Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rico Auto and Super Spinning........

First of all let me write that I am thankful to all those readers who has kept faith in me and I am indebted by them.
I remember I recomended Rico Auto and Super Spinning time and again though I have not discussed Super Spinning in detail but I have discussed Rico Auto in details why it was a buy at around 23.
Rico Auto has come down from 23 -24 level to abysmal low level of 10 and so has Super Spinning.
Now what I am going to disclose today is a name of a very veteran investor and a very excellent investor who can wait for his stocks to go up for 5 yrs and even more.I adore him for his investing style and he is a master and a chela of then master investor named Manu Manek.
He has a penchant for cement stocks like Madras Cement and also have a liking for Auto Ancialliary Co like Motherson Sumi , Rane gr and also have a liking for Laxmi gr .He was a Co-owner of brokerage gr before it was sold recently.
I would like all my readers to look at SHP of both this Co and one should be able to read his name and I hope someone come out with his name and write it here.
It is all about observing and nothing else.It is my passion and hence I devote my entire focus on what is going on in market and who is playing with what stocks.I can say it is all at my tip of my fingure.
With commodities going down and Oil going down,Rico Auto will give excellent return in LT,like say, 3-5 yrs from now.Rico Auto has been beaten down for a long time due to earning not coming good but happy days should come for both Super Spinning and Rico Auto .Both the stocks can take time and even test your patience but hold it.Don;t look at everyday price after buying.
Both are fundamentally excellent Cos and both should flourish in time to come.I can't say when but both will give excellent returns.Well, I can't guarentee you , but I am confident for both.
Well, as I said earlier, I can't gaurantee you anything but I hope this is a good chance to lappup stocks like this when chips are down...........


  1. Hi Rajeev,
    The investor you are talking about is Nemish Shah.
    He has 2.15% stake in Rico Auto & 1.28% stake in Super Spinning.
    Need to find more info on Nemish Shah though.

  2. Dear Rajivji,
    I am following your blog since last six months and have read your older blogs also. I think you are a genius but exception is always a rule.
    I want to ask you that I am holding zen technologies (200) from last 3 years. Does this company hold promise & simulation and games are poised for good growth. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is also having 10% stake in this company. His close associate Utpal seth is also increasing his stake slowly. I understand that training will not remain in the way we are getting. It will change because human civilisation has become faster and faster and there is universal truth that parivartan sansar ka shashwat niyam hai. Please guide me, with thanks

  3. You are talking about Nimesh shah, but in rico auto ashish dhawan former chrys capital founder has also a stake. Does this mean that rico is better than super spinning.

  4. Vikas, Priya and Gaurav are cent percent correct.I was talking of Nemish S Shah and not Ashish Dhawan and Nemish Shah was the Coowner of Enam Sec untill it was sold recently to I think Axis Bank.
    Vikas, u being new here and maybe Priya and Guarav needs to find more info on Nemish Shah but I am already convinced about his stock picking ability.
    Vikas, if can pullout RJ's interview at Moneycontrol on his 50th birthday, he praised Nemish Shah of Enam sec for his stock picking ability.He is a veteran investor and a Master too.....but again I repeat with Nemish Shah there the holding time can go longer then expected......

  5. rajesh,
    I already answered your question you asked on Zen technology in past.
    And regarding the names of Nemish Shah and Ashish Dhawan, I was talking only about Nemish Shah as I do not know about Ashish Dhawan success rate and I do not track him.
    One more thing, don't mix up Nemish Shah and Nimesh Shah.Both are different person.

  6. Hi Rajiv,

    Here is the link of Rj's Interview -in which he praises Nimesh Shah - http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/features/rakesh-jhunjhunwala-the-family-man_474227-3.html


  7. Hi Rajeev,
    Found the video. Giving below the link.


    Really dont know how I missed it.
    Now I understood why you are praising so much Radhakishan Damani.
    RJ thinks him as his mentor and is in full praise of him in this video. And of course he mentions Nemish Shah as a great analyst and not possible to have such analyst in future also.


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  10. Dear Rajiv Sir ,

    Accor To Me Their Are 4 Veteran Stock Picker In India Market
    1. Nemish Shah
    2. RK Damani ( Mentor Of RJ )
    3 .Vallabh Bansali
    4. Rj

    In Mutual Fund Only Veteran Is Prashant Jain From HDFC Mutual Fund

    He Is Best Fund Manager In ASIA Pacific

    They All Are Better Then Warren Buffet .

    If We Follow Their Strategy Then it will be win win situation

  11. Hi Arvind,
    Except RJ ,we don't have anyone's strategy.
    Nemish Shah is absolutely media shy and hence we do not know at all what he does and how he does , so is RKD .He also never comes on Media.Vallabh Bhansali do come on TV but he discussed the market and economy and hence in no way we will be able to understand his view.
    Only thing we can do is, buy what they buy and sit on them untill they sell it out.Even selling out of them is not known untill u see the SHP of next qr but then we need to get ready for holding those shares for yrs togather.
    Being in market for so long I am able to observe their modus operandi.After buying stock , it never moves up in a hurry.When everyone gets tired and sell their holding,they move thier stock.