Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Apology...

I am feeling very very bad that all stocks are going down and more and more bad news are coming on the market and that is taking toll on smallcaps and midcaps.
All the stocks recomended here by me are coming down and down and readers are feeling the pinch of it and I too am feeling the pinch as well.No one likes to see wealth getting distructed and PF showing RED daily and I am also one of them.
I have seen recently that many of my calls has gone abysmaly low and taking out more then 50% of the buying price.Friends remember one thing, what I am doing here is looking at the sector, reading the annoucement, reading the sales, reading any buybacks annoucement etc etc and give a call here.
No way I can able to talk with management or visit a Co plant and then give a call.You all know what I analyse and how I analyse and give a call and when chips are down the stock keeps on going down and down.
One of the analyst has written in recently that Sujana Towers is a SELL as there is nothing in the Co.Allied Digital is a SELL as there is nothing in the Co and the CBI raid has happened and hence don't buy them but actually SELL them.
He maybe right he may be wrong.That is why I always write that please do the Due Diligence before buying.
Whenever the market will take turn , it will be first the large caps that will move and then the midcaps and smallcaps and it is going to take time for Mid/Small cap to move.
I have tried my best to discuss and analyse stocks and then put it here but still I had gone wrong in many of my picks in huge way.I have gone wrong also in big way in predicting the course of the market as well.
I feel bad that my picks are going down and down and I have no answer when readers ask me about it what to do.Sometimes I feel that I need to stop writing here as many of the subjects I write on here has become controversial.I donno, how long I will be able to write here if world market and Indian market is going to behave like these then I think there will be nothing more for me to write.
I know I have a caption at the top of my blog which says that DD is a must and I am not responsible for anything , but I still take the moral responsibilty in the sense that if when my readers are losing money , I can't come out and say ruthlessly that I am not responsible for anything.
I know time will come and market will make a comeback but when I see wealth deteriorating of my readers I too feel dejected.I would like to see each and every readers of my blog making something from market.


  1. Dear Rajeev,

    First of all thanks for your efforts for all these years trying to help many identify stocks well in advance with your analysis.

    Please do not feel bad as every time you gave your analysis, you also said to due diligence before investing. In case if one cannot face the situations like the current market conditions, they should not be buying stocks at all as no one can predict the future, we can only try to do our best.

    You have been excellent through the years and I request you not to stop writing. People going through your writings should make their own decisions based on your inputs and their own study.

    Thank you.


  2. Dear Rajeev,

    First of all thanks for your writings through the years which have helped many to identify stocks at a very early stage. There could be some stocks which did not go the way you expect but as we know now we can try our best but cannot predict future and especially the way stock markets behave. There are so many factors and so many news (and some times mis guidance as a result of wrong corporate governance which will very difficult to identify from outside).

    You have been excellent through the years and please keep writing as always. You always also cautioned to do our own due diligence before investing and there is no reason for you to feel bad. Please do not think so. If one cannot resist the situations like current market conditions, I strongly think then those people should not be participating in the market at the first instance.

  3. hey everything is falling even what is bought by gr8 scholars r tanking u do a good job even i am stuck in hbl power do u know............. i have 10000 shares at 26.5 but yet holding it i have faith in u and company i do not know what to do looking at the pathetic results but feel it will turnaround

  4. Kiran,
    Thanks for the kind words and thanks for believing in me.
    Kiran, believing in someone is a great thing in the sense that it shows respect.I know my readers respect and adore me a lot but I feel very bad when someone questions my integrity and is not ready to believe in what I wrote and question it.It brings lots of pain as I am a very straight forward person and never speak both ways.I have never done that in my life.What I say or write always comes from my heart .It is never like ,I am writing something and something else is in my mind.Jo dil main hai wahijuban pe hota hai aur wahi likhta hun.....I can say that with all the confidence that I never write anything which I do not intend to.....I have never misguided anyone here.Never have tried to decieve anyone in my writing.My intentions were never malice for any subject but sometimes bad taste and memory keeps haunting me.....
    Kiran, though a technical rebound looks imminent, I feel market should drift down furtrher.Let us hope for the best.....
    Keep writing here......

  5. Rajeev(ji) you know what I always wanted the market to go down so that it becomes a buying opportunity.. now all your readers have so many stocks known to them by you that they can blindly go and take at these available prices may be even at lower prices in days to come so for lot of them it is always a great great buy!!! you have educated them about the profiles of the companies, the strength and now it is the right time for everyone to take a dig at that... market will always come up, i was not aware of your blog in 2007-2008 when the stocks were at the lowest price or else I would have become a millionaire now..but now I know when to invest and most importantly 'WHERE TO INVEST (which stocks)' and that makes the difference, thanks for all your time on this blog and educating your readers at all the time.... jo dil mein hain wahi jubaan par aana chahiye and that is what makes our rajeev(ji) special!!! cheers and enjoy the market downfall... value buying will start happening again!!!
    warm regards

  6. boss,it all market sentiments u cant help it out,it will bounce soon its shopping time again
    nifty i suppose 4375

  7. Hi Rajeev

    Cheerup...... We have made a lot of money through your suggestions so why crib on the reverse. Its part of the market. Cheerup once again..we are with u...............

  8. Dear Rajeev,
    You have done a wonderful job in cherry picking the good ones. We expect you to continue to do that same for us.Those who are not fully invested can rejoice now, if you have money you could buy only when the stocks on its way up , since we do not know the bottom.
    For india when interest rate comes down, some of the stocks will be up ,irrespective of global outlook.When Pharma & FMCG shows weekness we know we are soem what end of the tunnel.

