Thursday, August 6, 2009

XL Tele in UC and Austral Coke..447 and Scan Point Geomatics.....16.25

XL Tele did a UC! Can one imagine in it?Market is full of surprises and that is why I like it.
It is just like a game of Cricket.What a next ball will do no one knows.Cricket game is full of uncertainty , no one knows what can happen in next 10 mins.A batsman who made century gets out in very first ball in next innings.Cricket hence also gives lesson of life that anything can happen.The reason why it is played and seen so much is that.It is full of uncertainty.Zimbabwe can win against Australia and England can win a test series against Austrailia and India can win World Cup after no one gave a chance to win. A centurion in 1st innings gets out in ZERO!
Such is with market.No one knows which stock will run and which will not.Which will give multibagger retunrs and which will not.I can give scores of example even now that co having great management and having great earning and EPS and still lying low while there are still stocks which are with poor management and still have high P/E multiple and remember I am talking of recent scenario.That is the uncertainty of market.One never know which will run and which will not.
Coming back to XL Tele ,it went in for UC and the day results were out it went for DC(Down circuit). I saw very big Bulk deal of JMP Sec yesterday at bse site and I thought that someone is buying ! But why they are buying?It means that they are knowing much more then a lay investor knows.....If we recall last time , the results were bad that time too and still XL went up......So what are the management upto?Trying to misguide investors?Solar sector is going to do better in times to come but where are the orders ?Why the sales were down from 250 cr to just 50 cr?Are they going to get orders in big way in next quater?
What will be done for Rs 200 cr loss and how XL Tele is going to fillup that loss that has been taken as a loss in banks credit?
I leave this answers to future and JMP Sec who bought big chunk of XL tele yesterday.
Atleast I don't know the answer and even if the Hydrabad facilty for making Silicon Wafers etc starts off within 3-6 months , what about the orders?If they(orders) were there then why it showed such a poor sales in this qr?Who is playing the game so the people sell XL and someone interested buy as much as he can.......!
Austral Coke is another stock which is known for a dubious management.It came with an IPO of Rs 190 and it is making newer highs recently.It closed at 430 after making a high of 447! It is the same promoters of Gremach Infra and same Rishi Raj gr then why it is making all time high?Whom we needs to follow?The way Austral Coke is rrunning it will easily cross 1k before sensex makes a new high....
I would like to write something on Scan Point Geomatics , old name Scan Point GraphicsLtd which came out with and IPO in KP's time in 1999 and is an Ahemedabad base software co.I am tracking this co since then.Well it is making new high recently and is at 16.25 and is going inconstant UC.I would only suggest here that try to find the website of Scan Point Geomatics and try to see what they are upto.I will not write anything about the co here.It is a microcap stock and according to my image I have written it here.....UNKNOWN STOCK...WHEN NO ONE KNOWS IT.....and I will caution all readers that being a microcap stock, investing in it can wipe out your money hence take that in account before investing in it.


  1. dear sir, i am reading ur blog recently..after a long time, today (16-aug) i read..regarding Austral coke, i also watching..ALso please tell ur views about ENNORE COKE which i think is a multibagger..awaiting ur thoughts..

  2. Dear PVS,
    Ennore Coke has big plans and looking good.They are doing the right thing.The sector has huge upside ,looking good....

  3. Hi Rajeev ji...
    Do u recommend to buy Ennore coke @cmp 32
    and Cals Refineries cmp @ 0.65


  4. Dear Naveen,
    Ennore Coke and Cals Refinaries are in very nascent stage of growth.It will take time for both of them to perform earningwise and hence no ST trigger for both of them.Moreover Cals Ref has been come in the dubious transaction list of KP with SEBI and hence till the dust settles down I think Cals will not move at all and that can be as long as 1 year.