Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Warren Buffet..About economy and stock market(World).....Directly from horses mouth

The Legend is here.Warren Buffet is here.I am tracking him.I may miss couple of things here or there and would be grateful if someone will write that.
Well,I think there is no doubt about his wisdom.There can be no doubt about his ability to see things much much earlier then anyone else.
There can be no two opinion when WB experiance come in picture.He is a veteran and he is the master.
I know there are many guys who are smarter then him(WB).There are many who finds fault in his picking.There are master who are masters of Warren Buffet.I have nothing to say to them.If they are supermasters even a feet taller then Warren Buffet, they need to ignore my post.
Well, I am not going to write anything here what the Great Master is speaking about current state of affairs of world.I will high light those sentences in the below text and one need to read and take own call on market in India as well of world economy.

Here it goes:

The Oracle of Omaha, on his maiden visit to India, has been greeted with blazing cameras from the moment he landed in Bangalore and Warren Buffet is a man on a mission. CNBC-TV18’s Sajeet Manghat and Menaka Doshi report.
India has grown to something significantly more than a blip on map of billionaire investor Warren Buffet. Once an investment destination that could be skipped, Buffett admits that investing in India today is but a logical decision.
One of the important question is who will succeed Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway? Could it be Ajit Jain, the head of Buffett's insurance business?
In his media address, Buffet said, “Ajit Jain is much better than I am. He has made more money for Berkshire than I have. Jain is an extraordinary human being. I don't know about him replacing me at Berkshire.”
So the oracle is tightlipped about the future, but his present goal is to enjoy his three days in India and see if he can maybe spy any more investment opportunities in the country.
It's no surprise that Buffett's first visit to India coincides with the start of his insurance agency business in India. And it's also not a surprise that he wants more from the government.
But his visit is not just about pushing his investment agenda. He also has words of wisdom for the investor who's looking to get started.
Buffett also has no qualms in accepting failures and admits his decisions have not bee perfect all the time. But he is adamant that the hunt for that one perfect idea in a year should never be forsaken.
He is also not worried about the slew of bad news that has emerged in recent times -- be it the middle east crisis, or the disaster in Japan, or India's brush with allegations of corruption. He sees these are mere interruptions, not dead-ends.
So, what's his take on the US, global economy and on the ongoing debate of outsourcing?
Buffet said that the US economy is improving steadily and the Japan quake will not impact growth in world economy.

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