Saturday, March 26, 2011

My blog.....

When I first started the blog in Dec 2007, I was also not knowing how much long I would be able to carry it.
Many friends use to tell me to start a blog where small investors can be beniffited from it.
I got the help from one of my friend named Prashant who is an IT Eng and is working in Banglore.
He actually did everything here.I am a none IT guy and I donno how to create a blog.
I thanks Prashant for creating the outlay of this blog.
I did nothing here.He made a blog and I started writing here.That's it.
Well, I was also not sure for how long I will be able to write at my blog and that too that much frequently that the blog remains active.I am not a writer nor has taken any training how to write on blog or anywhere.This was my first experiance to write publicly.I have many followers and many critisizer.I do not mind them.Difference of oipnion is part of life.I have seen that some readers are not happy on my view and hence they debate it out.Maybe they are not able to understand what I am saying or either I am not able to understand what they are saying.I have always keep the comment section open even though I received some comments which were not readable as it directly attacked me personally and still barring couple of them, just couple, I have published each and every comments.
I myself has come from a family where all have liberty to do whatever they wants to.Have all liberty to speak whatever comes in mind.There is no need to write this here about the freedom I have got from my parents and they got from their parents but I am writing here just to say that I have inherited, the Freedom for everything and hence I also have kept that tradition alive here.I may feel hypocrate to some as they may feel that I not not doing exactlty what I am saying , like I do not let anyone write against me and retaliate very harshly.But if someone will try to look at what I am trying to do then I feel that I am on right track.But even I can err somewhere.I am a human being and I have my drawbacks.
I am always very clear in my mind whenever I write something, be it on stock market, world economy , our heritage, Ramayan or Mahabharat or writing on any other topic, Viz: Corruption, Luck or writing on any individual achievement like Anil Naik of L&T or Lisa Ray on her fight with cancer and coming out completely cured.I have no confusion in my mind when I write anything here and that is why I can discuss things here very clearly as I am always very clear in my mind what I am upto or what I am trying to write or explain.I think the main reason for me to be very clear in my mind is because I read a lot.
Friends,it is easy then done.But it is hard to come out every other day and write here.It is hard to write anything because  there are different moods, different routines, different personal work, daily routines, jobs, other reading , following market etc etc......and after that I am able to comes out here and write on blog.
But still I had done it.I have strived to write and discuss things at my level best.Maybe somewhere I have been harsh in answering on comments but I hope readers don't mind it and understand what I should be going through.
Differences are part oif life and it will remain there and if we still continue to remain friends  that is the best things that can happen.
I don't write unless I have real something to write and hence sometimes it takes more time to write .
Coming to the market , I think market closed above the 200 DMA, 5600, and that is a good sign.I sometimes don't understand the language of technicals analyst.They religiouly follow technicals about double top  and high/ low and resistance amd support and head and shoulder etc etc and they also say sometimes that some trends are false trend and need not be followed.
That again says that technical analyst also see whatever they wants to wish.If some trend says that a bullish pattern is created then they say that is a false signal...........Every rally from hereon will be a bull rally in bear market as per them  untill the market crosses the previous recent top of 21k! and by that time , the stocks would have already gone up and we would have already missed the oppertunity.
The best thing to do is, buy when one sees value and then hold it.Why wait for bullish signal.The bullish signal do not come with the bell ringing in everyone ears.There is no foolproof sign that one can say now market is back in bullrun .So why wait for that signal.If  there is a signal like that then everyone can make millions and billions.Why that doesn't happen?


  1. Hi Rajeev,
    I am a very avid reader of your blog.
    Although I got to know your blog just 2 months back, within these 2 months I have read every post of your 4 year blog.

    I don't know about others who criticize you but I can bet that you have a very rare quality of identifying potential multibaggers early and that is what matters in the markets.

    I also read other blogs by other very experienced persons in market. I believe this is one of the very best blogs available on internet for picking multibaggers.

    Now to the subject of blogging every now and then. I don't know about others but I feel writing once in a week is more than enough for small investors. There is nothing much to do every day in markets except day-trading which is a big NO from my side.
    If you are investing then also one idea a month or two months is more than sufficient.

    I know how tedious it is to blog 2-3 times a week. It is not required. Quality is more important rather than quantity. If you can bring up one good fundamental scrip in a fortnight or a month, then also its more than what is required to make big money.

    Its upon you to decide when you write but if you consider me or someone else who is ready to wait 3-5 yrs on small companies in market, for these type of people there is nothing much to do in markets every week. So there is nothing more to learn every second day or so.
    Well you have lots of other followers who can argue that u write 3 times in a week but its your call.
    As far as I am concerned, I am more than happy if you blog once in a week. That will be beneficial to us (More quality since you will get more time for research) and also it will be convenient to you to keep a balance in your other tasks and posting the blog. Keeping balance in my opinion is very important in one's life.

    I hope I don't offend other followers.

