Monday, August 31, 2009

Lesha Energy...Rs 43.30 and TeleCanor Global.....Rs 35.85

I have been tracking these two stocks since long.
I will only write here that Lesha Energy( Old Name, Lesha Steel) is having interest in Oil Fields and TeleCanor Global(Old Name,Victory Project) is where one big investor has taken stake.Growth seems exponential for both these cos if what I am reading comes good.
These two can give big return in couple of years.But have your own diligence and then buy them.... Go to bse site and read all the annoucement.That is what one needs to do.I have written these many times.Google it.
I would like to read more on these two from you all.

One update:

I have been recomending Assam Co since the last bull run.Assam Co is still looking good.
I have also recomended Mcnally Bharat when I use to write on MMB.I also gave a call here in Mar 09 and couple of times in my list at around Rs 50.It is Rs 190 now and has still long way to go.....

Let me give reason why I am not writing more on Lesha and Telecanor.Of course they are penny stocks and unknown stocks of how the management is, we have no back track record.Moreover I do not know how they will grow.Suspicious mind is always there to worry.I am a big risk taker and if I find a stock with a slightest trigger with even a small story I would go ahead and buy it.It is always 1k or 2k not more then that but I will go and buy it.
If one will see at the results of last 3 qr in both this cos, then one can find nothing in it.It is BIG ZERO.There is no sales , no earning , no Profit and still they are at 43 and 35 respectively.It means that market knows what is coming and hence giving them high valuation and that we do not know.Now what can happen if the story comes true ! That is where the catch is.....
I would like to know why I have to specifically mention Assam co and Mcnally Bahrat today that too in "Update".I must have found something which urged me to write it here about this two ....I would like readers to find out why I have to again write on Assam Co and Mcnally Bharat......It is not hard to find out...Give a TRY........


  1. Dear Rajeev,
    All the news channels are screaming about the 1000 cr scam at austral coke. How bad do you think will be the impact on gremach infra ?

    Do u think it will tankl like satyam and go in single digits ???

  2. yes the Big Investor in TELECANOR GLOBAL is HEMANT KUMAR GUPTA. & he is my very good friend & he is buying from 10 levels & will take the script to 100 levels in next 6 months thats sure. but im very upset that i didnt buy on his recommendation as i had lost a lot in JAN 08 due to his midcap recommendations all are operator driven only. so be carefull

  3. hi rajeev,

    one quick question

    Whats Cooking in JPT Securities?

    I have googled a lot about this company and found that nikhil gandhi is going to play a important role in this counter...

    Please give me any news you have about this counter (except those given on

    m waiting as always


  4. Hi Priya,
    It is a speculative stock and story is there but one need to take a chance.
    Did you find my email id?

  5. Dear Rajeev,

    Awaiting your reply to my message!!!

  6. Mitz,
    I have yet to go through the news

  7. k.....shall await your analysis.

  8. Dear Rajeev bhai,
    I am very small time investor, have developed some interest in stocks and equity.
    Got your reference from one mmb thread.
    After reading couple of blogs here, I am convinced, to take some risk, to start with say upto 5K , I want to invest.I will start with Lesha and TeleCanor..Sir, can you please suggest if there is any approx time frame, I can expect 20-30% ret, if invested today. thank you in advance. -- Josh

  9. I could find some infor on Telecanor.... Still need to get latest news :-(

    TeleCanor service, an arm of Victory Projects (VPL) wants to stake its claim for a large chunk of the IVR and SMS payment gateway activity. Unlike other aspirants who are deterred to import the technology, VPL owns the international TeleCanor brand of IVR solutions including voiceXML compatibility, text-to-speech, and speech recognition features. VPL has a distinct and powerful advantage over others, since its TeleCanor product has gained acceptability over time and is now the public voice interface of some leading public and private enterprises like Coal Mines Provident Fund, South Central Railway, AP Road Transport Corporation, Police Welfare Society among others.
    VPL plans to implement this technology-infrastructure project through a mixture of private equity and secured convertible debentures. These debentures will be secured on the 82-acre land bank of the company situated close to an SEZ and the proposed international airport at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

    The board of directors of Victory Projects at its meeting held on Mar. 08, 2008, forfeited 476,000 equity shares of Rs 10 each allotted on May 26, 1995, on account of the shareholders` failure in paying the share allotment money despite several reminders.
    The board decided to issue warrants, convertible into 6 million equity shares on preferential basis to the promoters and other applicants and also sold the 476,000 equity shares of Rs 10 each to several applicants. An EGM is scheduled for Apr. 07, 2008 to seek shareholder approval.

