Sunday, October 3, 2010

Again going off topic.......

I am again going offtopic.I donno but something keep on coming in mind and that strikes when a discussion takes place about something that happened in past or when I try to analyse how things works for successful people who made name in history.After the discussion with friend gets over I try to think that what really happened and try to analyse it.
Well, we were talking about Hitler of Germany the creator of World War II.Well, one of my friend was talking that there are people still in USA who migarted from Germany still adores Hitler and they still believe that what Hilter was upto was right.They loves him.They respect him even after decades of his death.
The thought that came to my mind and was in discussion was who taught Hitler how to speak?Had anyone heard or seen him speaking?Go to Youtube and one can find that.
Hitler was not a charismatic figure and he came out from nowhere but still the whole Germany was believing him what he was speaking.Now who taught Hitler his oratery?
And hence the question comes , can oratery be taught?Can one develop it?Mesmerising people on speech , can anyone teach ?
There are many books written on how to give speeches and what words actually be used to make an impression on the crowd .There are many classes going on in everywhere.But the world has not craeted that much orater or CEO's.The top position is always empty.There is always space at TOP position anywhere in any institutuion. Can anyone make me aware that was there any classes that Hitler took to make him trained and impress the people?In 1930's can there be any such type of classes ?
Then again the question arises that then how Hitler or Gandhiji or Abraham Linclon were able to do that?
The conclusion that I have come to with is , it is not possible to learn it.It comes within yourself.It is there with you when you took birth.No one can teach certain things.You have got it with your birth.
The path  one has become successful can never be a path of someone else.He has to charter his own territory.He has to make his own way.His own way to be successful.
One can't learn from reading someone's autobiography or his life.It is impossible to imbibe anyone and become successful.It is futile to tell someone about your sucess and tell him to follow you and become successful.That is senseless thinking.What is good for one can't be always good for other.That is a very simple equation.
Most of the readers must have read many thing about great man.Maybe that must have come while studying in  school or college .Many remember it even now what they learnt about the big people but how many can recall and put it in practise and become successful.See, if we look at that, then we all know that it is not possible to do that.Everyone has different situation to deal with.Everyone has different temprament to deal with.
And that is the reason , why Warren Buffet success is not repeatable.The stock price of Berkshire Hathway is $1,23,914.00 ....that is the highest price any stock in any market is getting.
That is unachievable.No one can beat it.
There are lots of books written by Warren Buffet himself.Lots of things written on Buffet but we are still to see the NEXT Buffet.How come that?
Buffet has explained everything what he does while picking up a stock.His ideas are public.Everyone knows how he pick stocks.Then why we are not having second Buffet?He is writing since decades how he deals in stock market and since decades we haven't got yet another Buffet.
Because everyone has not got the same temprament of Buffet.Everyone has not got the same vision that Buffets possess.Everyone has not got the same conviction that Buffet has got.Everyone has not got the same risk apitite that Buffet has got.
Every year IIM and IIT of India gives 100's of gradutaes.Every year Harvard Uni and other reputed Uni gives 100's of gradudates and these are TOP class schools.They are taught everything there.Then why there is a debacle like Lehman Br?Why there is a bankrupcy in GM or FORD?Why there should be Sub Prime housing debacle?Weren't these guys intelligent?
The simple thing one must understand here is that nothing repeats in market.Everytime maket has different situation to deal with.The saying that "history repeats" is not correct.If it is so then market should never go up and make a new high.If something is repeated then there should always be a way to deal with but we see that it doesn't happen.
Coming back to , can anyone learn going to classes about public speaking?Can anyone be successful by doing that.Yes,one can see a difference but that can be 10-15% .One can improve by that much and never more then that.Any improvement if one is observing more then 10-15% then it is something else.

If that was so, then why not all students gets same marks in exam as the teacher was same?Yes someone can argue that those who didn't get same marks like other did was because they were not attentive.Agreed but that is also not the case 100%, because some were attentive but they have less memory power.We have seen many people have excellent memory power and that we can see with even not a big person.
So it all depends on what and how and when something is coming out from WITHIN.


  1. Hi Rajeev
    What are the prospects of JSW Energy, can one enter it from 3 to 5 year perspective. The stock all of a sudden came down more than 10% while sensex and nifty moved higher.

  2. Rajeev,

    This is mind blowing..... simple amazing........ wow... kya likhte ho aap

  3. Rajeev,

    I would call it "passion".
    I guess it is the passion that differentiates between the good and the best. People keeps asking Sachin Tendulkar about his next target. But, always he answers one thing. "There is nothing like just being in the middle and batting".

  4. very thoughtful and lucid. Enjoyed reading your thoughts!

  5. Rajeev,

    You are amazing writer with great knowledge . Sometimes I read your quote 10 times ...its really deep. Your thoughts are really honest . I bless the day I found you.

  6. Rajeevji,

    This is a nice article you have written. Which one of the magazine do you recommend for subscribing to Capital Market, Dalal Streeet etc...


  7. Rajeevji, Dhunseri Petro and Tea - any views on this.

  8. sanjay,
    I always liked Capital Market.I also use to read Business India when I was in India.
    I also try to read Business Today and Business World.Business world was giving good information on Companies but since 3-4 yrs the content is not that much good so I use to just go through it in library and read any articles which were worth reading.
    Same with Business Today.Not much to read but still try to go through every issue.
    I also try to read Money Life magazine and what I liked in it was an Interview that comes of upcoming business man or already a known business man.I use to read Money Life for that only....
    But Capital Market as per me,is the best....

  9. sanjay,
    I do not track Dhanuseri Tea so no view...

  10. Rajeev,

    Is it still good to hold Sujana or one should apply 50 % sell funda?


  11. WK,

    Many times Rajeev has mentioned that it is up to individual to decide upon that.

    If you re-iterate the same question, you might get the same answer from Rajeev.


  12. WK,
    Sell 50% and make the rest FREE..............

  13. Hi Rajeev,

    Srei making a new high. What are your current views on that!


  14. sumit,
    excellent stock to hold for LT

  15. Rajiv ji

    Somewhere I read, the basic instinct of any human being(for that matter any animal) is fear, as it comes by birth. It comes by birth because people will first experience pain when they are coming out of their mother's womb.

    Now, the only thing that can lead a person to overcome fear is passion.

    Like uno said, passion will make people to forget everything else. That keeps them stay focused on what they are passionate about.

    Can we develop passion for anything? I think one has to spend considerable time and understand "the thing". Then they can choose to stay passionate about it. Otherwise ignore it.

    Just few thoughts..