    Somenath Paul

  2. Hi rajeevji, understanding technicals is not a rocket science consistent practice of technicals will unknot your doubts on technical a practicing TA i was tough in understanding fundamentals but now your blog has thrown a lots of light.thanks to your blog & comments, from the bottom of my heart

  3. Stoxtrends,
    I always feel that it is easy to learn fundamentals then technicals.
    Technicals has many hypothesis like if this level is broken then we can go to this level and if this level is not broken then we may come back.
    I have even seen technical analyst saying that inverted head and shoulder which exhibits bullish signal and when that is seen on charts they say it is a false signal and market is still in bearish mode.
    Now if that is the case then I think it is very very hard to learn technicals.Instead it is easy to go by fundametals and buy stocks.
    Most of the time I have seen that market always proves right and technical always prove wrong.If technicals proves right then all those following technicals should have made truckloads of money but most of the time , 99% , people lose money following technicals.
    I know technicals follower never believe this even though they lose money or their client lose money.
    There are many Waves, then legs, then supports and resistance, then head and shoulder, inverted head and shoulder, then Doji star and what not and then at the end, expert says that it is a false is something out of world....

  4. Hi Rajeev

    Your blog makes for an informative reading.Have tried to read all of your posts.

    You are entitled to your views and we respect that.

    Please carry on with your blogging :-) and sharing your views and insights on investing with us.



  5. Somenath and Ansh,
    I really appreciate that you made effort and read all my post.That is a very rare gesture and very hard to do.
    But that is what I want my readers to do.One needs to read my back post as well.
    If not atleast try to put the Co name in search section and try to find out if I have written anything on it.
    I am not a master and that I know it very well otherwise I would have been at some other place instead of here but still I feel that I have some circle of competence above others and that is why I say read my back post and never fail to read my replies to any comments.....

  6. Rajiv Bhai
    First i want to wish "Happy birthday" to you.
    i m big fan of you and always follow your advice.
    please always guide us
    thanks once again

  7. Thanks Ashok but it is 28th Mar and not 27th Mar...

  8. Dear sir,

    Happy birthday to you.I have been reading your blog for the past nine months and found it very useful for tracking good stocks that will give some decent returns with in the period of six months to one year which is enough for small investors like me.You also encourage us to dig into stocks profiles with your valuable inputs so that we can able to learn by ourselves.Thanks for your efforts.


  9. Hi Rajeev Sir,

    OF FAITH .
    Vakharia M J

  10. Many Many Happy Returns of the day. May God bless you with Health, Wealth and Happiness.

  11. Rajeev,

    Many More Happy Returns of the Day!

    I have been adding Vishnu chemicals from Rs.90. At wat price, do you recommend profit booking? Please ignore, if it is wrong question.


  12. Ram,
    As usual, sell 50% on

  13. Hi Rajeev,
    Many Happy Returns Of The Day!
    Incidentally my Birthday was yesterday on 27th.

    So anyway, on the eve of your birthday, this blog of your is an excellent introspection and kind of self-assessment.
    Please carry on this noble work of not only suggesting multi-baggers, but also to push people to do study by themselves. Thats very important.
    As all big investors like RJ,RD say READ, READ & READ, one must keep on reading and learning throughout life.
    Its because of you, I must have finished reading around 50 investment books.
    But as one says Theory & Practical are Different.
    And by only experience one can become expert in Practical.
    Its only because of you , I have evolved as better investor. I remember, asking you so many queries in the start. But now I do my own reading & research before investing.And with that I fully know I will be fully responsible for the consequences.
    And this makes it more exciting and requires more common-sense analysis.
    Thanks once again for this excellent blog.
    With Regards,

  14. Hello hello hello........ this is on behalf of everyone on this blog... wishing you a very happy birthday....enjoy your day BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!

    Birthdays come and go each year,
    Today is yours, so don’t you fear.
    Conversations fill the air,
    We have joined you since we care.

    Funny jokes and laughs out loud,
    We will always be your crowd.
    Many friends you haven’t seen,
    How long has it really been?

    We shall dance all through the night,
    Until our spirits are truly light.
    Celebrate our dearest friend,
    A birthday poem, we wish to send.

    Very warm regards

  15. Dear Rajeev sir,

    All the very Best and may you have the most fantastic years in terms of profitable returns in stocks as well as everything else in life. Wishing you a fantastic birthday once again.

  16. Hi RajeevBhai [nakul]

    This is PRANKY from MMB....Hi howz U? LTNS on MMB.... I am here to invite u back, to read ur good friend`s : AMARAKBAR's last 2-3 weeks msgs. & my subsequent replies to him on the long term board.... THREAD: "Believe in INDiA -Pranky!!"

    Do visit MMB & comment if U can.... Cheers & rgds..!!

  17. Pranky,
    He has proved many times wrong in front of me but he never confessed.That is the problem with technical guys.
    Makes no sense to me writing on that board and take up amarakbar.
    Just ask him what sensex he sees from Apr to June.Tell him you want nos.What can be sensex....17k, 16k,15k or 14k....I feel that market should not break 16k .....May is the month of bears as players watch out for rain and so ion that time volatility will remain high...

  18. I thanks everyone who wished me my birthday....

  19. Rajeev
    He is still the same old TA... Do try n write on MMB.... It`d be great to see U back there.... Cheers!!

  20. Rajeev,

    You are doing a fine job with your blog. Don't get deterred by anyone's comments.

