Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kalyani Forge@87 and Tin Plate@ 46...........my old call.....

Dear Friends,
I gave a call of Kalyani Forge @87 and Tin Plate @46 on 22 nd July means not even a month back.
I just past through the bse site to pip in what my calls were doing.
Kalyani Forge is now at Rs 118.35 buyer even when the market tanked today on Chinese worry by 652 points and TinPlate is at Rs 70 after making a 52 week high at 73 .
So Kalyani Forge is giving a return of 35% and Tin Plate is giving a retrun of 50% in less then a month and that is very big by any standard if we calculate it annually.
When market is down Kalyani Forge is going for UC(Upper Circuit)and that is the beauty of the call.I have written here that you will find stocks running in UC, of my call ,when market will be down.
These both stocks has a long way to go and one can buy even now at this rate.
Remember one thing.When ever one buy a stock it is not neccessary for it to go up.I can rather say that most probably it will go down 10-15% after we buy it.It doesn't mean that market has singled you out and hence you don't deserve to be in the market.I remember one quote from a very famous fund manager who found many multibaggers in his life and also got retired early.His name is Peter Lynch and he has always felt that after he has bought a stock it has invariably gone down and down to that much extent that one get scared.But he use to hold on the position because he was confident of his pick and has come out winner many a times.
So don't get frustrated when a stock goes down after you buy it.It is part and parcel of life in stock market.I have seen many people taking a break from the market saying market is not good and hence I will sit aside and wait for the opportune moment to jump but according to me, unless there an euphoria like we saw at 21k ,there is no such day where one cannot invest.Right now even though we have come up from 8k to 15k, scores of stocks are below their worth and one needs to keep his eye open and be always on the lookout for opportunities.
Be it USA market or Indian Market of any international stock market of any country opportunities are always there.
Now talking on yesterdays big scary fall due to external factors I think Indian investor don't need to panic on such fall.If China is losing India is profiting from it.If China is slowing down then commodities will come down which will help end users which willhelp in taming down the inflation which in turn will help economies to do better world over.China is comsuming so much of commodities that slowing down a little bit will not cause any problem.
India's growth is internal and domestic comsumption lead and when I say about domestic consumption lead it means Infrastructure lead and not the consumer side.It will come out when people will have money.

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