Saturday, August 22, 2009

My statutary annoucement........

Dear Friends,
I have started this blog just to help small investors .I do not charge anything for anything I write here.This is not a paid blog.
I decided to share my experiance and has always done that here and at mmb and other places.People use to point me my bad calls reminding me about that but never speak on my good calls.But I have learn now to take it in my stride and I feel no bad for it.
But what I want to write here today is that I use to sometimes give stocks which are out of world.Means no one may have heard of and these are RISKY calls.There is no guarantee for these type of calls.The best thing is one should invest in good fundamental stock and it should be atleast 60-70% of the portfolio.Only 30% of the money should go in RISKY stocks.These are stocks which have no prior history of having good management.And when there is no such type of history then ur money is at RISK.....but agianst that it is also true that money is made from such unknown stock.The TRICK here is one should be able to book profit from it and should not end in holding such stocks after it also reached a certain high.
That is why I have always written here that "Sell 50% as soon as stock doubles and take ur money out and keep the REST FREE"
Bear market are very brutal and they wipes out ur whole investment .Invest only those money which one is ready to lose and invest in A gr stocks where money is safe.
So the best way is sell 50% as soon as stocks doubles and keep the rest FREE.....
I like the RULE of Warren Buffet " 1st RULE :Never lose money in stock market and 2nd RULE "Never forget the 1st RULE"
and this can be achieved only when one takes out the money invested in stock market.
Always be on TOES.Try to see who is selling and analyse the situation.If situation warrents to sell stock at LOSS do that.Never get afraid of booking LOSS.This is also an ART how to cut down the LOSSES.
I have written in past here and writing it here again that don't sell stocks in which u r making profit to makeup the LOSS in other stock.SELL LOSS making stocks.They are ur bad decision and where u r making profit is ur correct decision.So hang on that.


  1. Hi Rajeev:

    I am holding Glenmark Pharma , there was some bad news last week and lot of Brokers have downgraded the stock, company is good fundamentals ,it has given me good returns .Do you suggest to hold or switch to some other phrama stock.


  2. Rajeev Bhai

    What are your views on Madras cements and Texmaco? I bought them around 130Rs. They are battling in the 100-110 Rs range.


    PS: I have just started reading your blog, so if you have already posted something about these companies, I haven't gone through those particular posts. I did a "search blog" for these companies and nothing turned up.

  3. Hi Sri,
    Madras Cement is a great co.It is worth holding.Texmaco is also a great co .You can hold them both for atleast couple of years.U will get good returns.....

  4. Hiren I think u can hold Glenmark...

  5. Thanks Rajeev. Do you mind if I ask you about whether to invest in a stock or not? Iam not so bothered by price fluctuations and I'd like to invest for a long term period. My current investments are also with a long term approach.

    The doubt and the question which I asked were - there is a whole lot of chatter that markets could tank/crash big time (dollar getting worthless etc). In that case, would it be a good bet, if I am able to square up when price of these stocks near my cost price and then invest back into the same companies at a lower price?? That way I'd get good company's stocks at much lower prices...

    Would like your opinion about this..


  6. Good thoughts and great ideas of selling when stock doubles. Although, I do not think it should be automatic esp. if the stock run up is based on an underlying bull move the market.

    For example if the stock was running up in Jun, then you would hold until you see a bit of a correction. Also, do not sell 1/2 at once.....Sell it a bit at a time. This way, if you originally bought 2000 shares, then you would start selling 200 shares after the doubling, and then 200, and then 200 and then 200.....In a way you are averaging your sell.

    Just my 1 1/2 cents to Rajeevbhai's idea.


  7. Hi Rajeev,
    Trishakti Electronics has declared Qtly result with EPS 5.58.This was on your list sometime back. What do you think of it now? I have some at higher rate? Can we add at the current rate?

  8. Hi Jay,
    Trishakti is a dark horse and I think u can average it out......

  9. Hi Srini,
    Well , to my opinion one has not to worry about dollars not to think about world market while thinking about investing in India.India is on a higher growth trajectory and hence needs not to follow world market.
    The decoupling is going to take place in future and I have no doubt about it.
    Read everything but have your own conviction.If dollar depreciate that will be good for India as Rupees will become stronger and hence the import billwill come down which will help India incearsing the C/A.
    Srini,We have exchanged view s at mmb as well.You know me very well since then.Don't be afraid of investing in our market.We are going to see a new high this year perhaps and 31k by next Dec 2010.
    Ofcourse this is my view and I may prove wrong as happened last year.
    People have showed me where I went wrong.....

  10. Rajeev Bhai

    Thanks for your detailed reply. I'd love to invest in OUR market and invest long-term. I wait to see the day when true decoupling of our market occurs from the sham at Wall street.


    PS: I have never posted at mMb nor do I have any login account there.

  11. Srini,
    I remember there was one boader named Srini there.I thought it is you.
    Sorry for misunderstanding that with you....

  12. Rajeev Bhai,

    No problem. Iam a very small time investor, maybe not like the big shots at mmb.

    I wish I had known and seen your blog earlier. That way I'd have avoided some earlier avoidable losses.

    Anyway... Better late than never

    Thanks for your efforts