    Please accept my Belated Birth Day Greetings!

    Do you remember my comment that I wrote on the generosity of our Indian businessmen? I wrote it a few months ago in which I mentioned about how Bill Gates and Buffet donated enormous amounts of money and how Ambanis have yet to make a significant donation to the poor and needy.

    Of course, I remember you also wrote in your blog at length later about this same topic. Recently Mukesh Ambani avoided to attend the meeting with Buffet and Gates in New Delhi; instead he was watching cricket match as reported in press.

    In my opinion, any one who does not become a philanthropist after he amasses more than Rs 10,000 Crore is a modern-day version of an 'Asura' or 'Raakshasa' who continues to suck the money from the society to satisfy their never-ending thirst. Beyond 10,000 Crore, it is nothing but mad figures in one's bank account. They can earn more, develop their businesses further to satisfy their ego but they should at least "start" giving back to the society from which they have amassed it.

  21. Hi Rajeev & Fellow-Bloggers,
    I had read & heard about various screening softwares / web-sites where you can put your own criteria to check out which stocks fit in your investment style.
    But never came across such Indian site till recently.
    But below is such a site where you can put various screening criteria like P/B ratio, P/E ratio, OPM, ROE , ROCE etc.
    Of course and no doubt, Rajeev himself gives so many gems in this blog, but who are curious can definitely check it out.

    No registration is required and you need to spend some time on the site. Check specially the advanced view of stocks for more criteria.

    With Regards,

  22. Mr.Krishna, before giving such harsh comments about Indian billionaires, first get your facts right.

    I am pasting a link of a coloumn "Darker side of Giving, the rise of philanthro-capitalism" published in Economic times last week. Read it and understand the hidden motives of that philanthropic foundation.,curpg-1.cms

    The billionaires had same views as expressed in that coloumn and that is why they rejected buffet's invitation saying that they have doubts about their motives.

    I do not want to go deeper into it but understand one thing that USA citizens are frogs in the WELL of capitalism, their life starts with capitalism and ends there, they don't understand the other world beyond this well. For their profits they have conveniently twisted the meaning of philanthropy and labeled their business motives as philanthropy. All these vaccination programs that are being funded by them are just peanuts that they are throwing in front of poor countries to achieve bigger hidden goals.

  23. @Krishna

    And for your kind info it is not only Indians who rejected their invitation, they were first rejected by German billionaires who also expressed doubts about their motives. So instead of projecting your slave mentality for USA, get your facts right first. BTW Economic times has more knowledge about all these compared to you, Me or Rajeev and if they have written a coloum expressing doubts, then it will definitely have some truth in it. And if you take some pain and google, u will find many more stunning facts about these so called philanthropic work.

  24. Sukanya,
    Looks like you have big resentment for USA.
    If India or any country in the world feels that the philanthropic activity done by USA in their country is actually harming their rights and business then any country has the liberty to deny any philanthropic activity coming out from USA .
    I donno, how one can justify such corruption and scams of politicians and also business man coming in play as well.
    I read the otherday what Indian Express wrote about our history of philanthropic citing examples but they were just a mere justifications.
    It is a fact that Indian Business man do not want to do any philanthropic activity and donate major part of their earnings....
    That is what I am writing here....that Wareen Buffet and Bill Gates never read Ramayan or Mahabharat and still they give away billions of dollars and we have got to boast of 5000 yrs culture and we don't know how to help people!
    We lacks character.....and that is fact and no one can deny it...
    Before commenting agianst USA, I think one need to come once and have a look at USA.The quality of life people live and government care for the people.I can say after living here for 3 yrs that there is NIL corruption in day to day life....when I say NIl , I mean it....
    Why that is happeening?Why that is not happening in India?
    And even after that we say India is best and USA is a shit?

  25. hmmm, if giving billions and taking away trillions in return is called as philanthropy then sorry India is unaware of this screwed meaning of philanthropy. First google and know how much ratan tata, rahul bajaj, etc have donated in various organizations that help poors. Bill & Melinda Gates is not the only foundation in the world to do this and especially when their motive is not to help and rather en-cash their philanthropy label, then one should not donate a single rupee to them. How conveniently you have overlooked the fact that bill gates foundation has earned lot of criticism all over the world and not only in India. We may be sick but the whole world cannot be. Remember how buffet and gates were kicked out of Germany when they went for donation, at least Indian gave them some respect, if not money.

  26. I don't have any resentment for USA, but I hate this greedy attitude of their wealthy people. I am a software engineer and I have been in USA for many years, its not that I have not seen USA, but good infra and less corruption is in no way right to justify screwed mentality of their wealthy people. When all doors have been closed to fulfill their greed, so now they have given a new meaning to philanthropy to cheat people. Is investing the donated money in companies like Monsanto is called philanthropy. Even after reading all these from economic times and other big billionaires if you still want to chant USA mantra then no one can do anything about it.

  27. The point that bill gates never read ramayana or mahabharat, if they had read that, they would have understood the correct meaning of philanthropy. They could have learnt a lot from KARNA.