Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Updates....of my old call......

1)Hitech Gear has declared a liberaal Bonus of 1:1 and stock made life time high of Rs 294 and has doubled from my recomended price.Hold on to this stocks for LT to reap excellent return.
2)Srei Infra has come out with excellent results with NP rising from rs 17 cr last sep to 50 cr this qr.
3)Surana Corp which I recomended around 35 has post excellent results with NP jumping from rs 7.5 cr to 18.81 cr this qr.I am seeing many houses and paid services has started recomending after it touched 75...means way above my call.
4)India Glycol my very old call and my favourite stock which I have been recomending time and again and in 2009 when it was at rs 60 I again recomended it has made a new high of 205 recently and is a buy still at dips.
5)Lumax Ind made a high of 330 and is now at 293 and those holding should hold on .I gave a call at rs 95.
6)Paramount Cosmetic , which I gave a call around 10 has made a new high of 39.70 today.400% return already.
7)First Object Techno has also post superb results with NP growing at exponential pace at rs 1.84 cr from last year same time of 0.52 cr a growth of over 250% from last in bottomline.
8)Loyal Tex is up by Rs 100 after my call giving clean 100 rs in a short time.

There are others as well which has runup like Spanco Ltd and Sujana Towers.

Spanco bagged a huge order from Bharti Tele for BPO contrcat in African countries.Well,the order should be worth 600cr  and that was the reason it went up and up and after we are seeing the high of 180 the news are pouring in....wait for same type of news from Sujana Towers as well.
Market should remain range bound with upper bias and should test a new high by end of this year.It can make a new high when US Prez Mr.Obama visits India.
Coal India is an excellent buy on listing which I already mentioned when I wrote about it.
Buy for LT.


  1. Hi Rajeev,

    You had once suggested Ricoh India at around 35, it is now quoting at 49. Do you think we should be holding this stock for some more time or can we cash out?


  2. Hi sir,

    you I think you have forgotten to include Capital Trust , which is UC every day.


  3. abhijit,
    I do not track Ricoh that much so take ur own call...

  4. sanjiv,
    yes,Capital Trust is firing all cylinders and about to touch 100.Watch out for Arman Finance which has come out with excellent results too....
    After the Taj Capital taking stake,where an expert like Rajat Gupta is at the helm of the affairs ,then I feel that there should be no looking back for Capital Trust.

  5. Raju bhai
    please send your view on vimal oil,munjal show
    at cmp
    scrip look me good at cmp
    but i follow your view

  6. Hi Rajeev
    Took small exposure to Beckons Industries. As you have been saying your blog is not for traders this is again proved as Telecanor did nothing for so many months and all of a sudden making new 52wk highs. Also any thoughts on cement sector, can we start buying or wait for 1 or 2 quarter.

  7. Dear Rajeevji,

    I have noticed from one of your replies to Sanjiv that Arman Fiance (BSE 531179) to be watched out as they came out with excellent results. Is it right time to accumulate Arman @ cmp. Please suggest.

  8. joy,
    Capital Trust,Arman Fin and Intec Capital looks good in MFI and SME space....DD is must...try to have conviction of your own....that will help you much better then me giving a buy call....try to see results,future plans, visit website etc for by writing name on it and find all facts.....
    your conviction what matters.....not mine...

  9. Spanco should do 2,000-2,200 crores in Revenues for this year & Next year it should be around 3,000 crores revenue with the current order book...would be even 5,000 crores if they win another few big orders

    Spanco will be a fully re-rated stock as still not a single fund in the mutual fund space owns spanco

    CREDIT GOES TO NONE OTHER THAN RAJEEV JI.....Spanco will become a huge huge stuff

    Thanks a lot Rajeev Ji, Regards (CA Ravi)