  9. Hi Rajiv,

    You are feeling very very bad... that is your greatness. you are taking the responsibility - that is ur genuineness. I can say "For good people, good things will happen." Its not your mistake or fault. Its global issues. Nobody will accept you if you take the blame.

    We all are requsting you to keep writing.


  10. Rajeev,

    I don't think you have to take apology for your recomendation. We all know how honest and genuine you are. Thats why I am following your blog for almost 3 years.
    Market can't go always towards north. We know your recomendation is for long term and all have good potential. Please cheer up and be positive. We would like you to continue whatever you have been doing. We have full faith on you.


  11. Hi Rajeev,
    By this post once again you show what a UNIQUE human being you are. Means all other analysts and bloggers blame what all irrelevent factors for their recommendations gone wrong, but you have such a BIG HEART to confess, eventhough its not your mistake.
    They are SO SO RARE to find.

    Anyways, giving below a link where the biggest bear - SS is bullish on indian economy.


  12. Reshmaji,
    This " Special" word is very dangerous.I am afraid of it whenever someone use it to me....anyway I appreciate ur feeling......

  13. Hey Rajeev,

    Have been a silent reader for long after a couole of comments in the beginning.

    I just want add this one point. I have always known you (thru ur blog) as a highly investor. One year back when I started investing amd found your blog, I started to follow your idealogies as mantras. Any dip in the market and my parents would start selling fearing a worser tomorrow, where as I used to think of it as just a correction. This is your thinking which got embedded in to me now. And I'm there are many other who too would have learnt their first few steps in investing from this blog.

    My confidence is not down as I follwed the basic principles that you always stressed upon:
    - buy in SIP
    - buy and forget for 2-3y
    - believe in the India Story

    Yes the markets have gone down considerably, my folio too is in red, but the Rajeev Desai Spirit in me says that all is well. Its just another bout of cold and would pass over soon.

    Loads of well wishes and Regards.


  14. Its better late than never...
    I stopped following your recommendations after 2008 crash and once in while visit your blog for entertainment purpose...
    there is only one problem--you recommend each and every stock at the drop of hat and gullible people bear the brunt...its not your mistake...but I believe one has to be very luck to make money out of your recommendation but so is the nature of market in general...

    Some time it seems that you are like chakry or double role of chakry..:)

    no hard feelings

    best of luck.

  15. Rajiv , You are a honest person. It is very much evident from whatever you write.
    Please do not stop writing. We need your honest views.

  16. Dear JJ,
    Thanks for the commnets.I started this blog in Dec 2007 and after that market tanked and hence I feel it makes no sense not following me after 2008!
    I would like to know your strategy how u saved yourself from the recent carnage.Do write it here so that readers can get enlightened from your way of investing.
    I would also personally like to read how u have been able to save all your money and should be sitting on atleast noprofit no loss type situation.
    JJ, what I wrote was a moral binding.Everyone inlcluding you yourself knows that I give here stocks and it is upto readers to buy them.
    Those who bought Lumax Ind or Parekh Alu are still in profit.It all depends on what you buy and that again depends on LUCK as you yourself have said that.If one was going to make money he would have bought only Lumax Ind and Parekh Aluminex and nothing else and he is still in HUGE profit.
    Recomending stocks at the drop of a Hat has nothing to do with the return.The reason I give many stocks is, readers can make a choice from it.
    If I am sorry for anything , then it is not a mistake from my side.It was a courtesy call for my readers.I feel bad and that was an instant reaction from my side.
    You have written here in your comments that it is nature of market in general, then why you have to write , "Better Late then Never"...

  17. Hi Guys,
    Would like to share this with you.
    Today I became a classic victim of Behavioral Finance.

    I wanted to buy Mphasis today. So asked my broker to put feeding @ 345 before market opening. And after market opening, my broker called me and told me that its 10% down, so what to do. In instant panic, I said remove the feeding and wait in case it falls down more. And guess what after that it went from 320 to 380! Dont want to discuss why it happed.
    So from 10% down to 10% up. And helplessly I have to just watch it.
    Now retrospectively my mistake - If I was ready to buy at 345, why in the hell I didnt buy it @ 320! At that price, it was a definite buy. But I panicked or had the greed that I will be able to catch it when it goes down more.
    So I missed this opportunity.
    I am sharing this because I think we should learn from our mistakes. And if we can know more about such mistakes, we will be able to curtail our losses and hence increase the chances of making profit.

    Again just felt like sharing.


  18. Hi Rajeevji,

    This is my first time writing here after so many years of reading you. I strongly believe that No one, who like to read the kind of analysis you make, think adverse of you. As kiran rightly put, when we take a call, we are RESPONSIBLE for it. But still feeling morally responsible for it shows the true nature of you. Feel at EASE and Keep writing please.
    J. Ganesan

  19. Hi Ganesan,
    Good to see you writing for the first time here.I know there are innumerable readers who are silent readers of my blog and never come up to ask anything or write anything.They just silently follow me, what I write and what I analyse.
    I know there are scores maybe hundreds of readers who admires me and respect me and understand what I write.They just take clue from what I write and act upon it without asking anything.
    I can say from my side that I had never misguided anyone here and I can say with confidence that I never did that intentionally or unintentionally.I had always taken care about what I write.Maybe when I write something on other topics as well, I am very clear in my mind what I am writing and when I reply on such comments also , I never write a lie.Ganesan,I can't do anything wrong.That is not my nature.I just can't do it.My conscience always stops me in doing so and when I write my reply it is always with great integrity.I write what I mean.
    Anyway, thanks for coming out and writing here.When readers like you writes here I feel very nice, perticularly when a reader like you who is reading me for years and never wrote anything here it gives me a great feeling.
    Do keep writing.....