  10. Dear Sanjay,
    Good diggin.IVR and SMS payment gateway is the area where if they become successful,is a big revenue earner.
    There are some experts whom I talked with at other forum are sceptics about TeleCanor success on this product.So I am not sure what will happen.But if they become successful in selling these product then it is a big multibagger.
    One of the reader wrote that Hemantkumar Gupta has taken stake and he is right.He is bullish on the product.Let us see how it pans out....

  11. some more info on Telecanor....

    TeleCanor ties up with Italian firm Buongiorno (10 Aug)

    TeleCanor Global Ltd today said it has entered into an agreement with Italian mobile entertainment and value added services(VAS) major, Buongiorno for promoting its subscription services pan India with one of the leading telecom operators.

    As per the deal TeleCanor would nationally dial out to at least 250 million calls annually using its flagship product ProZeal for promoting Buongiorno's products, it said in a statement.

    The company expects to generate revenues from this new deal in Q2 itself, it added without divulging any further financial details.

    Buongiorno has got operations across the world in over 23 countries.
    TeleCanor Global releases `Prozeal` (8 July)

    TeleCanor Global today announced that the company has now released the only intranet value added services (VAS) promotion tool `Prozeal`. Prozeal is a robust and user friendly intranet based monitoring cum MIS intranet desktop application which is compatible to all modern switches and mobile technology protocols like 557 and SIP.

    The future road map for TeleCanor (Q, N,C,F)* is to partner with several mobile operators and VAS intermediaries for providing a pan India service for the VAS promotion business.

    The company has also installed its flagship product Prozeal in Mumbai with Tata Teleservices Maharashtra on Mar.18, 2009.

    Shares of TeleCanor Global gained Rs 0.75, or 2.97%, to trade at Rs 26. The total volume of shares traded was 8,577 at the BSE (12.58 p.m., Wednesday).

  12. hi Rajeev,

    Today I entered into KDKN @0.51....Small qty of 1000...Hope this will give me descent return....


  13. hey rajeev,

    i heared that today is board meeting of madhucon to consider stocl split of FV2 to FV1

    should i buy now??

    pls answer in hurry


  14. Rajeev,

    Do you believe gremach infra is still a buy..i mean for long term...

  15. Doc, Mitz,
    I think one need to atleast holdon with Gremach Infra......Let the dust settle down.....

  16. Thanks Rajeev..! I will be holding Gremach.... May be buying some more


  18. Hi Rajeev

    On this link

    telecanor news broke on jul 08 and by you on 31st Aug. Why is it so? Is it that initially you bought at lower levels and then gave buy call.



  19. Hi Amit,
    That is for you to decide, whether I first bought Telecanor and then gave a buy call.
    If you feel I am trying to do that you are always FREE not to visit my blog......

  20. dear rajeev,
    i have old shares of lesha steel limited.currently it is named lesha energy resources can i sell the shares now?if so how?

    thank you for reading this!
    kindly oblige...

    paresh doshi

  21. Paresh,
    You can sell Lesha Steel as Lesha Energy but if it is in physical from you will have to convert it in Demat form and then sell it....

  22. thank you very much rajeev...paresh

  23. sir i need to ask u to guide me regarding sterling greenwoods i feel it can be a dark horse as huge land bank in gujarat kindly advice

  24. Savitri,
    Thanks for the feedback on Sterling Greenwood...but can you give me links where it shows that they have huge landbank?or if possible can you copy paste here the information...or you can mail me at my id which is written at the top of my is
    I need to first have a look at it where the land is located etc...and then give my view...

  25. Hi Savitri,
    I went through the site of Sterling Greenwood and looks decent as I saw many projects coming on like Clubs,Apartment , Resorts etc....but where I am surprised is why all these is not showing up in bottomline?Why the earnings are so pathetic?Why the sales is so negligible?
    I am seeing a revenue of only 1.7 cr with a np of just 17 lacs, where the profit is going?Why managemnet is not showing those sales in the books?
    If that is the case then how one can assume that in future they will brings the sales up and Co will show robust growth?
    This is the reason , after ur recomendation, I would not like to go for it or write it a Buy...

  26. sir true i am a m.d in anaesthesia n love ur blog i sometimes feel if ur blog would have not been there it would have been impossible to know the facts. i track ur blog regularly only once i missed bought telecanor global.............but confusion still present truth god only knows also dont mind but ur friend hemant gupta initially gave a buy call then himself screams bad company when his expectations did not this the way to bluff layman............

  27. Hi Doc Savitri,
    Well, I have no connection with Hemant Gupta...I have no access with him nor I know him personally..
    But , yes what u r saying is true..he gave a buy call and now he is playing foul with Telecanor..There is some dispute between him and management, seems like that...
    I suggest you that if you want to ask anything , please write on the latest post of mine..and don't write in my old becomes very difficult to find the query in back post and answer please take care to ask anything in the comment section of my latest post....