Saturday, July 30, 2011

GTL Infra and GTL Ltd.....closed higher...

Market reacted positive on offer of VIOM in GTL Infra Ltd as both the gr Co listed on browses closed almost 10% higher then previous day.
Heard that even some DII's has taken substaintial stake in it at this price and I feel that at Rs 15 and at Rs 74 for GTL Infra and GTL Ltd respectively both are looking good.
Market giving thumbs up to both the Co also says that my analysis was correct and am in line with what market thinks.


  1. You rock always Rajeevji :-) , i told you once na you have 'gift of the gab' and you made fun of me!!! .... ok I have 2 queries....
    1. your comments on IFB Ind june qtr results
    2. Patel engineering, it has gone beaten very very badly, do you think it is a buy...

    take care
    warm regards

  2. Reshmaji,
    IFB Ind results is in line with the last year but I think following quaters will do good.We need to give time to them.
    Patel Eng is looking good but all depends upon the market and momentum.