Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't buy anything now.....

That is what I would suggest as of now.Don't buy anything now.
I know readers wants to have my view in present sitution and that is why I am here to write that let market settle down first because when stocks start going down there is no bottom and people are selling to save whatever money they can save and hence if a stock is available cheap now it can drift further more.
I already wrote in my last post that things are dicy in global context and as FII's are selling, market is not going to come back in hurry as rightly said by RJ in his last interview.
I am sure this is not a 2008 type situation but still I can go horribly wrong.
If the stocks you are holding are good with fundamentals then hold them.It will run when its time will come.Don't panic.Selling in panic makes no sense.One invariably make mistakes in such situation.


  1. Thanks Rajeev on your cautious words.
    I remember somebody saying or read somewhere -
    ' The Four Most Dangerous Words In Financial Markets - THIS TIME ITS DIFFERENT'

  2. Rajeevji,

    Any comments on Vishnu Chemicals? It is down significantly.


  3. Dear Rajive,

    Wts your take on ADSL with current levels, Is it a gud buy ? I had purchased few @ 50 should i still hold it, Also if you can give your view on Lanco Infratech on long term.