Friday, October 15, 2010

Sumedha Fiscal....52 week high@40 from 17 10 months

I gave a call on CCAP on Jan 30, 2010 around 35-40 as I read in the annoucement that open offer was at Rs 80 and that call came good.
I remember at that time, I discussed about Sumedha Fiscal which was the Manager of the Open offer and I also wrote that Sumedha Fiscal is a good pick to buy at that prevailing rate which was Rs 17 on Jan 30th 2010.
I am pasting some text here for readers to read it.
These are simple things one need to have keep an eye on it.Then buy such stocks and sit on it.Baith na padta hai.Patience is the order of the day.Those who trades daily has very less patience and hence they lose the cool of mind very easily and sell it and that is one of the reason I always suggest readers to keep themself from day trading and F&O.....
Now if one can see that Sumedha Fiscal is making new highs and patience is paying for those who bought and hold it uptill now.......
If one write Sumedha Fiscal in search tab one can read the whole post......
I would also like to write that Sujana Towers is making newer highs at 155 and so is Spanco Ltd. and the magic here in both the counters is that they are still in 20% circuit trade.
Stocks remain for same price for months or years togather and when it starts moving it makeup all it left behind in just couple of months.......
Now read between the lines what I wants to say......

CCAP - Open Offer :

Announcement: 7th Aug 2009...
Sumedha Fiscal Services Ltd ("Manager to the Offer") on behalf of M/s Ramayana Promoters Pvt Ltd ("Acquirer") has issued this Public Announcement ("PA") to the Equity Shareholders of CCAP Ltd ("Target Company"), pursuant to Regulation 10 & 12 & other applicable provisions as required under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 1997 & Subsequent amendments thereto ("Regulations").

Now on Sumedha Fiscal:

Herein also , there is one more stock to take note of that....any guess?

Well, the stock in talk is Sumedha Fiscal (I hope readers find this name in this post )and it is a listed entity and it is the Manager of the offer and they will get good money from this type of work.So the point to be noted here is one needs to see who is the manager of the offer and if the name keeps coming with some other offers then we need to understand that the Co is having a very good name for the open offer management as generally the manager use to value the co and put a price for open offer.....

So, friends according to me Sumedha Fiscal is looking good and I have given a call at other forum in last bull run around 10 and it went on to touch something like 28.....

Sumedha Fiscal is a Calcutta base brokerage co ....

Now in very desi language I will say, ki ab Sumedha Fiscal ki janam kundali nikalo along with CCAP..........

Got it.......!


  1. Rajiv bhai
    i buy sumedha fiscal on your recomandation and sell 50% my 50% holding is FOC.
    any view on aplab at cmp for long term
    please give your views

  2. rajiv bhai
    any view on paramount communication
    Paramount Communications Ltd has informed BSE that the members at the 16th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Company held on September 27, 2010, inter alia, have accorded to the following:

    1. The Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account for the year ended March 31, 2010 and the report of the Board of Directors and Auditors thereon and other papers as may be required to be annexed or attached thereto, were approved and adopted.

    2. Mr. S. P. S. Dangi & Mr. Satya Pal have been re-appointed as the Directors of the Company

    3. M/s. Jagdish Chand & Co., Chartered Accoutants, New Delhi, has been re-appointed as the Statutory Auditors of the Company to hold office from the conclusion of this AGM till the conclusion of the next AGM.

    4. Issue of 35,20,000 warrants convertible into equity shares at a price of Rs. 13/- each to promoter group company M/s Paramount Telecables Ltd. has been approved.

    5. The appointment of Ms. Parul Aggarwal, relative of Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal as "Head-Corporate Communication" to hold office or place of profit has been duly approved.

    6. Sale, lease, mortgage, transfer for consideration or otherwise dispose off of whole or part of the property situated at SP-76 (Part), SP-77 and SP-77A, Khushkhera Industrial Area, Tapukara, Distt Alwar, Rajasthan was duly approved.

