Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bears are turning bullish.........

Couple of days back I saw that Shankar Sharma , head of First Global eq ,became bullish and gave a bullish stance.He again predicted that market can cross 21k by Dec 09 which is what I have writing here since market crossed 12k .......
When bear turn bulls is it time to be catious?Maybe for ST as, as soon as they started speaking about sensex with biggger targets market went down.I donno whether they cut their shorts?
There are concerns over rain deficit in whole India and market tanked on that news.Rain or less rain market direction is up barring corrections . I think it is still early to say about rain fall.Let us wait and see.
Cement,IT,Infra, Capital Goods ,Auto, Finance , Oil &Gas , Media are some sector I am bullish and one of my reader told me that UTv is already at 447 after I gave a call at 337 few days back.
I have kept on writing that Selan Exploration,Alpha Geo, Dolphin Offshore , Jindal Drilling are great stocks with great fundamentals.
I remember I have given the call of India Glycols on numerous occassion and it is one of my favourite stock along with stocks like Max India and Lumax Ind.All these 3 stocks can work wonders if held pateintly for 2-3 yrs.Keep watch on them or buy them.Insurance sector is another sector where I am bullish.That is why I have zeroed on Max India.I think Insurance is the upcoming sector as it gives enormous growth.Company has to rarely pay for accident or health insurance and that is why the agents gets hefty commosion and they also give hefty discounts to customer .If we look around we can see that very rarely people who is having health insurance have to reimburse it.Only in the case of major health problem insurance co has to pay.It is a very lucrative business and perticularly in India where the cost is very low.
Try to find stock in this sector which is cheap.It is hard to find them.Rcap , Bajaj Fin etc are in Insurance sector and they are high.
I have written many times here and am writing it again , playing in F&O is Big No is a losing game and more one tries to cover the loss more there will be loss.There is no solution for winning.All the claims that are made are not worthy to follow.When one is not expert in Stock market then why they go on and play commodities is puzzling me a lot.Commodity is a world wide scenario.It is played the world over and we do not know what is happening elsewhere in the world and what are the effects that takes place.Atleast in Stock market we know what is happening in India and hence we are sure of what we are doing and beting at but commodities is an international play.Please don't play in commodities......Crude, Copper, Zinc those stocks but not the raw material......


  1. India Glycol is a wonderful tip. I bought these at >250 last time during peak market. but I am holding this patiently as this will scale new high. i also picked up Pondy Oxide, Pyramid Saimira and Asahi Songwon Colors at high prices. Do you track these and if Yes can you please let me know your opinion. Thanks in advance for your expert opinion.

  2. Dear Vasanth,
    I do not track any of those but I think Pyramid Saimara is looking good.I think in the same category Cinemax is also looking good along with my old call UTV.
    Pondy Oxide and Asahi Sungwon I do not track and so no view......
    I think it is time to average in India Glycols as u have bot it at 250 but it is now 96 and good price for averaging.Ofcourse this is my view and I may prove wrong.