Friday, August 19, 2011

LOKPAL OR JOKEPAL Bill by Congress

I got some inner sight of Lokpal Bill that Congress drafted and I have taken it from somewhere else so please double check it and write it here if it wrong.

1. A whislteblower will have to PROVE that what he claims is correct in court of law. The entire onus of proving what he says is correct lies on him.

2. If his charges - reports are found to be false - he will face JAIL TERM of 20 YEARs

 3. If his charges are true the culprit will be jailed for "WHOLE 2 YEARS"
See - how they are encouraging whistleblowers and discouraging criminals.

A person who will not be able to prove the charge will go to jail for 20 yrs and who is found guilty will go to jail for ONLY 2 YEARS?That is the Lokpal version Congress wants to bring in parliament and pass it?Is this a JOKEPAL bill or what?
I was hearing one of the spoke person of Congress speaking about Anna Hazare that how he can speak against corruption when he himself is a corrupt person? I ask, then for what the Congress is waiting for?If Anna Hazare is corrupt then why don't government held him under that charge and put him in JAIL?
I have been hearing the debates on TimesNow and the people who speaks against Anna Hazare says that this is a democratic country and Anna Hazare can't dictate the term to the government, which is elected by people and everything should be under Law.But my question is, what is done under Law ?If Law prevails then how culprits like Kalamadi and A Raja were arrested so late?
Is government working under any LAW or Constitution?
It is not working under LAW and that is why the movement by Anna Hazare..........
If any politicians are abiding according to the LAW, where was the need for Anna Hazare to come out to fight against government?But as there is no LAW prevailing in our country , especially for Politicians that is why Anna Hazare has to come out ......It is that SIMPLE.......
People of India needs to tell the government , that PLEASE DON'T TALK OF ANY LAW......THERE IS NO LAW PREVAILING IN INDIA.....
If Law prevails then how 2G, 3G, S-Band  and Karnataka mining scam came out?
Which law Congress is talking of?Is there any law in our country?Over and above that there is no Laws for politicians.They keeps on saying we were elected by the people and hence they can do whatever they wants   and still they can go untouched and people can say nothing and do nothing besides looking at it helplessly.........because people made the MISTAKE OF ELECTING THEM......LOL......Congress says to the people of India.....Keep QUITE....we are elected by YOU and hence you the people of India needs to abide by the LAW and CONSTITUTION AND if we the elected people do anything wrong we, the people of India, are not suppose to do anything..........and if we , the people of India, wants to do anything that should be under LAW!

Congress feels that as people has elected them they can do whatever they can under the name of Law and Constitution but why the same Law and Constitution do not apply for Politicians?
What needs to be done is , after putting the Scansters in jail , government needs to see that the money also comes back to the people.....that is the most important part of the movement.It is not only about sending the culprits to JAIL but also making SURE THAT MONEY SHIPONED OUT FROM SCAMS ARE BROUGHT BACK TO THE PEOPLE OF INDIA.

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