Tuesday, July 19, 2011

YASHRAJ CONTAINEURS LTD.....my old call.....

I gave the call on YASHRAJ CONTAINEURS LTD. in mid dec 2009 at 24.
Today I saw that it was in 20% UC and I read in annocement that it will be soon coming out from the BIFR.
Investor needs to remember that market always fancies turnaround candidate.The valuation market gives to turnaround stocks are always high.
I know many must be thinking about what was the fate of YASHRAJ CONTAINEURS LTD. after remaining dorment for almost a year and a half.But that is market and that is how my calls are.
They remains still for 1year and more but when it starts moving it actually RUNS from circuit to circuit.
Those who gets tired are at loss.I don't say all my calls are like that .Some even do not run at all.It is all LUCK.
Try to find stocks which are moving higher then 200 DMA.200 DMA is a year high average of a year ( Daily moving average)and if they are moving ahead of that price then I think these stocks will outperform market when the midcap rally will actually start.


  1. Hi Rajeev,

    Do u have any view about Nu-tek India Ltd?


  2. Hi Rajeev

    Have you got any idea about " Hindustan Dorr"