Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Can anyone think of market going up and that too by over 250 points when there are news of nuclear disaster in Japan?Can market go up when there are news of earth quake in Japan?
Can any one imagine when crude is at $100 market can still go up?
Everyone in market is surprised why market went up yesterday! But that is market.That is what biggies think of market.
Why market went up?Becuase market thinks that there will be demand for steel from Japan for restructuring the Infra which was distructed in earthquake.So Tisco, Jindal steel etc went up.
Rubber prices went down so tyre shares went up.
But who will get the orders.Which Co will be benifitted?No one knows untill the orders starts pouring in.Then why market went up?
According to my reading, the market went up because there was little space for it to go down.Maybe today it can go down.
Otherwise Crude coming back from $116 to $100 is no reason for market to come down.But yes, it is an anamoly that with earthquake and Tusnami taking place in Japan the crude oil prices should have even more gone up due to destabilisation of carriers in sea etc but that didn't happen and that also says that $116 for crude was also at HIGH.No way that price can go up above that atleast in ST.
So as I said earlier that there was not enough room for market to go down and hence it went up likewise Crude also came down even with the disaster news in Japan.
Moreover , taking market up and down is still in hand of operators which I can say that when everyone was expecting market to tank, it went up.
That means that if the whole lot of investors are selling in F&O and stocks then market goes up and those who tried to short the market caught on wrong foot.
So it can be said that operators play according to what the investors play.If investors are buyer then they are seller and if they are seller then they are buyer.
Well, that is just for a perticular day like the one we saw yesterday.
Market opened in positive note with 50-100 points up and never went down and kept going up and up to end at 265 points up.Not even for a second it went in negative territory.
This is the best time to buy stocks.Buy them and sit on them.


  1. Hi Rajeev,

    Well i think it is the beginning of collapse in commodity market. I am getting heart when salman khurshid say it as a virtual market. But now looking at what happen to those in japan , it is that market that save them in future.

  2. Hello Rajeev

    Sahyadri Industries Ltd Came down from 195 to 53 today.I know this is your one the great pick in the past.Are you still tracking?If you do ,Please provide your input.


  3. Opulent Venture Picks 11.52% In Srei Infra Finance

    Opulent, which is linked to the Kanoria family that runs Srei Group, also invests in other small and medium firms.

    Kolkata-based Opulent Venture Capital Trust has acquired 11.52% stake in Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd pursuant to amalgamation of Quippo Infrastructure Equipment Ltd with the public listed finance company.

    Although Opulent is linked to the Kanoria family that runs Srei Group, it is a Sebi-registered domestic venture capital firm with investments in various other small and mid-sized firms.

    Quippo Infrastructure Equipment is an equipment rental company operating through a dozen odd rental locations spread across the country.

    Opulent Venture Capital is estimated to hold around 19.7% stake in privately held Quippo Infrastructure Equipment. Srei Infra itself owns around 17% in Quippo Infra and the amalgamation will create treasury shares worth 9.5% of the listed company. The promoters own around 58% in Quippo and their holding in Srei Infra will move up from around 30%, at present, to 46% after the amalgamation.

    In March 2007, Quippo raised Rs 150 crore by selling stake to IDFC PE and GIC. However their current holding in the company and the eventual holding in Srei Infrastructure Finance could not be ascertained.

    One of the reasons for the merger is to expand Srei’s capital base so it can borrow more. The net worth of the integrated company would go up to around Rs 2,400 crore from Rs 790 crore of Srei as of March 2010, whereas the total revenue would touch Rs 2,500 crore. This will provide it an opportunity to grow the fund-based business swiftly.

    Meanwhile, Opulent has invested in various other companies of the group as well as outside. It owns as much as 45% in another listed Srei group firm Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (SIDCL), which is into infrastructure development and civil engineering work. It also owned a minority stake in Quippo Telecom before it merged with Tata Group’s telecom infrastructure arm to create Viom, which means Opulent could also be an existing minority shareholder of Viom.

    Opulent had in the past also invested in firms such as Suryachakra Power Corp.

  4. Hi KPR,
    I do not track Sahyadri Ind anymore as promos stake has decreased and so has the NP...