Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flex Foods Ltd and some other calls.......

Flex Food was recomended way back in 2008.It is constantly giving 20% dividend since last 3 yrs.
The reason I am writing on it today is the Co has declared June qr results and that come out excellent.
The sales is up from 11 cr to 13 cr last year and NP went up from 48 lacs to 2.12 cr and that is a huge jump in NPM.The NP has gone up over 4 times.
Maybe Flex Foods now needs a second look .
Other stock I would like to mention is India Glycols.It has come out with excellent results too for June qr.India Glycols has remained my old favourite stock and one can have a look at it as well.

Read the Chairman message:
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Note from the Chairman
We believe in green
Welcome to the India Glycols website.
India Glycols is a leading public listed company that manufactures bulk, specialty and performance chemicals and natural gums, spirits and nutraceuticals. It is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 22000 certified company.
Our company holds the distinction of being the only green petrochemical company of its kind. It is the first and only company in the world to have commercialised the production of ethylene oxide, its derivatives and glycols from renewable agricultural resources, namely molasses or sugar cane.
We believe in green. Not only have we adopted several green technologies, we continuously work to evolve new green methods, materials, innovative technologies and systems to meet the specific requirements of global clients.
Our aim is to be at the forefront of efforts against global threats such as global warming, stratospheric ozone depletion, resource depletion, bioaccumulation and persistent chemicals.
To do this, we have implemented several green methodologies, including:
New solutions and products made via the green route, ie, from raw materials that are renewable resources
Novel technologies, including super critical technology for nutraceuticals. We use super critical carbon dioxide as a green solvent during extraction processes
Novel catalysts and process improvements
Separation and post-refining technologies
Energy-efficient, renewable energy and water conservation projects
A focus on improving sustainability, by looking at energy usage, carbon footprints and life cycle assessment of products
At India Glycols, we work towards lowering our impact on the planet by reducing:
Use of raw materials and non-renewable resources (for instance, by recycling carbon dioxide used as a solvent)
Product toxicity
Wastes and emissions during manufacture
Risk and hazards from manufacturing
Environmental impact of products
Even our administrative processes are green; we have implemented SAP ERP solutions to achieve paperless work and minimise time frames and paper usage.
We believe that the green movement is on the rise with more and more people joining it each year. We are proud of being a green petrochemical company with innovative technologies and a vision of long-term sustainability.
“India Glycols relies on breakthroughs in green technologies. "

That is the reason I like India Glycols the most.They have been even alloted with CC for next 10 yrs of over 1.10 lacs carbon credit/year  which will go higher in future.

Navin Flourine has given high eps for Mar qr of 40 due to carbon credit which was missing in last 2 qr last year.
And as the CC has been now approved , Navin will keep on making huge NP from now onwards according to me.
Navin Flourine has taken stake of 51% of a UK Co named Manchester Organic Ltd which is dealing in Flouro Chemicals.Navin is now diverting in CRAMS as well.The buy back of Navin Flo was taken last year at Rs 400 and the deal of UK Co for 51% stake is worth 28 cr which says that Navin is a Cash rich Co now.
The amt they put in Maf Ind and which was written off to the tune of 60 cr , Navin will get it back and that will add to the reserve because Maf Ind has made a deal with Ajay Piramal Gr for 600 cr for land they possess and hence even Maf Ind needs to have a second look.


  1. what is you view on kilpest india.
    lots of things happened in the recent past.
    will it be a future multibag???
    your valued view is awaited.
    thanks in advance.

  2. Actually I gave the call here around 17.It still looks good.It can become future multibagger...