    I have written many times here ,we lack in planning and execution.
    We also keep saying that we can't open the gates for overseas Co to build or help us and hence we are losing the chance for concrete work.
    I live in Gujarat and since my birth, I have seen only one Railway line from Navsari to Mumbai and that was build before freedom.One for Mumbai to Ahemedabad and one for Ahmedabad to Mumbai.That's it and when I recently visited India, I saw the commutors use to sit on the roof of Bogey or compartment and they are increasing day by day.
    We are not even able to put a new Railway line from Navsari to Mumbai or Ahemdabad to Mumbai.
    What we are talking?
    After 60-70 yrs of freedom, there is a great need of a parellel railway line in southern part of Gujarat as Vapi etc are Industrial area and it is need of the hour.......
    I doono when we will awake.I mean when people of India will awake and chose politicians who are bribe free ........

  11. Snehal I am not supporting our beloved MUM mohan singh who only remains mum all the time. Well nothing more to add, thanks rajeev for sharing your views.