  3. Hi Rajeev,
    One more excellent interview from Parag Parikh.
    Attaching the link below.

    With Regards,

  4. Rajeevji, Thanks much for all the stock tips. I am a regular follower of yours here and have invested on most of your calls though in small quantities because of lack of funds and already have started seeing profits in Ennore Coke, Monnet Ispat, NMDC, Engineers Ind, Essar oil, Bhagwati auto and others. During my initial days on stock market, I had invested in TWINSTAR stocks. Do you think its worth holding it for LT? Thanks Much

  5. Hi Jyothi,
    Well, the list you have given are all excellent stocks for LT too.So hold on to them.
    Twinstar Soft now Twinstar Ind is a loss making Co and went up high in KP's time.
    What I seeing in it is that some changes in business structure and some pref allotement has taken place.
    I will suggest to hold it as of now.I can't say it can make the all time high again which was I think rs 73,but if your buying price is high then cmp then you can definately average it out while buying more at this rate and bring the rate down.
    Looks Twinstar Ind can touch double digit atleast and then need to see what is coming up....

  6. Dear Rajiv bhai,
    Your old call Telecannor golbal has moved up substantially from 22 to 39.Loos like something is really happening in it. Sandeep

  7. Rajeevji,

    Thanks much. I am the silent follower of your great stock tips. I blindly buy once you recommend. I have bought Artson Engineering 500 @ Rs.12, Hitech Gear 100@ Rs.180, Srei Infra 500@ 66, Spance 500 @ 70 i am still holding the above stocks. Thanks lot praveena

  8. sandeep,
    Telecanor as I said the management is doing the right things and hence this upmove.

  9. praveena,
    All stocks are excellent for LT as well......hold them for much bigger of luck..

  10. Hi Rajeev,
    Could you please provide your comments on Ramsarup Industries Ltd.


  11. ramki,
    Ramsarup Ind I do not track..

  12. Dear Rajeev,

    I am holding Indsil Hydro - 500 Shares @ an average price of rs.59/- (after bonus issue). Please suggest should I hold it or exit. Do you see any good growth in the company.


  13. in my view indsil hydro is best scrip in hydro power.
    But Rajiv ji advice is supreme
    i buy this share at 18 few year ago and exit near 75.
    i want also enter in this scrip at present
    if rajiv ji recomand

  14. Rajeevji,

    In 2008, I bought Kirlo.ferro 500 shares @ Rs.90 for LT but shall i now average it now?. I need your suggestion. I am not able to buy all your recommended stock due to financial problem.


  15. Dear Mahajan,

    Thanks for your reply on my query to Rajeev. But I am still awaiting to hear from Rajeev for my piece of mind.

  16. Hi Rajeev,

    Whats your view on Chinese currency crisis. Is market going down due to this?
    Also, whats your opinion on Kohinoor corporation.


  17. praveena,
    Kir Ferro is a buy at this level.U can average it.Hold it for LT....

  18. Your old call Cronimet Alloys is reaching a new high of 105.
    Now also the mgt would be interested to buy back 20% of the equity and de list the company?
    What is your advice hold or sell?


  19. Hi Rajeev,
    Would you advise buying JSW Energy, Navin Fluorine and Selan Exploration at current levels?

  20. Dear Rajeev,

    Where is that chap, who was getting angry on your call ABG Shippyard given at 265 odd and later went down to Rs.255 odd. He should come out and say thanks to Rajeev about the wonderful call given. Now it reaches 52 week high at Rs.402/- That is why we love Rajeev much.

  21. Hi Rajeev,
    What is your view on Avon Corp. I read it somewhere that its a company which has not paid income tax during previous years and also which is heavily depending on operators. What is your take on this?


  22. sir ji any view for indo solar should invest at cmp or wait for more dip

  23. Dear Rajeev Bhai,
    Any comments on Ram Informatics. It results have gone down in past year & stk also struck under 10 range in last 2 yrs. Any guidance fm ur side would be helpful. Thanks.

  24. Hi Rajeev,
    posting video link from the Parag Parikh web-site.
    This is a must see for all as it features Personal Interview of none other than Warren Buffett!
    May be few people must have seen it,but I have come across it for the first time.
    Unfortunately its only half video and rest will be played in the next sessions.

    With Regards,

  25. Hi All,

    This is an update on Indosolar.

    The company has ordered for Silicon Wafers of worth Rs. 2,700 Crores spread across 4 years from a Chinese Company GCL-Poly.

    This amounts to Rs. 675 Crore per year.

    The current Market Cap of the company is 873 Crore.

    The company is spending equal to its M-Cap for a portion of its raw materials.

    There would be other requirements as well.

    This gives a hint on the future expansion plans.

    Also, the GCL-Poly has mentioned about the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

    This gives a hint that though the scrip is running low, it will shoot-up within 6 to 9 months.

    If anyone has any different views, please share them with me.